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Chapter Two—What the HFIL?!?

Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee

And I'll forgive Thy big ones on me.

—"Forgive, O Lord" by Robert Frost

The face that stared back from the mirror was…different.

Instead of spikes, the dark hair was in, of all things, a mop top. The dark eyes looked bigger, mostly because they were in a smaller, rounder face instead of the thinner, adult face. And then he noticed that the hands holding the mirror were awfully small for an eighteen-year-old.

But the hair drew Gohan's attention the most. He hadn't had that awful haircut since he was…what, six or seven? And he was definitely a lot shorter.

Suddenly, the demi-Saiyan felt a terrible sense of impending doom uncoiling itself in the pit of his stomach, like a rattlesnake preparing to strike. Only one thought was running through his mind.

What the HFIL happened to me?!?

"Aww…aren't you just the cutest thing?" one of the girls cheered from the front of the crowd. This was probably the only person in the whole school who was a bigger ditz than Erasa, and at the moment, it was showing. After all, how idiotic could a person be who would completely overlook the fact that a small child was now occupying the seat of the school's resident genius?

Several other girls shook off their shock and joined in the chorus of "awws" and "how adorables" that were becoming louder in the room. Most of the males just looked at each other, confused.

Gohan did about the only thing he could think of at that point. Slowly, he stood up on his chair (since that was the only way he could reach the top of his desk) and gathered his books into a neat pile. He then shoved that neat pile into his book bag and tried to sling the bag over his shoulder. Unfortunately, the strap was way too long for someone of his size at that moment, and he had to spend a few minutes improvising a way for him to carry the books without tripping over the strap and killing himself. Then he hopped down from the chair and headed down the stairs towards the front of the classroom, ignoring the crooning of the class' estrogen bearers.

The teacher, who was at the front of the room, watched the small child slowly descend the staircase, and didn't take his eyes from said chibi as the kid made his way up to the teacher's desk and stopped. "Mr. Rido, I don't think I'll be in class tomorrow, sir," the chibi said with all the politeness of someone far, far older.

Then the child walked out of the room, leaving a semi-chaotic scene behind him.

He walked down the hallway, past the few loiterers and skippers who were hanging out around the lockers. They gave him some very strange looks, but as with most of his classmates, he ignored them, and continued on his way to the stairs that led to the roof. Once there, he didn't leave immediately, but sat down on the knee-high concrete railing that encircled the entire edge of the roof.

Or at least it used to be knee-high. Now the stupid thing was nearly as tall as he was!

Okay, let's think, he thought to himself, putting his elbows on his knees and his chin in his hands. It was then that he noticed that instead of his orange and black school ensemble, he was wearing the blue-purple gi and red wristbands Piccolo had given him so long ago. He didn't know why his clothes were different now, but then again, not much made sense at that point. Sky goes dark, Shenron's been summoned, and all of a sudden, I'm a half pint again. Who made the wish, and why in the name of the gods did they make it? Wait…but I still have my mind. I know I'm eighteen, but my body seems to think otherwise at the moment. Good grief…

He closed his eyes, thinking that maybe the answers would write themselves across the underside of his eyelids or something, and thus make themselves known to him. It didn't work, and he sighed. Maybe it's a new enemy, and they just want me out of the way…that could be it. But if that's the case, then what the HFIL am I gonna do? I can't fight like this!

The decision made itself, and he stood up. I think I need to go see the guys. I'm not going to solve this little problem by myself.

Fortunately, he had learned to fly at an extremely young age, and it was second nature to him even now. He easily took flight and shot across the sky towards Mount Paoz and his home, not caring if anyone in the city below spotted him. If they did, they would probably attribute it to UFOs or Martians or a government conspiracy or something equally ridiculous.

Gohan had met a Martian once, and the experience had left him extremely disappointed. He'd been young, and he had walked away from the encounter with a very bad taste in his mouth. After all that fuss about the little green men, they turned out to be purple.

His speed at this size—since he didn't quite know how old he was—left a little to be desired, though, and it took him a bit longer than usual to get beyond the city limits and anywhere near his house. And the book bag wasn't making things any easier. Even though he had managed to knot the strap up in such a way that he could walk with it, it wasn't comfortable. The stupid thing probably weighed as much as he did, and that did not make for easy flying conditions.

He was contemplating dropping it somewhere and coming back to retrieve it later (and trying to figure out if his mother would kill him for the offense against the Sacred Textbooks of Knowledge) when he saw a dot in the distance. Someone else was flying in the sky, just ahead of him.

A quick check proved it to be none other than Krillen.

"Hey!" Gohan called, flaring his ki to get his friend's attention. Granted, his ki level was sadly low when compared to his eighteen year old level.

But it was enough to get Krillen's attention. The short man stopped in the air and turned around, looking about in bewilderment. Finally, his eyes landed on Gohan, who was waving his arms around above his head. The chibi flew ahead to meet his friend.

"Hey, Krillen!" Gohan chimed enthusiastically, momentarily forgetting that he was not exactly…himself at the moment.

But he was instantly reminded when Krillen's brow furrowed in confusion. "Do I…know you? I mean, you look familiar and everything, but…I can't put a finger on it."

Duh, Gohan mentally smacked himself upside the head.

"I remember the hair, but…oh, geez, who are you?" the short guy finally gave up trying to remember the elusive name.

"Krillen, I'm Gohan," the chibi pronounced.

For a second, no reaction registered itself on Krillen's face. Then the former monk reacted in a manner completely befitting his character. He went berserk.

"WHAT?!?" he screeched, flying around in little panicked circles. "HOW CAN YOU BE GOHAN?!? GOHAN'S EIGHTEEN! YOU'RE…NOT! YOU'RE A KID! GOHAN HASN'T BEEN THAT SIZE FOR YEARS!!"

He was finally and forcibly calmed down by Gohan's own patented prescription of a semi gentle blow to the head. The former monk took a deep breath, stared at the child for a minute, and then his eyes rolled back into his head and he fell out of the air.

It was very tempting to let him hit the ground and see how many pieces he ended up in, as payback for all the crap Krillen had been giving him about his ever closer friendship with Videl. But then again, it would cause a big scene if a strange looking man just fell out of the sky and landed in the middle of Rubix Street in Lower Satan City. Not to mention it would make an awful mess.

Gohan was pondering this when, out of nowhere, he heard his mother's voice. "Son Gohan, you'd better not let him hit the ground!"

The chibi looked around in confusion. "How does she do that?"

So he dove after his plummeting friend and caught him a few stories up. He hoisted the semi conscious man onto his shoulders and quickly flew out of the city limits, where he landed.

"Krillen, get a grip," he admonished.

The monk looked at the kid with wide eyes, and opened his mouth to ask the obvious question.

Gohan cut him off. "I have no idea. I was sitting in class, trying to stay awake while the teacher prattled on about things I learned at age five, when all of a sudden the sky goes dark and the class goes ballistic. I felt really weird for a minute, blacked out, and then the next thing I know, I'm a kid again. But I've still got my mind."

"An eighteen year old trapped in a six year old's body?" Krillen asked. "Is that it?"

"Pretty much," Gohan squeaked, still cursing that awful soprano voice.

"Wow…that really bites…" Krillen shook his head. "I was going to see who summoned Shenron and find out what the wish was." Realization dawned. "You don't think—"

"That's exactly what I think," Gohan nodded firmly. "And I want to know who did this to me! And whoever is responsible for this, I'm going to do something very, very not nice to them! I don't know exactly what just yet, but it'll be bad…"

"Huh. Well, first things first," Krillen stood up and dusted himself off. "Just so nobody else gets the shock I did, we'd better make sure everybody knows about your…ah…situation."

Nice way of putting it, Gohan thought gloomily. But he nodded, and they flew off into the air.

"Where to first?" Krillen asked.

Gohan thought for a minute. "Master Roshi's. I don't think I can explain this to my mom just yet! I'm still trying to explain it to myself."

Thus agreed, they swerved their course a little bit and ended up sailing in the air over a seemingly endless expanse of blue ocean.

Maybe it was his childhood persona taking over his eighteen year old mind, or maybe his mother had just made her nachos too spicy for him, but a little idea began wiggling around in the back of Gohan's mind. He tried to ignore it, but it just kept moving around, begging to be acknowledged.

Well, he was a child…and children could get away with things like that…

Ah, what the hell.

Gohan swooped down and into the ocean. A second later, he broke the water's surface again, this time exiting, and soared back into the air, spinning like a thrown football. Tiny droplets of water sprayed up around him as he came out of the water. His clothes were soaked, and his Kami awful bangs pastered themselves to his forehead, but he didn't care. That was fun!

Krillen, unfortuantely, didn't quite understand. "Uh…Gohan? What are you doing?"

The chibi turned his head and grinned at his father's best friend. "Being a kid," he replied matter of factly before taking a second dive into the sea and reemerging a minute later, laughing like a maniac.

Huh. So I get to be a kid again, Gohan realized. Well, might as well enjoy it. Because in a very short time, I'm going to get whoever did this to me. And then we'll blow them up before they take over the planet, blah blah blah…

By the time they landed on the island, Gohan had dived about five times, and enjoyed a race with a school of dolphins swimming along. Krillen, though, was at his wit's end.

As they ran across the beach towards the pale pink house, Krillen asked, "Are you sure you still have an eighteen year old mind?"

Gohan laughed. "Positive. Why?"

"Never mind."

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