After the War

After Defeating dark lord harry found himself in hospital wing bed with a name tag in it "Harry Potter-Reserved". It is always fascinating that after all this year harry is the same HARRY. But now things are changed. People are changed. Now he have to live is own life.

Life is always so cruel to harry. Why ? the answer yet to be answered. At that moment Sirius's statement pushed into his mind "Harry ! You know there is future. After you killed nose-less bastard you have to live your own life. First take my advice the day you finish dark lord promise me you have to find a girl and have to fuck her then ask to marry her and if she says yes then you have to again fuck her and if she says no then go to her best friend and call her and fuck her best friend in front of her HARD ! Then ask her to marry you and repeat the process until you find a girl and no girl friend terms. So please harry keep this promise because i have the same promise from your father but now i know i can't defeat him it's only you can so make your dad and me proud harry ...and Its my last wish harry ! Last. And i believe you are going to be successful in your first attempt. I have 100 galleon bet with remus and now you. Okay."

Although he promise him because he got very emotional and drunkness oversided the word ringing in his mind and ear. So he promised him. And this is the day he have to complete the promise but how he barely notice any girl for a year. And if you considered hermione then fuck off because ron already been fuck up her then. Its the 7 years of pressure those 2 carrying. Now how he accomplish this..Hell !

He had several girls to be considered as his fucking mean bloody fucking list first ginny then cho, parvati, lavender. And thats it. But ginny is to be the best but she is like gf type so she is out. Lavender is dead. Cho i don't know. Then parvati where is she. Then he remember she is dating dean. So she is also fuck off. OH Bloody Fuck ! Why i am in this mess.

At that door open and three figures step in. First figure is his beloved madam pomfrey. 'He can fuck her...Ewww. no no nep'. Clearing his mind he then notice two girls behind her. And two slytherins they are. Same class he remembered. The blond one is Some Greengrass type. Yes she is daphne. Daphne greengrass is her name. Then he noticed her with his eyes. 'Great body. Big Boobs but smaller than Susan. Round up ass. And she is just breath taking'. He can fuck her but but but. Quite a but there actually. He did speak to her once yet in these 7 years. In her side stands her glue girl davis ! Tracy davis. She is also a pack with auborn hair and great body but she fades around the daphne. 'And also if daphne rejects he can fuck her. Win win.' Stop stop. And he stop staring thinking and doing anything.

"Mr. Potter once again. But today i am happy to help you. Because you have today done a great work. But i have a great numbers today so this two young lady going to take care of yours. Good luck." And with that she left.

Nearly a minute of awkward silence davis broke it. "I don't know potter about you but i am not silence type and also daphne blaise is on next room so i am going to see him. So potter is all yours" with a davis-daviously smirk she quickly left.

Daphne rolled her eyes then awkwardness began. Some time later daphne started "Potter".


"So what is your probelm" she began.

"What do you mean"

"No no what is your problem with your body"she spoke quickly.

"Oh ! Nothing"

"So why are you here. You should go"

"Ok" harry got up to leave but stopped by daphne as she speak again.

"No stop you just defeated voldemort you should have injuries. Tell me where you feel pain."

"Nope. I don't feel any pain at all"

"Oh! Fuck off. This is my first day as a healer and my patient don't have any harm. Please you have to be have harmed" she spoke urgently.

"Sorry. But i don't"

"I can do any thing for your body potter.this my first day after all and i have satisfy my first patient."

"Well. There is nothing i can do." He thought for moment then an idea pup up.

"You said you can do anything for me. Right"

"Yup. Please oh boy-who-conquered don't get wrong idea." She gave him a icy glare.

"Ok then i have a promise to fulfill today only today and can you help me"

She thought for moment then nod. "So what i have to do"

"No! You don't! I have to. I have to fuck you."

"You WHAT"

"Sorry, it's just my godfather's last wish. If you can't help me. I have to find other" he started to leave but interrupted by daphne.

"Oh! Ok! Yeah! I will! I mean i will help you" she said blushing and stuttering.

"Oh!" Harry just can't believe him. He just get a gorgeous girl to fuck her." Wow. I don't think you will agree"

"Who don't. You are every girls fantasy. You just caught me off guard."

"WHAT" it is harry's turn to wonder. This mean he can fuck EVERY girl if promise not fulfilled by daphne. He suddenly felt confident.

"So how we start"with saying this she throw her top reveals her bra. Having secure milky Boobs.

Harry just jumped at the opportunity and after one hour of great physical play and trying five different positions first he gave her in traditionally. Then from back then from back ass. Then hanging her in the wall and at last in table while standing. they finally finished.

"Wow" comes from both at the same time.

Daphne giggled and harry chuckled. Then harry remembers the next part. The most difficult problem in the world for boys.

He drag her up then got into one kneel and said. "Daphne ! Will you marry me"

A pause arrive which seems like an eternity and then she said."Yes. I will"

Harry just stand there gobsmacked for 5 minutes then comes to his sense and groans.

"What. I said i will marry you"

"Oh! Not that i just lost 100 galleon bet"harry said

"You bet to ask me to marry you"she said incredulously

"Yes. I have a bet with my godfather that i will have an YES in my first attempt."

"Mean. You are going to fuck more girls if i said no."


"Then what"

"I have to fuck your best friend that seems tracy infront of yours and hard" harry said casually also he is quite relieved. He got a great girl after all.


"East not end EASY"-Kaixbi