Almost two years have passed since the accident. The accident was deadly for me. No one could have my this time. When I appeared in the church, of course, I would never be able to hug Grandchildren, Sophie or Sam ... but fate had a surprise for us.

I could seem again. I saw Sophie sitting at the Fountain of Aphrodite. She was sad. I walked closer and sat down next to her. I already had time when three letters appeared on my face. Sophie looked up.

- Mom, what's going on ?!

- What is going on ?!

- You shine!

Aphrodite appeared to our eyes.

- Donna Carmichael?

- Yes. And to my daughter ...

- Sophia. I know. He watches your family ... and I see that they find You. That's why I have a gift for you. I will give you ... life.

- What ?!

- You can now get back. Do not worry about formalities. Just live like before. This gift can only be received by a person who died too soon. You died fairly quickly, because you were forty-four years old. And the second condition is that someone needs that person. And you need a lot of people.

We were shocked.

- That means I can come back?

- Yes, Donna.

Awesome. That I felt a new injection of life.

- And you, Sophia, help your mother. I have to go.

Aphrodite has disappeared from our sight. All the lights went out.

Mom? Does it mean that you are?

I could only shake my head and start to cry with happiness.


My mother is alive! He is with us! Again! My guess is Sam will be the happiest one anyway. Everyone knows that he loves her the most in the world ... and mom loves him.

- Mom! The point is that everything is good now!

I dragged my mum to the guests.

- Would you believe me if I let my mother pay you back? With Aphrodite?

"I will not believe my daughter, I will not see my daughter alive, and Rose will not stop crying when someone comes to her. And I can all stick to me. - My granny Ruby's funds on behalf of everyone.

- Mom!

Mama came in slowly. She looked like a goddess. She was wearing a creamy-pink ankle dress and high heels. She unwrapped her long wavy hair.

I approached her.

- I regret that Sam is not with us. He would be the happiest man on the island.

- Where is he?

- He went to a family reunion. He does not know where exactly.

To be continued ...