Disclaimer: Greetings Everyone! A new story at hand with me presenting possible interviews from Arkham Asylum! Speaking of which, let me remind y'all that I don't own the Arkham franchise and am merely inspired by such. As for today's one-shot: Baby Doll, a villainess who hasn't appeared since the good ol' BTAS. I will note that her shifting tone will be represented differently in writing, with "Mary Dahl" having italics included. That said: Read, Review, and Enjoy!

As Batman journeyed the usual back roads that cobble the pathways to his Bat-Cave underneath Wayne Manor, he began to contemplate such thoughts as he drove. Thoughts of exhaustion regarding the long and heavily chaotic night back at Arkham Asylum. All of which made him simply to relax for once tonight. As he navigated the Bat-Mobile along the course home, he began to regret not installing a radio in such. Something to distract his thoughts away from tonight. Fortunately he gathered the misplaced interview tapes back at the Asylum. Currently he didn't see any harm in playing them in place of his non-existing radio. He began one of many and the first for tonight.

"Patient taped session 1", said the audio of a female that Batman recognized of Dr. Penelope Young, "Patient's name is Mary Dahl, also know as Baby Doll. "

Haven't faced her in a long time, commented the Dark Knight's thoughts, Hope that means she's doing well.

"Hello, Mary." Greeted the good doctor, "I would like to speak to use of your childhood."

"What would you like to know, doctor?"were the calm and precisely enunciated words of the patient, almost completely alien to the Batman when remembering the disturbed actress a few years back. It sounded like the kind of voice an employee would summon for when speaking to a customer. Calm, well mannered, almost professional per say.

"I would like to talk about your time as an actress." Dr. Young resumed her half of the conversation, "You were quite the star, starring on 'I love that Baby'. Did you enjoy your time doing so?"

"Oh yes! Baby loved being with the family back then!" Said Mary, but not with the same voice as she previously did. This one wreaked with baby talk, sounding as if she talking down to a toddler, demeaning the professional woman that was being questioned a few seconds ago.

"Mary?" Queried Dr. Young, making sure the patient was currently 'all there'. "Are you alright?"

"Yes, doctor. I'm sorry." the former actress turned patient apologized as she sounded embarrassed, "Memories of the show back then remind me of the role. I get excited and back into character. Please continue."

"I see." Dr. Young hesitated before continuing, taking the split second to jot some notes down. "And you enjoyed your employment then? Despite your condition of Systemic Hypoplasia?"

"Yes indeed, though it was quite challenging." Claimed the patient, her calm voice and demeanor reminding the doctor (and the observing Batman) of a celebrity being interviewed. Of course, Mary's mental health began to shine through, for there was quite the shift in tone of her next response, "But that mean Cousin Spunky was always mean! Calling me short!"

"Hmm. I hadn't known that." She pauses, noting down the possibility of Mary's behavioral changes in mid-sentence. "Speaking of 'Cousin Spunky', let's just skipped to that, shall we? Why did you abduct your former cast mates?"

Though Batman had no visuals to observes, he could tell such a question would have an emotional effect on Mary. It reminded him of her breakdown in mid-fight all those years ago. The audio would sound of an angry child throwing a squalling tantrum with Mary using her "Baby Doll" voice once more.

"Grrr!" Baby Doll had growled, "Baby Doll don't like you! You're just trying to make Baby sad, just like the others! And that mean, old Batman!"

The audio would be followed by the sounds of what would be Mary shouting in anger and jumping over the table. With Dr. Young shouting "Security! Security!", Batman could assume that she had made attempt to assault the doctor. Following the sounds of barging doors and a shrieking Mary as she'd be restrained, was a click that indicated the interview had ended there.

I guess she hadn't gotten better since last time. Lamented Batman's forlorn thoughts of sympathy, as he'd changed the tape out for the next. Hoping now to distract himself from thoughts of the night and thoughts of those who could've been saved back then.