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Chapter Ten—The Prince and the Chibi

Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee

And I'll forgive Thy great big one on me.

-"Forgive, O Lord," by Robert Frost

Nervously, Gohan stepped up to the huge domed building and swallowed hard. He had realized earlier that morning that he had never gotten around to telling the members of the Briefs family about his current situation. He had intended to go the night before, but then Videl had shown up, and he'd been somewhat distracted for the rest of the evening.

But he had just decided to worry about that a little later. Right now, he had to figure out how he was going to manage to punch Vegeta in the face, should the proud Saiyan find it acceptable to laugh at the perceived misfortune of his rival's younger son. And he had to try and think of an excuse to appease Bulma, should she be irritated that it took him this long to tell her about his situation. And Trunks…well, there was no telling how Trunks was going to react.

Probably just like his father, Gohan thought glumly as he knocked on the door, then stepped back and waited for the axe to fall when the door opened.

Well, the door opened.

Trunks looked at him in confusion for a long minute, then grinned. "Uh, hi! Welcome to Capsule Corp! Can I help you with something?"

Gohan blinked. "You don't recognize me, do you?"

The lavender-haired chibi looked taken aback. "Uh, no. Should I?"

"Yes, you should," Gohan replied; he wasn't in the mood to be polite, so he just did the impolite thing. He pushed past Trunks and into the building.

"Hey! You can't go in there!" Trunks protested indignantly, closing the door and giving chase as Gohan stormed through the hallways in search of Bulma. "How do you know where you're going, anyway? Have you been here before or something?"

"Many times, Trunks," Gohan replied.

The son of Vegeta stopped. "Who are you?"

Bulma chose that moment to poke her head into the hallway. Her eyes immediately locked onto Gohan, like radar set to an intruder alert. Her first thought was that there was something oddly familiar about this kid, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. "Hi, there. Can I help you?"

"I hope so," Gohan said mournfully. "Bulma, it's me. Gohan?"

She blinked. Then said, slowly, "…Gohan?"

He nodded, ignoring the fact that Trunks' jaw had fallen a full three and a half feet, and had ended up on the floor. Somehow, that gave Gohan a certain satisfaction.

"Gohan? But you're…you're…" Bulma actually stuttered.

"I'm the world youngest eighteen year old," he said wryly. "Seriously, Bulma, I'm eighteen years old in here! This is my seven year old body!"

"How—" Bulma started to ask.

He cut her off. "Goten. Dragonballs. 'Nuff said."

Gohan followed her into one of Capsule Corporations many lounges, and they took a seat. Trunks trailed along behind them, trying to get an answer to this mystery. How was it possible that Gohan was…well, his size?

Before Gohan could launch into an explanation he was already tired of giving, a loud roar was heard echoing throughout the many hallways of the huge building. "WOMAN!!"

Bulma rolled her eyes. "In here!"

Seconds later, Vegeta appeared in the doorway, wearing training clothes. He had obviously just emerged from his treasured Gravity Room. "Woman! Food!"

"In a minute, Vegeta," she snapped back. "We have a guest."

The Saiyan's eyes fell on the diminuitive form in the oversized chair, and he frowned. "And just who exactly is this…guest?"

"Why, Vegeta," Bulma said sweetly, eyes sparkling. "I'm sure you remember Son Gohan."

Vegeta did a double take, and his eyes widened almost imperceptibly. But he covered it well with one of his patented, trademark smirks and said, "What happened, brat? Did you shrink in the wash?"

"No," Gohan replied in a strained voice. He'd been here less than five minutes, and his fists were already itching to plant a nice, tasty knuckle sandwich right in Vegeta's teeth.

Then he heard his mother's voice—not from anywhere around him, but inside his own head. "Gohan, you'd better not do anything violent!"

"How does she do that?" he muttered under his breath.

"What did you say?" Vegeta snapped, but Gohan ignored him. He was pondering pros and cons, and decided that trying to punch Vegeta wasn't a good idea. Considering that he couldn't even go Super Saiyan at this age, even attempting that would probably have been suicide. No, that just wouldn't work. So instead, he just sighed and launched into the simple explanation he had already given everyone else.

"Goten felt bad that I didn't have a childhood, so he gathered the Dragonballs and wished that I was seven years old again," Gohan told them. "But he left me my eighteen year old mind, I guess. He thought he was doing something really nice for me, and it has actually been a lot of fun. But thank Kami he only used one wish. We'll be able to gather the Dragonballs again in four months and wish me back to normal. In the meantime, I've discovered that I'm very good at something."

"What's that?" Bulma asked inquisitively.

Gohan grinned. "Goofing off."


Erasa let out a high-pitched squeal that left Videl's ears ringing. "Oh! What about this one?"

With a sigh, Videl let herself be dragged over to a clothing rack, where Erasa selected some big peach colored monstrosity of a dress and held it up in front of Videl to see how it looked.

The raven-haired girl fought down the sudden urge to gag and said, "Erasa, have you ever heard the saying KISS?"

"Yeah," the blonde nodded with a smile. "What you and Gohan are gonna do after the dance."

"No," Videl said, reminding herself to stay as calm as possible. "KISS, as in 'Keep It Simple, Stupid.' You've never heard that?"

"Nope," Erasa shook her head. "So…you don't like this dress."

"No, I don't," Videl shoved the awful peach thing away. "If I'm going, it's going to be simple. Nice and simple. Something even I can't mess up."

"Right," Erasa nodded knowingly. "Basic red work?"

I give up, Videl sighed. "Whatever. Just as long as it's basic."

Ten minutes later, Erasa shoved Videl into a fitting room with something long, strappy, and slinky in an eye blinding shade of red. Videl obliged, and had to admit that it looked pretty good.

"Fine, this works," she stepped out of the room with the dress slung over her arm. Then she took a chair while Erasa tried on every dress in the store. After about fifteen minutes of sitting silently and nodding every time the blonde came out to model, Videl decided to take a risk and confide in her old friend. "Hey, Erasa…there might be a problem with this whole prom thing."

"What's that?" Erasa asked through the dressing room door.

"Well…I don't think Gohan can go."

The door flung open, and Erasa emerged in a hurry, hooking the neck of her current dress—something short and blue. She stared at her friend in amazement. "What do you mean he can't go?"

"Just that. He can't go. Some…circumstances beyond anyone's control."

"But—but—" Erasa actually stuttered. "But—but—do you realize that he was scared to death to ask you to the dance?"

"Yeah, I know…wait…" Videl's eyes narrowed suspiciously. "How did you know?"

"I asked him if he was gonna ask you," Erasa bubbled. "He didn't answer, so I knew he wanted to. I just gave him a little encouragement, and it worked! And now it's all falling apart!"

"I don't know if I even want to go anymore," Videl said, looking down at the dress in her lap.

"You're going whether Gohan goes or not," the blonde said firmly. "And that's that. You're not missing out on the biggest even of our high school lives just because Gohan's gonna be a jerk."

"Erasa, it's not like that," Videl protested. "Trust me on this, it's not his fault."

"Whatever," Erasa said, obviously not convinced. "So, what do you think of this one?"

"Hmm…" Videl said noncommittally, residing herself to make appropriate comments for each new outfit her friend paraded around. Otherwise, she stayed within her own thoughts.


"Oh no!" Bulma said, shocked. "The prom? You've got to be kidding!"

"I wish," Gohan replied miserably. "And I was actually looking forward to it, too."

"Yeah, 'cause you were gonna go with…Videl!" Trunks, in the typical eight year old fashion, was making kissing noises on the other side of the room.

"So let me get this straight," Vegeta said. "You've been happily reliving your days as an even younger brat than you usually are, and all of a sudden your girlfriend shows up and reminds you about some big thing you two were supposed to do together, but you can't go because you're a mini brat now instead of an older brat."

"That's the basic idea," Gohan sighed. Agreeing was just a lot easier. Except… "Vegeta, I've told you a million times, she's not my girlfriend!"

"Does your mother know?" Bulma asked. She could only imagine how Son ChiChi would react to something like this, and none of the images she had in her mind were very pretty.

"She freaked," Gohan looked miserable. "She started crying and screaming and lamenting and saying something about never getting us together and never getting grandchildren." He sighed unhappily. "The way she was talking, you'd think I was missing my wedding day, not just a school dance."

"Poor Videl," Bulma murmured.

"So what are you and your mate going to do about it?" Vegeta demanded, savoring the angry look that sudden appeared on Gohan's face.

"Vegeta, she is NOT my mate!!" Gohan protested very loudly.

"Yeah, right," Trunks laughed and started making kissing noises again.

Suddenly, Vegeta felt very proud to be the father of such an evil, evil brat…er, child.

"Well, I think I'd better head home," Gohan said, jumping down from his chair. "Just wanted to let you know what's going on. You should have seen what happened when Krillen saw me. He freaked, then he passed out. Fell right out of the air. I had to catch him before he hit the ground."

Bulma, Vegeta, and Trunks all laughed as Gohan waved goodbye and headed for the door.

But when he got to the front door, someone stopped him. "Hey, Gohan, wait up!"

A second later, Trunks darted into the entryway, where Gohan was standing with the door open a crack. The lavender haired chibi smirked. "Hey, since you're seven again, I have to ask…do you know any really good practical jokes?"

Gohan thought back to only moments before, remembering Vegeta's disparaging comments concerning Gohan's growing friendship with Videl. Slowly, an evil, thoughtful smile crossed the seven year old face. "Oh, yes, Trunks. I know a few really good jokes. Between you, me, and my brother, I think we can pull them off with no problem."

Trunks' sly grin grew even more devilish. "Awesome. I'm running dry on good pranks lately."

Gohan's own smile mirrored his friend's; they were both wearing sneers that would have made Vegeta incredibly proud. "And as luck would have it, I know just the person we can play them on."

AN: Hehehe…let the fun begin! We all know who the victim is, right? I already have the next chapter done, and Chapter 12 is about half done. I work in really weird ways, don't I? But hey, it works for me. I usually get things done. Key word: usually ^^ But anyway, I hope you'll all tune in for the next chapter, 'cause things are gonna be crazy. Let the pranking begin!

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