Daphne is slightly drunked but she is consious. Harry potter the great knows her name. She pondered in her mind a lot but she can't remember a day where they talked. So how...

"You know my name but how" she said to him.

His hand slide to his pocket and he fidget a little but said "well".

"Well what"she said quickly.

"Oh ! Nothing, say me does it wrong to remember a beautiful girls name from my year" he said and then winked at her.

'Oh god potter is flirting with me' she in depth happy but she have to control herself so she said "okay, so what are you doing here."

"Nothing just hanging around a bit, you know auror's job we don't get free time easily, so just enjoying with friends." He replied casually.

"Hmm" she replied

"So wanna join me for a drink" he asked her.

"Sure why not" she replied.

He laid them to a table and calked for a waiter. The waiter after seeing who is his costumer arrived rapidly then also serves us as quickly.

He offer her a champagne and he took a wine. "Do how is your life going and also what are you doing here, as i know you are not club type." He asked her.

She tried to look offended but she can't how can she after all it is true, she is not a club type. "Yes but i am here for celebration party, actually i am appointed as a potioneer in DMLE. So it is for what i am here with my friend. It is midnight so they left."

"Oh congratulations also now we can see each other more often as i am vice head auror and head of potion problem department of aurors" he said happily.

'Oh he is definitely flirting' she thought. But she is also happy atleast she a companion in DMLE. So she nod her head in agreement.

They talked about other topic and drink their drink. Daphne after finished champagne began firewhisky then wine. She didn't know that before drinking she had already half drunk. Now she is full.

Harry got up and offer her a hand she took it then they talked a little. Suddenly a drunked man bump to her from behind so that she stumble a fall with harry to ground with she top of him.

Their faces are just apart in inches. Daphne could feel his breath, without knowing she lean in and kissed him. After a moment he also kissing her back.

Suddenly heat approaches as it got kissing to snogging. Heavily drunk don't help. Harry kisses her in neck then her earlope. She returnimg the favour but it is getting out of hand. But she wants it.

"Harry i can't handle any more lets go to washroom and finish it" she said to him panting.

"It not safe let's go to my room its just few blocks ahead" he replied

A/N: i am not well in describing adult scene. So may be i skip it but yeah you are going to get hint. Thnx.