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"No way! He proposed?" Nick grinned wildly at the news.

Catherine nodded with an equally big smile on her face, "Yup."

"Should've seen the guy. Single daisy in hand and a simple 'will you marry me?'. He had her practically in tears." Warrick explained with
a laugh.

"Did you accept?"

"What do you think?" Catherine replied with a mischievous grin.

"Wow. I gotta go get some tips from that guy!" Nick shook his head, laughing, just as Grissom walked into the break room, eyeing all 3 of
them oddly. "Hey Griss. You hear about Cath's marriage proposal?"

"What?" Grissom put down the coffee pot he had just picked up.

"Catherine got proposed to this afternoon." Nick waited for Grissom to ask who had proposed but it seemed like his supervisor had been
stunned speechless. Nick waved his hand in front of Grissom's face, "Grissom? Grissom! You ok?"

"Yeah...yeah, I'm fine, Nick! Stop waving your hand like that." Grissom snapped at the younger CSI, prompting a subtle exchange of
smiles between Warrick and Catherine. "Well congratulations, Catherine."

"Aren't you going to ask who proposed to her?" Nick asked, a little surprised by Grissom's reaction.

"It's none of my business." Grissom shrugged nonchalantly.

"But..." Nick began to explain.

"Hey Nick, we better get going or we're going to be late for that autopsy we said we'd check in for." Warrick nudged Nick out the door
but turned just before disappearing into the hallway to catch Catherine's wink.

Catherine walked over to the counter where Grissom had his back to her, stirring cream into his coffee, "Andy Rowlands."

"What about him?" Grissom asked, a little perplexed as to why Catherine was bringing up the name of one of the witnesses to their
latest case.

"He's the guy who proposed."

Grissom looked at her for a moment before realizing what this was all about. He chuckled, partly amused by the proposal and partly
embarrassed by his earlier reaction, "Smart child. Smarter than me."

"Yeah, it is kinda stupid being jealous of a 5-year old." Catherine paused before breaking out into a smile, "But you know I'll love you
anyway, right?"

Grissom chuckled, hugging her tightly, "Yeah, thank God for that."

The End