Harry potter is not having the best moment of his life. After 5th year and sirius death it stuck him a great deal to overcome them. His friend never contact him once he his in dursley's. And when he return to grimmauld place everyone took pity on him, which is he hate the most. He believes his best friend will understand him but no. No one understand him. On train they were chatting happily without any care of the world tgen why should he is the one to deal with all this.

First he seems to notice how a gorgeous lady ginny becoming. Then hearlt felt sorrow as hermione told him that she is over him. She is with dean. Harry never have sympathy for his fan girls. But now he wants it. Now he wants like hell. He will become what his mind tell him. So he decided that he will now enjoy his life before war starts on.

He just can't bear their carefree laugh so he just excuses himself and get down to washroom to fresh. After his freshen work harry left washroom he went to find a empty compartment for left of journey. but suddenly grabbed by 6 ladies. One of them harry recognise as romilda who she claims to be harry potter's biggest fan. Also founder of his fan club. How great. They dragged him in between themselves then tied him with ropes.

His eyes widen as he notice what romilda was going to do. Also he will enjoy it but this is unfair. If they ask him he will gave them. But now they were forcing him which horrifies him. Slowly his zipper of his trouser open and she began handful it. It feels fantastic if the girl was anyone else. She began to lower her mouth to his penis. Lower, lower, and lower..."STUPEFY"

There are 6 stunner rapidly fired toward girl and all are stunned. Romilda's mouth was hanging open as she fall and her mouth fall upon his Strengthen crotch. Harry fidget a little to force her retaliate from his growl penis.

Then when he look around to see a Gorgeous Girl or lady standing and looking around. She is a Blonde, with shoulder half of her back length hair. Bright blue eyes and Elegant Body, also Very pretty face. His looks darted her up and down then rest upon her chest a longer which cause her to giggle.

"I just save you from being rape and you are now Eyeing me like you are Gonna rape me" she said with a devious smirk.

Harry blushed crimson. Then fidget a liitle."can you do me another favor, please free my hand and remove this slut from my penis, looks like she did not brushed" harry said swiftly.

She quickly cast banishing charm upon romilda and threw her othe side then one by one levitate them out.

"Ok please free me now" harry pleaded. His wand is in his back pocket so he can't reach it.

"Who says i am gonna free you" She said while walking towards him deviously.


A/N: Looks like this story end in about 10 to 15 chapter and i am going to finish it in about a month. dt.19.09.18