Kage: Hello hello! Sorry about the not updating in a while I've been busy with high school and the stupid work they give out

Kurama: A little while? It's been how many monthes?!

Kage: ^^; I know it's been a while, but we have another host! Please welcome Kuroune!

Kuroune: *walks in* Hello

Kage: Ok for those who don't know Kuroune was Kurama's old thief buddy

Kuroune: That's right and I'll be hosting this round

Kurama: That's correct, and he'll explain the rules

Kage: Right so me and Kurama will take our leave, oh yeah and thank you to all the people who reviewed!

Kurama: And to the people who sent in the questions, we'll use some of them, so thank you

Kuroune: Alright for this round of the first 2 questions are worth 10 points and the last question is worth 15 points. The couples did rock, paper, scissors to see who would stay, and the ones who lost left till the next round. We have with us Yukina, Koenma, Keiko, and Kuwabara. Ok for the first question, Yukina? What job would your husband (Yusuke) get to support you?

Yukina: Um, what kind of job? Hm, I think Yusuke would keep his job as spirit detective

Kuroune: Good answer, Koenma, what kind of job would Shizuru get?

Koenma: Job? Why would she need a job? If she's married to me she can just live in spirit world and wouldn't need one

Kuroune: ^^; I guess he has a point, well ok Keiko, how would Hiei support you?

Keiko: Well, let's see the only thing he's good at is killing and running really fast, so maybe a.bounty hunter?

Kuroune: That would make sense how about you Kuwabara, how would Botan support you?

Kuwabara: Well I think she would stay as the grim reaper, but ask to get paid.

Kuroune: Alright all good answers, now for question number 2, how would your husband/wife handle their new in-laws, would they get along, would they fight? Yukina?

Yukina: Well I don't think Yusuke would have to handle any of family, but he would have to might my brother, that is if I could find him

Kuroune: Ok then how about you Koenma?

Koenma: Well I would only have to get along with Kuwabara, so I'd be ok with it

Kuroune: Alright then how about you Keiko? How would Hiei act?

Keiko: Well Hiei doesn't like humans does he? He'd probably just threaten them the whole time and keep to himself

Kuroune: That sounds like Hiei ^^; ok how about you Kuwabara?

Kuwabara: Well I don't think I'd have to deal with anyone Botan doesn't have any family does she?

Kuroune: Dunno, ok time for the last question..*looks at note cards* um, where's the last question? *pulls out megaphone* calling Kage and Kurama, where or what's the last question?

~*~* Back stage where Kurama and Kage are still searching for the lost tickets~*~*

Kage: *looking in make up area* Any lucky Kurama?!

Kurama: *looking around costumes* No, you?

Kage: If I had any I wouldn't be asking *looks at Kurama's dressing room* hm, once a thief always a thief *goes inside, and finds missing tickets* I found them!

Kurama: *comes in room* You did?

Kage: Yes I did, and would you mind telling me why there in 'your' room Kurama? -.-+

Kurama: ^^; um, I was framed?

(megaphone Kuroune) ~ calling Kage and Kurama, where or what's the last question? ~

Kage: You didn't steal the note cards too did you?

Kurama: Um, I don't remember *runs his hand thru his hair and note cards fall out, and jewelry* uh, hehe how did those get there, hahaha ^^;

Kage: Is that the note cards and my jewelry I've been looking for those!? -.-+

Kurama: uh, hehe *picks up stuff and runs away*

Kage: Your dead fox! *runs after him*

~*~* Front stage ~*~*

Kuroune: Kage! Kurama! Get out here!

*Kurama comes running out followed by Kage*

Kurama: *trips over Kuroune's desk*

Kuroune: Um, thanks *picks up note cards, and tickets* ok we can continue now ^^;

Kage: *gets all her jewelry, looks at and gives Yukina, Koenma, Keiko, and Kuwabara some* gifts for the girls ^-^

Kurama: *tries to sneak away*

Kage: Get back here fox!

Kurama: *runs away*

Kage: *chases after*

Kuroune: Ok ^^; While let's starts again now that I have the final question which is.If your husband/wife could choose anywhere in the world, the human world to visit where would it be? Yukina?

Yukina: Hmm, where would Yusuke like to visit, I'm not really sure, but maybe New York

Kuroune: Good, how about it Koenma? Where would Shizuru go?

Koenma: Um, not to sure either, but I'm guessing Las Vegas

Kuroune: Ok, how about you Keiko?

Keiko: Yosemite he does like forest a lot

Kuroune: Good point and how about you Kuwabara?

Kuwabara: Maybe San Francisco, she does like seeing a lot of the human world

Kuroune: Alright and we're done with this round of question, in the next round, a human authoress will be hosting along with Kage, speaking of which where'd Kage and Kurama go?


Kage: *happily eating sweet snow* Hi peoplez, plez review my story and what you think the answer might be, if you get any right u'll get a plushie of your favorite yu yu hakusho person!

Kurama: That's, but u have to say the answer for who and what plushie you want, ja ne.