Beyond These Tears

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Shuffling along the cold and defiled street, a young boy no older than the age of ten struggled to locate his large home. The howling night grew chilling and radiated a powerful and frightening whisper to anyone that dare think of him or herself bold enough to walk in the darkness of this time.

Who is this?

A branch cracked beneath the pressure of a foot.

"Qui está la?" he frantically asked spinning towards the original spot the sound had came from. He sighed, taking in a breath to relax his nerves. He resumed strolling towards where he thought was home. [Who's there?]

Scanning over the area, the boy noted the abnormality of it. The strange garment over his eyes didn't provide any use for seeing as well. He was ordered to always have it tied around his eyes preventing others from…well, he didn't want to ponder over that thought. It was silky, at least and especially made for him to see through it while others could not.

He began to wonder if he could slip it off just for the time being. No one was in sight, after all. He paused for a moment and reached his small hands to untie the knot of the black garment.

Someone was following his track.

He looks so familiar…

He hesitated and placed his hands back to his sides. It was then that he realized how cold it was despite the warmth his two shirts, pants, and coat provided him. Reluctantly took a few small steps forward.

Footsteps behind him followed.

He stopped.

So did the sound behind him.

A sudden storm of fear rushed over his body. He spun around to spot what it was that was following him. No one stood behind him.

To his right, he heard the fluttering of a coat that was not his.

To his left, he heard the faintest of chuckles emerging beyond the cherry blossoms.

"Arrête!" he shouted at the sounds, shielding his ears with his hands. [Stop!]

Not wanting to hear anymore and for the fear of his very life, he stumbled into a sprint. Panting, his brain ordered his legs to pound harder into the surface giving him a bit of a quicker speed.

Run! Run!

As expected, the steps behind him began to quicken with such a rapid speed, the boy was tempted to take a glimpse behind him. Of course, nothing was behind him.

"Ah!" A broad chest was the first thing he crashed into causing him to topple over and collide roughly into the ground. A tear in his pants near his inner thigh began to seep with blood. He whimpered in pain.

"Do not be frightened, boy."


Lifting his eyes, the boy stared at an angel. It was though, in reality, a tall man clad in pure white with silver hair lightly dripping over one side of his face. His piercing eye seductively studied the boy from head to toe.

The man smiled gently and leaned down so that he sat back on his heels. "Are you okay?" the man asked soothingly, reaching out to touch the wound.

The boy withered under the hand and scrambled backward. "Non!" he screamed. [No!]

"Don't be afraid," the man paused in his speech. "Can you speak Japanese?"

The boy either was ignoring him or didn't want to respond. All he asked was, "Qui…Qui est tu?" [Who…Who are you?]

All around them, cherry blossoms began to fall and smeared blood where they landed.

The man sighed. "I see. Well then," he gave another pause and thought for a moment racking through his mind. After a while, he pointed to his chest. "Je m'appelle Muraki," he then said. [I am called Muraki.]


The boy shuddered at the name and began to sit up.

"What's the matter?" Muraki asked teasingly switching to Japanese. "I know you understand me."

"Non!" cried the boy. He began to back away quickly.

Muraki gave a smirk and sat up as well, gently massaging his clothing to rid of the wrinkles. "I wouldn't run if I were you," he warned, "I know where you live. Follow me."

Again, the boy screamed 'Non!' and took off into the thick brush of cherry blossom trees. Though the deeper he ventured further, the more confused he became as to where he was. He hissed when a thorn from some bush dug itself into his side. He cried out when he tugged on his leg, not bothering if the wound was growing deeper and to a deathly state. Finally, with a final jerk, it came free.

Don't! Not in here! Run as far as possible from this place!! RUN!

His body was too weak. Being locked within a home always prevented him from developing any muscle or running skills. He wanted to collapse onto an ocean of blossoms and sleep.

He gasped. Before him, under a large blossom tree was a boy near 14, broken and lying in an awkward position. His robe had been torn and shredded from his body by thirsty hands and was carelessly tossed aside. His body was soaked in blood with the markings of a possessive cursed. Bright green eyes, blank, stared straight at the boy. Concealing those eyes, was honey hair that was disheveled as if someone had run his or her hands through it roughly.


That man was around though. He was sure of it. But before he could even decide where to escape, large hands circled his waist and pulled him against another body.

"Why do you run, child?" Muraki whispered. "Ah…I see you've found my favorite toy. Such a lovely doll…So perfect…"

"…Hi…Hisoka…" whispered the boy.

"You are acquainted with him, are you not? Or, at least…you recall him."

With passionate rage, the boy pulled violently on a hand, brought it to his mouth, and plunged his teeth into it, making sure to pierce a bone. The man wouldn't budge though.

The other hand began to caress his stomach.

Struck with panic, he twisted aggressively to a brutal extent. The man gently retrieved his hand and massaged small circles on his small back. Instantly, the boy's body tensed and then quickly relaxed with a tiny moan of pleasure.

The memory of his father sprang into his mind at the touch. His father would gently embrace him in strong arms and rock him so kindly. At the same time, Muraki created little circles on the smaller form's back, creating tiny mewls to erupt.

Muraki gave an amused chuckle and tickled the boy's ear with one word. "Diable." [Devil]

..No…Don't let him get to you! Don't let Muraki win! Don't let him!

The boy's eyes snapped open at the scream that tore through the dream. He shrieked and gave an amazing blow to Muraki's shin before twisting his spine painfully and pressing his hands to the large chest. With a grunt, he gave a brutal push in attempt to escape. A hand caught his wrist and altered the bone with a flick of the wrist, literally.



Muraki forced the boy to meet his visible eye and raised a hand near the face. Softly, he traced the garment concealing his eyes and snaked his hand behind the ear he so wished to bite, but kept control. He began undoing the garment.

The boy's eyes were widening at the action. He blinked a bit as the garment slid down his face, exposing his brilliantly strange eyes.

Muraki smirked. He brought his hand back and covered those eyes. "Let me see your agony…Let me hear you scream…."

Within two seconds, the child screeched inhumanly and twitched and jerked disturbingly.

With a laugh, Muraki heard Hisoka's shouts and pleas to allow the boy to escape.

"What on earth do you speak of, boy?" Muraki hissed softly towards the invisible form. "This is your dream…You're making it happen."


"H…Hisoka…" came the child's soft beg for mercy. "A…Ai…Aide-m…Aide-moi…!" [Help me!]


"He's calling for you, boy. He's calling for help again. You won't help him though," stated Muraki with such interest he gave a wide smile.

The boy gave one last plead for help before permitting his agony to explode in Hisoka's mind from where he slept.




Hisoka gave a shrill cry in a desperate attempt to save the child in his dreams. Bolting from the bed and shredding the sheets off him with the strength not needed to do such a task, he leapt from the bed and darted his eyes around his small and plain room.

Suddenly, an irritatingly painful sound tore through his ears. His eyes set on his small alarm clock sitting calmly upon his white table. The bold red letters read 6:24 a.m.

Hisoka took in a relaxing breath, hoping to regain sense of his vision. It was not a dream. He knew that much but was unwillingly to inform anyone of it. No, this was his own problem that had to be dealt with. He slammed his hand against the clock, setting off the piercing screech.

Sighing, he ran his hands through his hair roughly and then his eyes. He decided a shower would be best rather than one after work. Shredding out of his clothing, Hisoka left them in a basket near the closet for his dirty laundry, and entered his neatly capacious bathroom.

Leaning over, he twisted the knobs to create a warm flow of liquid to spray out as he reached for a towel and set it on the seat of the toilet for easy access. Waiting only a couple more seconds, he stepped into the shower, welcoming the harsh pricks on his skin.

"Daisuke…How I miss you," he whispered. He ran his hand through his hair with shampoo rubbing vigorously.

He began to rinse when sudden flashes of pain shot through his arms and proceeded down his back and chest towards his ankles.

Groaning with torment, Hisoka leaned against the railing in his shower to steady himself. He peered down and saw the marks of his curse weaving delicately across his body with rapid speed.

Rage boiled through his veins and he lifted something he wasn't sure of and was prepared to toss it at the wall with all his strength. Though just as he was about to release the object, a pounding knock came to his ears.

Scrambling out and dropping whatever it was in his hands Hisoka groped for his towel. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he shut off the water and cursed when he instead twisted the knobs to full blast.

Hisoka gave a groan and reached further to reach for the knob that controlled the cold water and slipped on his rug, tumbling into the steamy hot water.

Screaming, he crawled out desperately and managed to shut off the water, still hearing the pounding on the door. Still burning, Hisoka ignored the pain tossed his damp towel aside, reaching for his robe.

Just as he reached for it, his knee crashed into the counter where the sink lied and he stumbled. Luckily, he managed to regain his footing just as his foot got caught on the towel he tossed aside, sending him crashing into his room in a not so pleasant position.

Again the annoying racket from the door.

Ripping the robe over his trembling body, Hisoka ran towards the door, thinking it an emergency with the violent knocks that would plant murder on his precious door.

Perhaps it was the hate the gods had for him. Whatever the reason, Hisoka crossed across the carpet and gave a shriek when he stepped on something that squirmed beneath him and crawled up his ankle toward between his legs.

"Hello! Hisoka!"

Hisoka couldn't tell instantly who the voice was nor did he care since an enormous spider wriggled up his robe.

"Ah!" he screamed again, wrenching it off from his body before it could bite. Hisoka panted for a moment before he stumbled the last few steps and placed his hand on the doorknob to open the door to the rude intruder.

His visitor grew tire of his slow pace and managed to break the lock before plunging the door back.

Of course, Hisoka was still before it, thus, causing the door to smash into his body sending him sprawling to the ground, with bruises fading as quickly as they came.

"Hisoka! I've been…Oh god! I'm so sorry!"

Hisoka's eyes saw spots of lovely and radiant colors before coming to focus on a pair of violet eyes. "..T…Tsu…Tsuzuki?"

Tsuzuki smiled in shame and wrapped one arm around his partner's back to lift him into a sitting position. "I've been trying to get to you but you never answered!"


"Ow! What was that for!" Tsuzuki demanded, rubbing his swelling cheek.

Hisoka narrowed his eyes and stood up, minding to keep his robe from rising up. "I went through hell this morning just because YOU find it so peachy to come to MY home at 6:30 in the morning?!"

Tsuzuki blinked at him in surprise. "It's almost 8:30, Hisoka. See? My watch says so."

He twisted his wrist to show Hisoka the time.

"But…My clock…" Hisoka growled and stomped into his room. His clock raid 6:24 a.m.

"Ooh, looks like it's dead," Tsuzuki whispered near his ear, peering into the room. He caught a glimpse of the bathroom, dripping from all sides of steamy water. "What happened in here?"

"Shut up." Hisoka stole a glance at his skin and thanked whatever gods there were for allowing his cursed marks to vanish. "I'm getting dressed, then we go."

"Are you alright? I heard you scream."


"I didn't know you were afraid of spiders."

"You would be too if it tried to bite you between your legs."

"Maybe it likes you."

"Maybe I should get a new partner."

"Maybe you should."

"Maybe you better shut up before you tempt me into it."

"Go ahead."

"You'd cry."



"You're my friend too."






"Tonight you go undercover at the Fitz Gilbert," Tatsumi said skimming over the members of the table. "Watari, I believe you have the extra details and…costumes?"

Hisoka shifted in his seat and silently dared Tsuzuki to make a comment.

Tsuzuki, on the contrary, remained perfectly still and content in his seat, nibbling on a muffin with chocolate chips in it.

"Yup!" cried Watari standing up abruptly with 003 hooting in alarm. "Come along, Tsuzuki, Bon. Time to get you all dressed up!"

Without hesitation, Tsuzuki choked down the remainder of his muffin and bounded off after his friend. Hisoka came in close behind them, contemplating the pleasure he'd receive if they were both to have a second funeral.

"Okay, now," Watari began, disturbingly excited from Hisoka's point of view, "Tsuzuki, you come with me to that room and Bon, you go into that one across from us where Wakaba will be waiting for you."

Hisoka's eye began twitching. "Excuse me?"

"Wakaba will help with your costume. I personally found it too difficult to handle. You know women and their clothing." Watari patted his shoulder and shoved him down the hall and thrust him into the room. "We'll meet you with the others in the great dining room in one hour. Bye."

The door shut behind him.

"Oh, hello there Hisoka-kun!" Wakaba cheerfully announced, from where she stood over a table with accessories that you could drown in.

Hisoka coughed a bit. "…Hello."

Wakaba ushered him forward and forced him into a seat. "Well now, let's get started. This is going to take us the whole hour."

"Is that necessary?"

Wakaba blinked. "Of course! Women always take extra time looking good. Come now. Off with your clothes."

Hisoka stumbled backward farther into his seat. "No!" he cried, flushing. Things were certainly moving quickly.

"Oh, Hisoka-kun," Wakaba admonished, offering him a strange pair of…panties?

He eyed them with curiosity and struggled to shove them aside. "What are those?"

"You can't possibly think you're wearing boxers or men's briefs in a DRESS. It's very obvious. Watari made these especially to fit your…needs," Wakaba explained, blushing slightly.

Hisoka cried out when they were placed on his lap. "Oh god…"

"Come now." Wakaba brushed back her wavy hair and pointed to the panty…things. "I've seen plenty of men naked. Don't be shy. Just hurry up so we can begin. We still have to do make up, hair, accessories…"

"Whoa! Whoa! I do not wear make up!"

Wakaba gave a gently smile and responded, "First time for everything. Now hurry up, dear."

Hisoka grumbled and stood up, examining the garment that he would take pride in burning. Just before Wakaba turner her back to give him some privacy, he stopped her with a call.

"One question," he said, placing a hand on his hip.

She smiled. "Yes?"

"…How do these things go on?"

"…This is going to take a while."

~*~*Few moments later*~*~

"Oi, Hisoka-kun! Please stop moving so much!"


"Don't be a baby. It's supposed to be tight around your waist."

"My waist is thin enough! I don't want to crush my ribs, Wakaba!"

"Oh now. Hush up. Some women remove their lower ribs to fit into one of these things."

"Are any of them around now?"

"…I think there are a couple."

"Correct, Wakaba. And those are in mental institutions mourning the lost of their ribs."




"God! That hurt!"

"Dear, you need to make it look convincing. Stop fussing. How are the panties?"

"They're itchy…"


"THEY ARE! I want them off!"

"What about the bra?"

"I hate it! I hate it, hate it, hate it! It's uncomfortable! I feel like I just got two sacks of rice and attached them to my ass and chest."

"Hisoka-kun, please. Stop whining. Let me adjust the dress more. It's wrinkled on one side."


"What is it, Hisoka-kun? Did I hurt you?"

"What the hell…What's this?"


"I'm not putting on glitter! Get away!"


"No! I feel ridiculous as it is in PANTIES and with a stuffed bra!"

"But you look good in it!"

"…You're saying I'm better looking as a girl?"

"Hisoka-kun, please!"

"No, no, no! I will not! Hey…Stop that! Ew! What is that smell?"


"It smells like a monkey's ass."

"Hisoka-kun! I'll make Watari-san hold you down so we can give you his sex change potion."



"…I still think the stuffed ass thing is much."

"Oh fine! Men!"



"Are you grumbling to yourself?"

"…Hisoka-kun, where did you put the make-up I asked you to hold for me?"

"Hm…Heard of the word 'trash can' before?"

"You're impossible, Hisoka-kun."

"Dressing in drag isn't a quality for being impossible last time I checked."


"You smiled."

"Heh. Come now, let's begin with the mascara…"

"…Can I use the bathroom first?"

"But…well, I suppose. Quickly."

"…Thank you."

"…..Hisoka-kun? Hisoka-kun? Are you done yet?"


"Hisoka-kun? Oh! Hisoka-kun, unlock this door this instant."

"Sorry, busy climbing out the window."

"Hisoka-kun! HISOKA-KUN!"


Tsuzuki flashed a grin as the others greatly complimented his neat tuxedo yet rich-like look thanks to Watari. He spun around to give them a glimpse of the fine detail in his jacket before bowing in a mock curtsey.

"Well done," exclaimed Konoe smiling with approval.

Tatsumi nodded in agreement. He had to admit that the outfit suited his ex-partner quite well.

"I'd have to admit that he doesn't look too bad in my shoes," Terazuma mumbled, leaning near the wall.

Tsuzuki only grinned even wider. "I look good in anything."

"Except when you're naked."

"You're right…Then I look drop dead sexy."

Terazuma rolled his eyes and tried not to create a mental image. He parted his lips to remark a rude comment before Tatsumi raised a hand to silence them all, which they so obediently did. They heard the muffled protests of a small form and a high admonishing of a female.

Konoe looked around the room nervously. "That must be Kurosaki-kun and Wakaba-chan."

As if on cue, the doors swung open with Wakaba proclaiming a greeting to all. It was only a second later she realized that she stood alone at the entrance. She glanced behind her and made a scolding sound.

"Oi, Hisoka-kun! You look good! Don't be ashamed!"

With effort and a grunt, Wakaba dragged in Hisoka…or…what was once Hisoka through the doors.

Konoe's eyes popped from his sockets.

Watari gasped in amazement.

Terazuma struggled to keep his nose from bleeding.

Tatsumi's jaw was wide ajar.


"DON'T LAUGH AT ME YOU BASTARD!" Hisoka screeched, lounging onto his partner, threatening to rip his organs out one by one if he didn't silence his giggles.

"Hisoka-kun! You're going to ruin your dress!" Wakaba cried in desperate attempt to stop the two. She clung to Hisoka and with the strength that amazed all, tore him off from Tsuzuki.

"I swear I'll—"

Wakaba clicker her tongue in disagreement. "Ladies do not threaten others, Hisoka-kun!"



Hisoka froze from his position under Wakaba's arms, as did Tsuzuki, who was scrambling away from the boy's Kicks of Doom.

Tatsumi sighed and cleared his throat from the cry that had just erupted from where his usual calm voice would come. "Now, Kurosaki-kun," he chided, "don't you dare allow that temper of yours to interfere with this mission."

"I better get paid double for this!" Hisoka hissed, adjusting the er…stuffed bra that was slipping.

Wakaba pouted and demanded Hisoka to stand still as she adjusted his wrinkled dress. It was a rather pale and dark dress that extended from where his "breasts" were implanted. Wakaba had insisted that they leave Hisoka's legs as they were and to just place a pair of very slightly high heeled matching shoes. As she had commented, the "legs are as sexy as they are", only furthering Hisoka's threats.

She stood and began adjusting the fake bun attached to his regular hair, which contained a few ornaments to match his make-up and clothing. The ribbon was the tool that concealed the clip that attached the fake to the real hair.

"Wonderful," she praised now eyeing the make-up. There wasn't much to add, she thought personally. The eye shadow was very light and the blush could scarcely be seen. The only noticeable piece of make-up was the pink lipstick that gave a rare glow to his lips.

Tsuzuki approached his partner, careful as to any twitching that may signal an attack. "I think it's nice, Soka. I didn't mean to laugh, really. It's just they way you looked at the time was funny."


Terazuma managed to conceal his awe and ran a hand through his dark hair. "Ah…Um…I suppose they should get going now, eh? The party should be starting soon."

Konoe nodded. "That's correct. Tatsumi, will you please aid them out?"

With a nod, Tatsumi ushered Tsuzuki out and followed after a disturbingly tranquil Hisoka.

Wakaba grinned with delight and latched onto Terazuma's arm. "Oh, I wish I was as pretty as him!"

"Woman! Get off!"

"So pretty!"


~*~*Party Time*~*~

Within the enormous room were small gatherings of respected people of Japan indulged in fancy talk and small conversation, stood Hisoka, away form the men that continued to drop flirtatious gestures his way. A particular man that had found an interest in him was Luc Audley, a very well respected man from France that had moved to Japan for some business crap that Hisoka…er…Renée didn't care for.

Thankfully, Luc was on the other side of the room. At the moment, Taiko Dou-something was speaking to him about the benefits of purchasing used vehicles or whatnot. Hisoka wanted to curl up and die of boredom.

"Ah, Renée," Taiko whispered in his deep tone, "my lectures appear to bore you."

A genius too, eh? Moron, Hisoka sneered in his mind. He restrained a groan and struggled to keep his smile kind and sincere. "Not at all, Taiko-san," he began with a voice of pure innocence and a tad higher than his usual tone. "I simply was…"

"Indulged into the music," a voice said with a thick accent before them, growing louder with each closer approach.

The two turned their heads up to find a young and handsome young man before them. Hisoka was tempted to scream in irritation. Luc stood before him, one hand behind his back while the other twirled a glass of wine. Hisoka noted the glass was half-empty.

He gave a charming smile towards Hisoka and nodded politely to the aging Taiko. "I believe this dance is for two. I came alone with no partner…" he explained, casting Hisoka a suggestive look.

"Oh…" Hisoka bit his lip, instantly regretting it upon tasting the awful taste of the lipstick that was smeared across.

Luc set his glass down upon a tray that a passing waiter was balancing with one hand. He then bowed towards Hisoka and offered a long tanned hand. "Shall we dance?"

"…uh…" Hisoka contemplated on a polite turn down but also was tempted. He had to admit that it was perhaps better than to listen to Taiko's constant rambling. The old man was beginning to take an interest in him that made a sickening feeling in his stomach grow worse.

Though before he could find an excuse, Luc had taken his hand that was currently twisting a portion of his…dress.

Hisoka blinked in surprise and narrowed his eyes. "Hey!"

"It was a pleasure seeing you, Taiko," Luc quickly announced waving at the old man before dragging Hisoka off toward a more secluded area of the enormous room.

Once at his destination, and with a still struggling Hisoka, Luc turned to face him. "Now, don't tell me you'd rather have heard the old man talk you to death, eh, love?"

"Renée, please. Not 'love'," Hisoka chastised, attempting to sound calm. He couldn't help but flush with anger when Luc ran his dark eyes over his face.

"Of course…" Luc whispered. His eyes glanced to the side where the pianist had developed a more appropriate tune to the song, giving a steady beat for dancing. "Shall we dance?"

Hisoka bit his lip and shook his head. Stay in role…Tsuzuki should be coming by soon…"I'm not much of a dancer."

"Oh, don't be modest, love! I know you want to become a dancer. You attend the Dance Academy, non?"

Hisoka mentally screamed. Tatsumi had not told him that part of Renée's personal life. "Of…course…I just…"

Luc chuckled and slid his finger onto Hisoka's hips. "Embarrassed, eh love? I'm no prize winning dancer, but I know fairly well my ballroom dancing."

Having no other choice, Hisoka prayed Tsuzuki would not saunter in during this time. The last thing he needed was his partner watching him dance with a perverted man.

Hisoka recalled the steps of the dancing and slid a hand onto Luc's shoulder, wishing he could die all over again rather than be with this…man. The man's presence was always uncomfortable and yet, Hisoka could not sense any darkness about him.

Speaking of sensing, Hisoka blushed furiously when his empathy snatched a thought from Luc. Using his bangs to conceal the blush, he began to follow Luc's movements and made an effort to enjoy it.

Apparently, Luc grew bolder and snaked the hand on Hisoka's hip to the curve of his back, right near a certain rounder area. Gasping, Hisoka shifted backward hoping to break their contact and create an excuse to use the ladies' room. Luc simply groped tightly and pressed their bodies together. Not rudely or suggestively, but comfortably and gentle.

"Do not be alarmed, love…"

Hisoka hissed in the back of his mind. He despised the nickname Luc had developed for him. How long has it been since they had arrived…9 hours? Something like that…

Luc's smiled was gentle as he continued speaking softly. "I'm not going to rape you, or anything. Relax! Enjoy the music!"

Sighing, Hisoka nodded his head. "Of course, Sir Luc. I am sorry for giving you the impression that I was uncomfortable."

"Ah, don't be so formal, love. Just address me as plain old 'Luc'."

"…You know…You don't appear the kind to be rich or work with a formal business," Hisoka suggested taking the opportunity to fish out some dirt about the strange man.

Luc clicked his tongue as if thinking for a moment. "I get that a lot," he admitted, smiling, "not many people expect me to me the formal kind. I look more like your common drop dead sexy actor, eh love?"

Maybe he has a defect…

"Anyway, I took over my father's company after his suicide," Luc explained with a disturbingly eased voice.

Hisoka spun around slowly as Luc held his hand and raised an eyebrow. "Suicide? What…um…"

"Why, perhaps? Well, I know it wasn't a suicide. More like a murder, I think. See, I had a kid brother. He was only turning ten years old last month. Big age, difference, eh love?

Well, one day I'm just doing my regular work with my father's assistance in France dealing with a financial mistake that had occurred…"

Hisoka's eyes widened slightly. Perhaps this dance would be of use. His mind clicked instantly catching a bit of an idea as to what happened to the man's brother.

Luc sighed and gave Hisoka another twirl before speaking again, more slowly. "I get a call from my brother's nanny. Mother had died five years after my brother was born. Anyway, she's in a hysterical situation, crying and screaming. I asked her what's wrong and she stops for a moment.

She then starts again and says 'someone's taken him! Someone's taken little Henry!' I didn't understand much after that. I just called my father, told the nanny to call the police and rushed home. Well, when I got in, the house was pretty decent. Nothing out of place. I found his nanny upstairs in his room, crying."

"Was his room damaged?" Hisoka asked curiously, assuming the answer was yes.

Luc nodded. "Yeah. Some bastard got in while my brother was taking a nap. There must have been something going on because of the mess that happened. My brother might have tried to escape."

The music died down and began to take a more delightful tune. Among them, the cheerful voices boomed within their ears.

"…Shall we take this outside?" Hisoka suggested, heading out the two large glass doors that lead to the balcony where the garden lied beneath.

Luc didn't speak but followed.

"Now…You said your brother was taking a nap, right?"

"That's correct, love," Luc said, stepping down the stairs in unison with Hisoka's graceful ones.

Hisoka ignored the name, realizing the man would not cease to call refer to him as 'love' even if he offered him free sex. Okay, maybe but that wasn't the significance of his thinking. "Uh-huh," he murmured in thought, "Luc, how many ten year olds do you know of that take naps?"

Raising his eyebrows, Luc caught the hint. "My brother usually never took naps after the age of six. His nanny said he was feeling sleepy and went to take a nap. She even made sure he was settled in bed. She couldn't…"

"No, no," Hisoka snapped, waving his hand in a dismissive manner. "I doubt she had anything to do with it. Was there anyone else in the home besides her?"

Luc stared at him intensely. "You sound awfully suspicious about something."

Hisoka blushed, just noticing he was forgetting his role. "Ah…I'm sorry…Please go on with your tale about your father." Luc's father was oblivious to him at the time. He was pleased to have remembered and to change the subject before Luc became suspicious as well.

"Well…Like I said, he was kidnapped from what we gathered. The police confirmed it as well. I won't go into the details but Father became devastated. He loved Henry so much.

My father and I…didn't get along well. I wanted to become a musician. Not some…businessman. Father wanted another child to take the company under the rightful name and once Henry was born, my God, was he happy.

Henry did everything perfectly according to my father. After his abduction, my father wasn't the same. I was a bit jealous, but I didn't give a damn about the old man. I cared more about my brother's whereabouts.

Well, two weeks later the police found evidence of his whereabouts. A woman spotted him in England.

Well, just as quickly, we lost track of him again. Sucks, eh? We just waited. Then, about a month later, a man near Paris said he knew something about my brother. Father immediately left to meet with the man. He was gone for about three days, the second day was when they met from what I got.

I guess father stayed one more night before returning home. During that night, the man who had spoken to father was murdered suspiciously. I can assume that my father was oblivious to this fact. Then, he just woke up, and began heading home. He did call that morning while driving. He said he would explain everything as soon as he got home.

His last words were 'everything is going to be all right'. God damn it! Those damn cops immediately see those words as a suicide goodbye! They said he ran straight into a tree. But it makes no sense!"

Hisoka cringed at the loud and harsh tone. He had to admit it was all too coincidental. And the story made no sense at all to him. The man who was speaking to Luc's father dies that night and Luc's father the next day. "Someone didn't want that man to spill the beans. So they killed him…and your father since he knew as well. Did you tell the police about the talk they had?"

Luc groaned and sat on a bench in front of a water fountain. Two dancers stood as still as statues at the top of the angelic design. "I did. They said they had no proof. They had only my word."

"But…Surely the phone company…"

"Impossible. They found no trace of the man calling our home. No one saw my father enter the man's house. No one was a friend with that man. Everyone cast me out after that. Thought I was going crazy," Luc snapped back rudely, instantly regretting it. He patted the seat beside him with an apologetic grin.

Hisoka sat and fidgeted a bit. "I'm sorry…"

Luc cast a glance into his eyes. "You believe me?"

Although the man disturbed him, Hisoka could understand the loss of someone dear to him or the thought of becoming a pariah. He knew that well. "Yes."

Luc angrily turned away to glare at a particular spot on a flower. "…They said he was upset about the loss of his son…Bullshit. He wouldn't kill himself over that…"

Everything was much too suspicious. Hisoka cocked his head, examining the man closely. He just noticed a strange marking that crawled near the area where Luc's pulse would be. He leaned in and brushed a hand on the stiff jaw, lifting it upward.

"What's this?"


Hisoka withdrew his hand swiftly but Luc managed to grip it within his hand tightly. "S…Sorry, I didn't know it hurt."

Luc stood still and bore his eyes through Hisoka's eyes, refusing to release the stare or grip in his hand. The edges of his lips twitched and he laughed. "Doesn't hurt, love. You're hands are ice cold, is all."

Hisoka smiled slightly, feeling awkward doing so. Hey, he heard Renée smiled a lot. Got to keep the role in check, right...Maybe?

Luc took both of the smaller hands and held them, spreading the heat from his own to Hisoka's. "There. I'll warm 'em up."

Time to change the subject…"So…what did happen to your neck?"

"Ah, this old scar? Got into a fight with someone. One of the reasons Father didn't like me was because I did a lot of drugs and drug dealing as a teenager. I got some good scars from those days. I realized how stupid I was, but oh well."

"I see…Um…" Hisoka cleared his throat and found interest on the garden itself.

Luc shifted his eyes to wear Hisoka's were. "You like this? The more country look?"

"Yes, it's peaceful."

Luc gave another chuckle and asked, "So, what's your favorite dish?"

Hisoka found the question completely off subject but decided to answer. He thought and mentally cursed when he recalled never being told about this. Well, he could just make it up.

"Um…chicken," he blurted out.

A strange change in Luc's appearance occurred for a split second. "…Chicken?"

Hisoka shrugged. "Chicken in soup is really good."

For an instant, he assumed Luc was going to ask something else, but the man kept silent.

Becoming restless, Hisoka's ennui grew to an uncomfortable point. He was going to suggest a walk in hopes to learn more about the Fitz Gilbert family or others, but sensed Tsuzuki's mind searching for him just thin.

Hisoka managed to jerk his hands back to his lap and stood up, pulling down his dress and adjusting his balance on the shoes he so wanted to burn. "I should be getting back in. Besides it's become chilly."

Nodding in agreement, Luc stood as well and stood. He wrapped an arm strongly around Hisoka's frail exposed shoulders with a smile. Though instead of heading toward the mansion, Luc aided him deeper into the garden, turning every so often.

"…Luc? The mansion is on the other side."

"I know."

Hisoka sighed and followed not sensing any threat. Perhaps Luc was going to try to seduce him privately. He didn't mind actually. If Luc tried to shove something up his skirt, he'll just insist he had gotten his period. Simple as that.

Or not.

Within an instant, Hisoka cried out as Luc shoved him roughly against a wall near a patch of roses and other wild flowers.

Luc smirked and rested on hand on his own hip while the other leaned over Hisoka's head. "Well…Care to tell me what's going on?"

Hisoka blinked, dazed from the blow his head experienced, and shook his head. "I don't understand…"

A pistol was pressed to his jaw, teasing as it ran up and down to his collarbone. "Very funny. Everyone knows Renée is a dedicated vegetarian and has never attended a Dance Academy. She wants to become a model, not a dancer. And she loves the city, not the country look."

Shit! Caught big time!

Reading the shock in Hisoka's wide eyes, Luc's smirked widened as he rested the gun near Hisoka's hip. "You're eyes are brighter than hers and you rarely smile. Two big give aways. Others won't notice. But I do. Who are you?"


"Answer or I'll blow your fucking cock off!" Luc shouted.

Hisoka cried out when the gun was pressed between his leg, wrinkling his skirt. "Wha…How the hell…I…" Don't let him win, Kurosaki! Come on, think!

Luc continued to glare death into his eyes before be pulled the gun away. He sighed and hid it beneath his shirt once more and lazily drew out a cigarette. Muttering something and fumbling in his pocket, he withdrew a lighter and lit his cigarette before placing the lighter in its respectful spot.

Hisoka took the thought of run into consideration but thought against it when Luc turned to face him again.

"Sorry about that. Thought you were a threat. You're on my side. I suppose I won't blow your cover," he said tiredly and exhaled the smoke that had filled his lungs.

Hisoka ran a hand through his hair and found the fake portion of it missing. He found it near his feet and bent down to retrieve it. He felt Luc's eyes watching him cautiously throughout the entire movement.


"Ah, stop looking so shocked, boy. What? You didn't think I knew? I know you're a guy in drag. I just wasn't sure if you were a guy in drag on my side or a guy in drag that I was going to kill. You're good though. Hard to tell…"

Hisoka stared.

Luc saw the expression and smiled. "Name's Luc, yours?"

"…Kurosaki Hisoka."

Wrinkling his nose in thought and confusion, Luc said, "Hisoka, right? Not Kurosaki?"

Hisoka nodded and found the situation extremely odd. He approached Luc carefully. "Who are you?"

"Luc, love. It's still my real name. Working on the case of the abductions," Luc said as he spoke with the cigarette dangling from his mouth. He reached for it and put it out.

Hisoka narrowed his eyes. How did this man past his empathy? "What you told me…all lies?"

"Hm…Most. I moved to Japan when I heard of the unusual number of abductions occurring here. I know whoever took them is here with my brother as well. When I heard my friend's kid, Daisuke, was taken, I knew something was seriously fucked up. I came to Japan to find out what was going on."

"You do have a very thick accent," Hisoka observed. He did notice it earlier but now it was thick.

Luc nodded. "I'm French, baby. Get an accent if you try to speak Japanese."

"You must have learned quickly."

"Wouldn't you like to know," Luc replied with a wink. "Let me fix your hair up, kid."

Forgetting about his hair, Hisoka was brought back to reality that Tsuzuki was searching for him and that there was a party he was to be at. Turning, he allowed Luc to adjust the fake hair so it appeared realistic.

"Hm, not bad. I think it'll be fine," he observed with pride. "Lovely, even."

Hisoka turned slightly to spare him an amused glance.

"Don't worry, baby. I'm straight," Luc admitted.

"I doubt that."

"Why? You don't like the names I give you?"

"Not particularly."

"I see you're the cold one compared to your partner."


Luc gave another smirk and said, "The guy who was staring at the sweets. Chocolate hair…Amethyst eyes. You two work together, non?"


"I knew it. Listen, I think I could use your help and you could use mine on this case. What do you say we become acquaintances?"

"I already deal with one idiot. Two is just insanity."

"No. Insanity is getting married to a woman who's old enough to be your wife."

Hisoka broke out into a tiny smirk at the comment.


"We work alone."

"You will need my help, baby. Don't think I'm stupid."

Hisoka cocked his head slightly. "I don't think you're stupid. I think you're an idiot."

He enjoyed hearing Luc's irritated groan very much.


Hisoka's body stiffened. "What did you say?"

"Isn't that what you're called? A Shinigami?"


"I heard about them. That's why you're here right? Investigating?"


"Perhaps you should learn more about me in order to understand better, eh baby?"

"Stop calling me names."

"Let's meet again, shall we? We'll talk then. Tomorrow at the café, all right?"

"Why should I trust you?" Hisoka asked roughly. His mind was spinning with all this information.

"Because I'm the only one you can trust. I'm more than meets the eye. Morning. Café. Bring your weird friend. See you, love. Tell them Luc had to leave on illness. Much love. Bye!"

Hisoka stood at his spot near the wall and wild flowers, staring as Luc literally began to vanish from thin air with each step he took. He considered it to be the fog concealing the man with each step, but…there was no fog to begin with.

Sighing and rubbing his eyes in stress, he adjusted his clothing and began to head back. Unable to process the information of the night's events, Hisoka let out a sigh and decided to fret over it tomorrow. At the moment, he had an idiot to find.

Not too long after his walk, he found Tsuzuki leaning over the balcony, searching.

"Ah! Hiso-er… Renée! There you are! Where have you been?"

Hisoka glared up at his partner. "How much longer do we stay?"

"About 2 hours. Why?"

"Get the hell back in there and play your part. We talk later."

"What happened?"

"Met a comrade in this shit."




"We'll talk later."

"Why not now?"

"I'm trying to straighten things out."

"Well…okay. If you say so. What happened to your dress? Were you shagging some guy…Ah! Not Luc! Don't tell me you shagged with him!"

"What? No! You pervert!"

"I'm not a pervert."

"Yes you are. And you'll go to Hell for being a pervert."

"Well, if I'm will all perverts, there must be plenty of sexual satisfaction in Hell, right? That doesn't sound so bad."

"Idiot! Get back inside before someone notices your absence!"

"Oh, I feel the love in your voice."

"You'll feel something alright if you don't get your ass back there!"

"It's you they want!"




"…Hey…what's wrong?"

"I think I ripped the back of my dress…"


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