A/N: Just a short, fluffy one-shot inspired by a page of the raws for Chapter 50. So I suppose extremely mild spoilers? Of the visuals, anyways; I can't read a word of them, alas. Heh.

The late September afternoon was warm and bright, with clouds scudding across the brilliant blue sky high overhead. The Ainsworth household had sojourned to the fields surrounding the old stone house to enjoy an impromptu picnic, drawn outside by the warm breeze wafting through the open windows of the study.

Chise swallowed the last bite of her sandwich and sighed, lying back upon the large plaid blanket. "Thank you, Silky! That was delicious."

"As usual," Elias added genially, popping another cream-dipped strawberry into his mouth.

"The clouds are going so fast," Chise murmured, half to herself. She scooched herself around on the blanket, lining herself up with the winds high above her. "I love it when it's so windy up there like this, and the clouds go so fast." She fell silent for a moment, remembering. "I used to lie like this and pretend I could fly away somewhere safe and quiet..."

Elias glanced upwards, his jaws opening slightly. "Fly..?"

"Yes..." She sighed again. "It works best when the sky is so open, like this. Some places that I lived had so many buildings around us I could only see a bit of sky. It made me feel trapped; I was sure I would never get away then..."

Elias tilted his head, puzzled. "But why did it make you feel like you were flying? It's just—clouds."

"Well, yes, I suppose; but if they're blowing really fast like this, and you stare into them and sort of let yourself drift, after a bit it feels like they're staying still and it's you flying past them."

Ruth chewed thoughtfully and swallowed, lying down beside Chise. "Isabelle used to do that too, when she was being teased. We'd run into the fields and she'd lie back and stare at the sky..." He squinted upwards. "I never really understood it. Maybe you have to have a human's eyes for it to work properly."

"I'm just getting a crick in my neck." Elias looked back down, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Well, no, you have to lie down, silly," Chise laughed.

"But then I can't see upwards and my neck will get even more sore."

"No, you just lie on... your back..." Chise trailed off, looking at his horns. "Elias, have you never lain on your back and looked up at the sky?"

"How would I do that?" he asked, puzzled.

"Oh!" Chise sat up. "No, you have to try this," she smiled. "As your teacher of human things, I insist. Here, come here." She knelt, tucking her feet underneath her, and patted her lap.

Elias eyed her warily. "Chise, there is no way I can fit into your lap."

She laughed. "No, rest your head in my lap, silly. Sit there, in front of me, and lie back."

Doubtfully, Elias did as he was bidden, carefully reclining. His horns fit perfectly on either side of her hips, allowing him to fully lie back, for the first time in his long life, in this form.

Gently, Chise stroked his jaw, and pulled at his head, directing him to look straight up. "Now, just stare up at the clouds," she instructed, "And sort of let your mind drift. Just ignore everything around you down on the ground here, and just focus on the sky."

Elias was silent for a while, then suddenly, his eyes flared. "I'm flying," he breathed.