Daphne Greengrass recently appointed as a potioneer in DMLE. For the celebration she brings her friend to a bar to have some fun.

They drinks, dance then drinks and more dance. Its continue till midnight.

Her friends pansy, tracy, Lisa, lilith are with her. And one thing she noticed that each of her friend have Boyfriend. Blaise, nott, david, ernie are also with them. She is single. She is virgin. She is 20. It is sometimes hurt that you don't have a thing that all of your friends had. In hogwarts she never dated any single one. She is one of beautiful girl in school but her icy persona is getting boys out of her. Sometimes she thinks it as a gift and sometimes as a curse.

Pansy and blaise are kissing in far table. Tracy and nott are also heavily snogging. Others are also busy with there boyfriends. She felt left out. But she did not want to show them that. Quite some time later they began to leave.In a moment only tracy and nott are left out with her.

"Nott dear, please wait outside for me. We have some girl talk". She said to nott and winked at him. As he left she turned to daphne and said "daphne you need to find a boy for you". Tracy is bestfriend of he. She knows him so well than anyone else. So she sighed don't want to argue with her knowing she is true."what can i do"daphne said. "So, tell me who you fansy"tracy said. "I don't fancy anyone"daphne said to her. "Okay in hogwarts tell me a name who should be best for you"tracy said.

"Well you know i don't like to stare towards boys. I always busy in my study. But there is some boy i can considered. I like nott somewherecin my 6th year but you snatch him. Then i like michele cornor but he is a ladiesman. Then i should consider blaise, ernie,terry,justin but they all are occupied".she said with a sigh.

"No one in Gryffindor"tracy said with a look.

"Hmm. There is only one i can imagine and he is potter. The great Harry potter."again with a sigh.

Tracy jumped up then grab her by head turn it towards other side. And there is standing some mens with auror robes. And harry potter is among them."potter it is then. He is perfect for you. Go grab him and then kiss then snog and then shag him" tracy yelled out loud.

"Stop! Tracy you are drunk".daphne said horrorfully.

"Ok go i am going home then going to dhag nott senseless" again said out loud. With that she runningly left.

Daphne thinking about it for a moment. She did not said to any one yet but actually she fancied him in his 6th year. Who would not he just looks hunk. Potter always seems private person. She knows he dated only a few girls where all girls are swooning over him. It is the proof that he is must be not a ladiesman. While thinking about it. She stumble across with someone.

Looking up she looks directly into the most bright green eyes she ever she.



How does he knows my name...