Summery: After years of being locked away and asleep, the puppets finally have new masters. But this time, they are a thirteen year old named Kate and her father, Kenneth. The puppets are no longer stranded in the walls of the Bodega Bay; now alive in a small town called Shadow Falls. But it seems with a pair of new masters and a new location, comes a new threat when strange monsters slowly begin to attack and mysteries arise in the town. Something is happening. Something big.

Kate leaned her head against the window of the car as she watched buildings go passed her. She rubbed her dark brown hair with her hand as she closed her blue eyes and sighed. In the driver's seat of the car was her father; Kenneth. He was in his mid-thirties, but he had wild hair like Albert Einstein; only dark brown inside of grey. A pair of square glasses covered his olive green eyes and he had a bit of stubble on his chin. Kenneth looked at his daughter briefly before putting his attention back on the road. He stopped at a red light at the traffic behind and up ahead of them.

"Good thing we left before noon. Or we'd be stuck here for a while." Kenneth joked and laughed. "Right, Katie?"

Kate did not respond. She just continued staring out the window as the traffic light turned green. Kenneth tapped his nails against the steering wheel as he went forward. He tried to make conversation with his daughter.

"So our new house should be nice." He started. "Plenty of room, big backyard, big bedroom for yourself and I'll have a room for my experiments. We'll even have room for a dog."

Kenneth felt his heart sinking as he got no response from Kate.

"We'll be living out near the forest. We'll be close to town and have some fresh air."

Kate sighed quietly as she sat up and looked at her father with what could only be described as disappointment and confusion.

"I know we're going through a rough time, dad." She finally spoke since leaving Los Angeles. "But was moving really necessary?"

Kenneth kept his eyes on the road; taking an exit leading to the coast.

"I know it seems a bit much, sweetie." He admitted. "But I just noticed how for the past six years that you've been struggling at school ever since... since your mother..."

Kenneth struggled to finish the sentence. But Kate knew what he was trying to say.

"It's okay, dad. I know you're still upset about mom." She replied. "I miss her too."

Kenneth briefly looked at Kate as she hung her head down and played with the sleeves of her shirt. He took her hand and held it tight; making her look up.

"Don't worry. When we get to this house in Oregon, we're going to start fresh." He reassured.

Kate gave her father a small smile as he started talking about it. Kenneth made a turn onto the thankful empty road; talking about how good everything would be for a few minutes.

"We'll have big house with lots of room, you'll go to a nice school and make lots of friends, maybe we'll even buy a new-"

Kate and Kenneth heard a loud bang in front of them as the car began to slow down. Kenneth quickly but gently pulled over to the side of the road as steam came out from under the hood. Kate raised an eyebrow as her father sighed in frustration.

"Car." He finished his sentence.

Kate and Kenneth quickly got out of the car to check and see what was wrong. Kenneth opened the hood and coughed as smoke came out of the radiator. Kate watched as he tried to figure out what was wrong with it.

"What's your diagnosis?" She asked.

"Well, I'm a scientist; not a mechanic." He rubbed his head in thought. "But I think the radiator over heated."

Kenneth sighed and went through his pocket.

"I'll have to call road side service." He brought out his phone.

Kate put her hands on her pockets as she turned around. She raised a brow as she spotted what looked like buildings in the distance. She tilted her head curiously; thinking that there might be people who could help.

"Hey, dad; I think there's a hotel over there. You want me to go over and get help?" Kate asked.

Kenneth was already on his phone. Kate could hear him sigh in frustration as he got what he called a phone robot.

"Dad?" Kate repeated.

"Yes, that's a good idea sweetie; go ahead. Yes hello!"

Kenneth began speaking into the phone. Kate just shrugged and began making her way to the building; hearing her dad making rather angry noises into his phone. Kate made it to the building, going past a sign that read Bodega bay inn. The name seemed familiar to her, but she dismissed it. She looked up at the tall structure; thinking it might be a resort of some kind. She walked over to the door and pushed it open. Kate poked her head through and looked for any signs of life.

"Hello?" She called out as she walked in. "Is anyone here? My dads' car broke down and we need help!"

Kate did not get any response. It occurred to her that this place might be abandoned. She looked back at the front entrance; knowing her dad was going to be on the phone for a while. Maybe she could explore a bit. Kate flinched when she heard footsteps. She looked up when she heard them coming from the next floor up.

"Someone is here." She thought.

Kate looked around for a way upstairs. She spotted one of those old fashioned elevators. She looked inside and noticed that the buttons were lit; meaning that it still functioned. She took the level where she thought the noise was coming from. Kate got out of the lift and started looking around. She quickly turned and noticed something going around the corner of the hallway. Impulsively, she ran after it. But she lost track of it. Kate put her hands on her hips as she walked down the hallway. She noticed that one of the doors along it was open. Curiosity getting the better of her, she looked inside.

She poked her head into the room and looked around. Everything a hotel room would have was in there. A bed, a bathroom and some other things like a cupboard and a window; only covered in cobwebs. But something caught her attention. In the middle of the room was a rather large trunk. She tilted her head as she took a look. Kate noticed that there was a note attached to it. She pulled it off and read it out loud.

"Whoever finds this trunk, please take it and care for it. For it is what holds my most precious belongings.- A Toulon."

Kate blinked as she read the note a few more times. She looked at the trunk with curiosity of what could be inside it. She wasn't sure if she could take it. But the note attached seemed legitimate. And something about the trunk seemed alluring; as if it was silently telling her to take it. With all the strength she could gather in her short adolescent body, she grabbed the handle of the trunk and pulled it out of the room, down the hall and into the lift with her; grunting as she did so.

Miraculously, she managed to lift the trunk a few inches off the ground and carried it back to the car. She quietly made her way back to the car as he father was still on the phone. Kate sneaked past behind her father and made to the back of the car as continued talking.

"Yes, my radiator over heated and now me and my daughter are stuck here." He answered into the phone before being asked a question. "Where? Hang on."

Kate quickly put the trunk down out of her father's sight as he turned around to face her.

"Kate, where are we?" Kenneth asked in confusion.

"The Bodega bay inn." She answered with her hands in her pockets.

Kenneth nodded and went back on the phone. Kate quickly opened the back of the car and lifted the trunk into while her dad was distracted. She pushed it in beside her suitcase and dads' suitcase. With a push, the back of the car went down with a slam. Kenneth flinched and turned with wide eyes as Kate looked back at him.

"There was a bug on the trunk." She came up with an excuse.

Kenneth nodded and went back to the phone.

"Ok see you soon." He said goodbye before hanging up and leaning on the driver's door. "They said they'll be here in half an hour, so don't get too comfortable."

Kate nodded and leaned back against the door. The father and daughter noticed that the moving van was going past them. Looks like they were going to beat them to Oregon. Kate put her hand in her pocket and took out a packet of gum.

"Apple chew?" She offered to her father.

After half an hour later, road side service came and fixed the radiator; getting the pair back on the road. As they drove through towns and by buildings, Kate kept her head against the window. She thought of what her new home would be like. She thought of her mother and the day she disappeared. She thought of the trunk she found, and what could be inside it. She thought about the name of the town her father was taking her. Shadow Falls.