Chapter One.

Welcome to the first chapter of my story, which is My Hero using a minor crossover with Venom! This is actually my first foray into the world of Fanfiction, and it's a rather ambitious project indeed! I have a clear idea of what I want to do with this story, and I think it will be quite an enjoyable read. One thing to consider is this, much like many other stories, is a product of the Ripple Effect. There will not be any Marvel villains, as it's not a true crossover, at least in the sense I see it. The Symbiote exists, which I will explain during the training arc, and so did Spider-Man. The clincher, is while the symbiote is the same, albeit without aggression amplifying tendencies, whereas Peter Parker was one of the first heroes to ever exist in the My Hero mythos. His quirk? Arachnid. This is the extent of the crossover, and I'm going to do my best to keep all this in mind when writing, because I want this to be damn accurate to the show and characters as possible. And the pairing will be Izuku and Mina. I'm a sucker for that ship. I pay homage to the Authors 12AngryMen and DominoMags, for making me fall in love with the pairing. One other thing to mention is that while the first couple paragraphs are written in the first person, this is not how the POV will be in the story. This is merely used to speed along the narrative set up. And with that said, ON WITH THE SHOW!


The year is 2200, and life on Earth is kind of like living in a comic book. The vast majority of the Earth's population have developed powers known as Quirks. These special abilities lead to the rise of professional superheroes to combat of the increase in quirk related criminal activity. The idea was to fight fire with fire, as the saying goes. Flash-forward roughly 200 years, and you'll find that roughly 80% of the world's population actually have quirks now. Quirks are as much a part of human identity as your fingerprints and eye color. Which makes the fact that I don't have a quirk all the more painful.

For the longest time, all I wanted was to be a hero, like my idol All Might. But the doctor's said I wasn't born with a quirk, making me part of the population of Quirkless. This lead my first friend, Bakugo, to become one of the greatest sources of torment in my life. I don't know what made Bakugo come to hate me so much, but I really have to thank him. Without him, I wouldn't have gotten my power.

This is the story of how I became the successor to a relic of the first generation of heroes.

This is the story of how We became the new Symbol of Peace.


"IS IT EVER POSSIBLE FOR ME TO BECOME SOMEONE LIKE YOU?!" Izuku shouted at the Symbol of Peace, desperate for validation of the feelings he'd had ever since he was a boy. All Might turned back to face Izuku at hearing this.

"Without a Quirk, huh?" Before he could go on, the Symbol of Peace locked up in pain, beginning to transform back into his Small Might form. 'Damnit, not right now!' he thought desperately.

"For the longest time, I thought saving people was the coolest thing you could possibly do! My classmates think I'm a weakling, that I'm not good for anything. But that just makes me want to prove them wrong!" Izuku continued on, unaware of the transformation happening in front of him. "That's why...I want to be someone others can look up to! Just like you!"

'Wait, where did this smoke come from?'

"UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-" Came Izuku's scream of surprise, as most people would after witnessing the 7'4'' 500 powers of pure muscle that was the symbol of peace suddenly turn into a skeletal man with hair horns.

XXX Elsewhere XXX

A black goo floated around the soda bottle that served as its current prison.

'Oh yes. Going from a glass canister to a Dr. Pepper bottle. Clearly I'm moving up in life. ' the ooze thought sarcastically. 'I take solace in the fact Peter has been dead for 135 years, if only so he will never know about this. I'd never hear the end of it.' The ooze then sighed, and pondered the recent events.

'Damn that blond guy. He interrupted the bonding with the kid. I sensed something in him. The potential to be like Peter was: a true Hero. All I was able to glean from the kid's head was his name was Izuku Midoriya, and he is really scared of a guy named Bakugo. I need to find him again. But how?' The ooze pondered within his plastic prison.

XXX Back with Izuku and All Might XXXXXXXXXX

"I'm sorry, kid. But without a quirk? It's impossible."

These were not the words Izuku wanted to hear, least of all not from his idol. He felt his world crashing around him, and he started to hyperventilate.

"I know it's not what you wanted to hear, kid. It's okay to dream, as long as those dreams are realistic." All Might spoke softly, trying to soften the blow of his words.

Izuku just nodded numbly, and walked to the staircase, dejectedly moving down to the ground floor.


'Okay, seriously. I have all of Peter's powers. But a plastic container is my damn Kryponite? What's next? A Sentient Mountain Dew bottle that kills my one true love?!' The bitter and sarcastic thoughts of symbiote became more and more annoyed by the minute.

'Wait a second, are those voices?'

"Mannnnnn Bakugo. You sure were harsh on Midoriya. Didn't you guys used to be friends when you were younger?" One boy spoke to the others.

'Bakugo? That's the punk that Midoriya was afraid of! He's my ticket back to the kid" If Venom had hands, he would surely be rubbing them delightedly. 'Now, I just need to get free of this damn bottl-WHOAAAA!' His train of thought cut off by the kick that the punk looking blonde gave the bottle he was trapped in. The impact knocked the cap lose, allowing Venom his freedom.

"That damn Deku. Always trying to make a fool out of me. Thinks his Quirkless ass can be a hero? He should just do what I said and jump off a building. Maybe his next like will give him a Quirk." Bakugo laughed viciously, his lackey's chuckling nervously along with him, not wanting to earn his ire. "Someone needs to teach him how the world really works."

"Why don't I show YOU how the world really works, blondie?" rang out a voice from his feet, confusing Bakugo and his friends, along with halting any further conversation. He moved to take a step forward, but his foot was stuck. He glanced down, only to see two pure white sclera looking up at him.

"I like a skinsuit with some fire."


Izuku was shuffling along, walking with no real destination in mind. After all, having the number one here tell you that your dream is impossible would crush anyone. And for Izuku? This was just the straw the broke the camel's back.

"I guess...maybe I should just go home. It's not like I have any friends to hangout with or reason to stay out." Izuku thought glumly. Suddenly, bumped into someone, which knocked him out of his thoughts. As he looked up to apologize, he noticed the crowd in front of him, and the smell of smoke permeating through the air. "Is it a villain attack?"

xxxx Venom xxxxxxxxxx

'It's a bit of a stretch, but making all this commotion is my best bet to draw out this kid. If he's as hero bonkers as I think he is, he'll rush in to save his friend. Regardless of his powers. Though, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to let the heroes think they destroyed me before I can talk to the kid. Regenerating my body is a pain, but it can't be helped. As long as I can slip my "brain" onto him, I can explain to him what I want.' Venom thought to himself, glancing out at surrounding flames and destruction.

'You know... I may have gone a little overboard. No one has died yet though, thanks to these pros. Still, that kid needs to show up soon.'

The fight with the pros resumed in earnest.

Xxxxx Izuku xxxxxxxxxx

Izuku had gleaned from the crowd that there was a hostage situation with a black monster villain, with a middle schooler being taken hostage. 'Wait a minute, isn't this where Kacchan comes to hangout after school with his friends?!' Izuku thought in panic. He pushed his way through the crowd, trying to get to the front for a better view. The unease was palpable in the air, and as the heroes struggled to put a stop to the villain, the crowd's panic was beginning to grow.

'That's-That's the monster that All Might saved me from earlier!" Izuku thought in a panic. "That means...this is my fault. All Might must have dropped it when I grabbed onto him!" Whatever else Izuku was thinking, that all went out the window when he heard a shout come from the villains stomach area.

"LET ME GO YOU GODDAMN MONSTER!" Bakugo's voice was more muffled than his usual outbursts, but the explosions he tried to set off were definitely at their usual levels. Despite that, they had little effect on the villain. Fear rose up in Izuku, and before he could stop himself, a yell ripped through his throat:



'Goddamnit, this kid's explosions are no joke. It's just bad luck for him that explosions are more of an annoyance to me than an actual threat.' Venom thought with smug satisfaction. 'Though, I'm lucky he's trying brute force blasts, rather than something like a flashbang or napalm."

"KACCHAN!" A throaty shout echoed through the street, somehow carrying over the chaos that had descended around the symbiote/

'Kacchan? Only the kid ever called the Bakugo punk that, and that means I can make my move and quit stalling.' Venom thought with barely restrained glee. 'Kid, if what I glimpsed in you was accurate, I can help you just like I helped Peter.'

The punk was struggling to get free, even though I made sure he had enough oxygen to stay alive. I felt him look towards the crowd, and that's when I heard it.


xxxxx Izuku AND Venom xxxxxxxx

Izuku sprinted towards the monster, hellbent on saving his one time friend. 'We may not be friends anymore Kacchan, but I can't let you die!'

"LET HIM GO!" The crowd and the surrounding heroes were shocked and unable to react. Unable to process that a young man was running towards a monster with seemingly no gameplan!

"NO YOU IDIOT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" One hero yelled at him, but he didn't care. He would show everyone...! He would be a hero, even if it killed him!

'This kid. Showing me I made the right choice. It also seems like that All Might guy is nearby as well. Whatever, not my concern. Just need for some dramatics, and to put my brain on him.' Venom thought and then spoke "This is the end KID!"

The creature turned to face him, ready to strike him.

"Take this!" Izuku yelled at the creature and threw his backpack, striking the creature in the eye, staggering it. Izuku then frantically clawed at the creatures body, trying to free Bakugo. Unbeknownst to anyone except the symbiote, one of the blobs of ooze slithered into Izuku's pocket, and onto his flesh, beginning the bonding process.


"Kid, that was damn reckless. I don't know what you were thinking, but I'm sending one of my officers to give you a ride home." A stern looking officer spoke to Izuku, clearly unpleased with his actions. Izuku was let off with a warning, and a stern talking to, before getting into the front with the officer.

Izuku let out a dejected sigh. He acted as he thought a hero should. His body moved before he could stop to think about it. 'Isn't that what a hero does? Helps those in need' Izuku thought glumly.

Indeed it is, Young Midoriya

Izuku went ramrod straight in his seat and looked around frantically for the source of the voice.

"Something wrong kid?" The officer glanced at him out of the corner of his eye.

"Um, no, guess I'm still just a little traumatized from that event." Izuku stammered out an excuse to the officer. 'What was that?'

I am your partner now, Izuku. I'm speaking to you...via telepathy, for lack of a better explanation. Everything will be explained when we get home. But know that you are in no danger. I will prove this when we get home. We were partnered with the Spider-man. We explain this in depth soon.

Izuku was no longer freaking out, but he was still worried about having a voice in his head other than his. But he knew of Spider-man. He was one of the first people to become a hero using their quirk.

'Why are you speaking to me? And what should I call you?' he thought to himself, hoping the voice would hear him.

We are Venom. And we are going to help you become a hero.

To be continued.

Woo! First chapter done! I know this chapter sort of Jumps around, but I kind of had to in order to bring the two halves together. I don't plan to make that a trend in this story's writing style. Rather, I intend to focus solely on the events of Izuku. As you noticed, All Might never changed his mind about Izuku. That was intentional, and is actually part of my master plan for this story. You'll see. While this will be Izuku centric, in a manner of speaking, it will also have others involved. It's hard to explain without giving anything away. For now, unless it's directly stated otherwise, you may assume that canon is mostly intact, particularly the events within them. As such, I will not focus on those events, and instead focus on how my plotline plays into the events of canon, while still maintaining authenticity and plausibility. I pretty much spent two hours today bouncing ideas of a MHA canon purist, and he was generally receptive. So I think you guys will be happy with this. Until Next time, Raizen out.