Alberto looked to be around Becky's age but she supposed he looked a bit older. He also had brown skin like most people did on Lexicon and brown eyes.

"Tell me everything you know." Becky checked her phone. "It's about time for my next lesson. If I'm not there, surely they will check my room and start looking for me." Becky told him in a calm voice. She wasn't scared of him.

"Right. Well to begin with I was a child prodigy but I suppose you're used to those because you were one yourself and if I'm not mistaken so is your baby daddy."

Becky scowled at him. "He's more than just my baby daddy, he's the love of my life. Just how long have you been keeping tabs on me? Has everyone on Lexicon been keeping tabs on me?"

"Not everyone just myself and your brother. By the way, have you ever noticed how he be weird?"

"Isn't everyone weird?" Becky asked, confused.

"I'm just going to be blunt here but your parents weren't exactly the most nurturing people. They physically, psychologically and emotionally abused him ever since you left it seems. We found this journal in the royal trash. We are weird people."

Becky picked up the journal and read it.

Warning this whole next part talks of child abuse. This is also based on my own childhood experiences. I didn't have a happy childhood.

January 31st, It seems ever since Alexis has gone missing mommy and daddy have been letting all their anger and frustration out on me. Every time I ask either of them for help on my studies I get screamed at and hit on the head for bothering them. They always compare me to Alexis saying how I should be more like her in getting good grades. I try but my attention always goes to the window or my hands. I can never seem to focus. I asked the doctor if there was something wrong with me and he said I was fine. When I told mommy and daddy this I was screamed at for being so stupid. I am really trying my best here. They are never supportive or encouraging to me.

February 13th I tried telling mommy a funny joke I heard but all she did was hit me. She told me if i ever said something stupid again I would only get hit. It feels like anything I say to her is stupid. I guess I just won't talk to them anymore. It's better to be silent than to be hit for simply talking.

March 8th I was playing with some local boys and we were pretending to be dogs so we buried our shoes pretending they were our bones. I had to leave because it was getting dark and I couldn't find my shoes. Mommy came looking for me but instead of helping me she screamed at me for losing such an expensive pair of shoes that could have easily been replaced. She dragged me by my hair back to the palace and she threw me into the shower and began trying to hold my head under the shower head. I almost couldn't breathe but she said it was to teach me a lesson. Some of the servants saw her doing this and told her she was going too far with the punishments. She told them to mind their own business or they would be fired.

April 7th I was beat into being quiet again. I am told when I can or cannot speak. Sometimes it feels like I'm a dog except I don't get praised for doing well. I just get told that is how I should have been doing in school in the first place.

Becky read through the journal and learned that her parents were monsters but she understood her brother a bit better. She was glad to have been raised by such loving people as the Botsfords. She even shed a few tears. The last entry was dated around a few years ago.

June 10th Mother and father have decided to be cryogenically frozen until Alexis comes back because in their eyes I will never be good enough. They asked me to unfreeze them if and when she should ever return. They must be joking if they think I would ever let them out after what they put me through. I'm starting to learn how to build robots. My mentor Alberto is way more supportive than those 2 birth givers ever were. After he taught me everything he knows I decided to fire him and most of the staff at the castle. I'm keeping the cooks because I don't really know how to build a robot that can cook.

July 4th I have launched the first prototype for the butler robots. And have begun work on robots that can cook. The royal cooks are only human and need to sleep at night. This way I can have my midnight lasagna while building robots and not bother anyone.

September 14th I have built successful robot cooks and have fired the human ones. They begged and pleaded for me to let them stay but I threatened to have them thrown in jail if they refused to leave. I don't need to rely on human servants. I only need humans to serve in the royal court other than that it's just me and my robots.

October 31st I wonder if Alexis is even still alive. I kind of feel bad for letting my only sister adrift in space but it's not like I can just track her down.

November 3rd using my own DNA I have sent several special space robots to search the universe for my missing sister.

May 8th, After many months one robot finally came back to me. It has found my sister on the planet Earth. I have begun spying on her.

Becky put down the journal. "So you mean to tell me that the resistance is really just the fired castle staff who got replaced by robots?"

Alberto rubbed the back of his head. "Pretty much. It would seem that some of the workers...were pretty good at spreading gossip about his abuse and making fun of it. Rather than confront them about this he decided to fire and replace them with robots."

Becky sighed. "To begin with there are a lot of things wrong with my parents. He was never stupid and I'm not a doctor but it sounds like he might have had ADHD. Are mental illnesses not something you guys discuss here on Lexicon?"

"Mental illness?" Alberto asked in confusion.

Becky sighed. "It sounds like for a planet that is good with words you guys have a lot to learn when it comes to treating each other better."

To be continued. Sorry for not updating in so long. I can't promise anything. The next chapter will also be sad.