Daphne greengrass is always a independent girl. She have a thirst for knowledge. One of the best student of her year. Only little behind the granger. Unlike other slytherins she respect her. And quite frankly jealous of her. She choose slytherin over revenclaw because she is always a cunning and ambitious girl. She have a goal for her future. Like the Granger. But granger have friends who can stand by her in the time of great need. This is what she misses. Ofcourse she had friends but only two tracy and blaise. Tracy is her best friend but there is like something is missing in their friendship. Granger have friends who make her laugh, make her reckless, make her careless of the world. She is a so called ice princess due to her personality. But sometimes she needs laugh. Out of the seriousness. She just want to enjoy her life.

Then there is Harry Potter. Best friend of Granger. After what malfoy says about him and what she noticed about him have a great difference. She hears about their adventure from years to year. She sometimes sneak off to see harry potter in hospital wing. And after what she sees in him she seems to like him. He is kind, generous, sweet, humour boy. This is the type of boy she wants. But how she find him. She swear to herself that she rectify this matter in her six year.

Then Suddenly everything crash down in front her. Her father told her that she is now bethrored to Nott. And have to marry her before September 15. Now she is here. She like Nott but he is not what she needed. He would force her, bound her like a trophy wife. He may not respect her decision. And this is her worst fear.

She wondered then research quite a bit about her marriage contract. After a quite a hard work she found a solution. But it is like crap. She have to lost her virginity by another man not only this but also have to pregnant by his baby before marriage. So what did she do. She have a name who can be for her. But how can she convince him.

She have to wait for perfect opportunity and also it have to be done in 15 days.