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Chapter Twenty-Three—Trick or Treat

"Can you see?" ChiChi asked.

"Uh-uh!" Goten shook his head, and his mother sighed. She tugged a little bit on the white sheet that now covered her son's head, trying to get the eyeholes lined up just right, so he could see.

It was Halloween, a favorite holiday of children everywhere for a very simple reason—free candy. Especially for Saiyan children, with fully Saiyan appetites, this was a prized holiday. If only it came about eight or nine times a year, instead of only once.

Goten was going as—you guessed it—a ghost. It was a simple costume: an old sheet with a couple of holes punched in it so that the wearer could see where he was going. He looked a little silly, though, as his hair was still sticking up in its standard unruly spikes, and the sheet was also sticking up, all over the place. Add the huge dark eyes peeking out from the eyeholes, and you had a ghost that would melt harder hearts than Frieza's.

ChiChi stood up and absently straightened her skirt. "Gohan! Are you almost ready?"

"Yup!" came the energetic chirp. A second later, a small figure came bounding into the living room. "I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready!!"

Gohan was dressed as—of all things—a monkey. A brown fuzzy jumpsuit, handmade by his ever doting mother, and a matching hat with ears. He even had furry gloves, and a hole in the back of the outfit served to allow his tail to poke through. In other words, they were hiding his newly regrown tail out in plain sight as a part of his Halloween costume. No one would ever know—unless they decided to yank on his tail for some reason. That would definitely not be a good thing.

They had found out, the hard way, that Gohan's new tail was just as sensitive as Goku's had been when he was a child. This revelation had come about a week before, when Goten had decided it would be a lot of fun to play 'Let's Wake Gohan Up By Yanking on His Tail.' Needless to say, Gohan had come awake pretty damn fast—and then promptly fallen over onto the floor, wincing, twitching, and flailing a little as well. Goten had laughed—until his mother had made an appearance with the Holy Frying Pan. Then no one had been laughing at all. Especially not Gohan, who was still twitching as he sat down to breakfast twenty minutes later.

"Now, let's go over the rules one more time," ChiChi said, ushering her boys to the door.

"Don't talk to strangers on the street," Goten chirped.


"Don't take more than one piece of candy at a time," Gohan added.


"No blowing things up, punching each other, playing pranks on Vegeta, or any other forms of martial arts, ki, fighting, or fun," the two chibis chimed in perfect unison.

"Good," ChiChi nodded her approval at her two boys. "Now off with you! Have fun, be careful, and maybe bring a few pieces of chocolate back to your poor, suffering mother. Now be gone!" She waved her arms at them, shooing them out the door. Then she stood there in the doorway, watching as they disappeared into the darkening sky.

She sighed. They were gone. She had the house to herself for the night.

Grinning, ChiChi went inside to the kitchen. She fixed herself two turkey sandwiches, grabbed a couple cans of Pepsi Vanilla (regular, not diet—she was being wild tonight!), and took a seat in the living room. She popped Tuesdays with Morrie into the VCR, cracked open a can of pop, and settled in for a night of peace, quiet, and chick flicks. Sometimes, life was just good.

Or at least it would be until she got a damage report.

But take things one step at a time.


The door to Capsule Corporation opened, and a blue-haired woman in a beautiful gown looked down at them, grinning. "Aww, don't you two just look cute?" Bulma cooed, carefully setting her huge bowl of candy down on a table by the door. "Come on in. Trunks is almost ready."

The two Son boys followed her inside. "You're doing the princess thing, huh?"

"Hey, the way I see, if you guys can have fun with this holiday, then why can't I?" she said matter of factly, tugging absently at her navy blue skirt. "Oh, Trunks, there you are!"

Gohan had to burst into a coughing fit to keep from busting out laughing when he saw the son of Vegeta. Goten just looked confused at Trunks' costume.

Trunks was dressed in blue and white Saiyan armor with the huge shoulder pads, not unlike the uniform his father had been wearing the first time he had landed on Earth so long ago. He even had a scouter perched on his face, with a blue lens. It clashed with his hair, but he had refused anything purple in his costume.

"Like the costume—Trunks—" Gohan snickered in spite of himself.

Trunks rewarded Gohan with a Look. "Hey, back off, monkey boy."

"Funny, that's what a lot of people used to call the Saiyans," Gohan retorted. Strangely, Trunks didn't seem to have a decent comeback for that little jibe. He just stuck frowned, crossed his arms, and stuck his nose in the air. Gohan gave himself a mental high five.

"And what are you supposed to be?" Vegeta snorted. It was obvious that he had overheard Gohan's little 'monkey' comment, and did not appreciate it. Like Gohan really cared.

"I'm a ghost!" Goten bubbled. "Boo!"

Trunks sweatdropped, while Bulma oohed and aahed over the spiky-haired chibi.

"Well, I had to hide my tail somehow, so I just made it part of my costume," Gohan explained. "Makes sense, right—Trunks, if you so much as touch that tail, I swear you'll regret it."

The lavender haired child jerked his hand back from where it had been poised to grasp the furry brown extremity protruding from Gohan's back, leaving Gohan to wonder if Trunks had been educated as to the oversensitivity of tails when pulled or squeezed. That would be so like Vegeta to tell him.

"Well, let's get going!!" Goten hollered, stomping one foot on the ground impatiently. "I want my candy!! Let's go!!"

It didn't take much more persuasion to get the other two children to agree with that statement. Goodbyes were quickly said, and the three costumed kids ran off into the streets of West City, waving a goodbye to Bulma, who was standing in the doorway.

"Whew," she breathed heavily, closing the door. "Three pint sized Saiyans is too much for anybody. Oh, better get ready for the trick or treaters." She brightened at that thought, and went to find her candy bowl. Unfortunately, when she found the dish, there was something wrong with it.

Namely, it was empty.

The Capsule Corporation heiress stared at the vacant bowl; slowly, she inhaled a deep breath, and then let out a scream that would have been enough to shatter windows. But she had already replaced all of Capsule Corp's windows with the unbreakable stuff, due to the fact that two Saiyans were occupying the house. So the windows were safe.

"VegetaGohanGotenTrunks!!!!" she rattled off all four names, not yet sure which one to blame for the missing sweets. "I swear I'm going to starve you all!!"


"Man, I wish we could have seen your mom's face when she saw that we took all the candy," Gohan laughed, looking down into his bag. There was now a good deal more in there. Less air, more tangible, solid sugary goodness.

Candy, the stuff dreams were made of.

"Ah, she'll probably blame it on my dad," Trunks replied with a grin. "Come on, we don't have a whole ton of time, and there are a lot of houses out there with candy for us."

The three wasted no more time, and quickly set off for the first row of houses, three more amidst a veritable swarm of other children, all costumed and out bumming candy from hardworking, tax paying adults. 'Tis the spirit of the holiday.

After an hour and a half, though, the three half Saiyan children were growing slightly agitated. By making a slight use of their Saiyan speed, they had managed to cover a lot more ground than the average child, and as such, had managed to collect several pillowcases worth of candy each. But as was par for Saiyan attitudes, the children soon became bored.

"Man, this kinda bites," Trunks complained, dropping his sixth full pillowcase onto the curb and plopping down next to it. He put his elbows on his knees and his chin in his hands. "I'm about ready to keel over and die of boredom."

"Yeah, no kidding," Gohan sighed, joining Trunks on the curb. "And it's only ten. Doesn't trick or treating technically get over now?"

"Yup," Goten nodded, tossing a miniature candy bar into his mouth. He had been popping candy left and right since they had started trick or treating, but he wasn't in any danger of running low. He had actually gotten extra candy from several adults for simply being so megadorable. "So what should we do?"

There was a pause, a moment of silence. Then, slowly, a smile came over Gohan's face. And it wasn't his usual cheerful Son Grin™ kind of smile, either. This was a smile Trunks had come to watch out for as of late, the smile that meant they were about to do something that would most likely get them arrested if they were caught, or simply killed by their parents. Gohan had looked like this before each of the pranks on Vegeta.

Goten picked that moment to cut into his brother's thoughts. "Uh, Gohan? Remember what Mom said. We're not supposed to get into any trouble!"

"Ah, man, you're right," Gohan said. So the three chibis collected their candy and went home.






























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Gohan's eyes narrowed evilly. "Well, then we'll just have to make sure that Mom doesn't find out, now won't we." He glanced at the lavender haired chibi next to him. "You in?"

"I'm game," Trunks nodded. He had taken on the same vaguely evil expression that Gohan was wearing, and was grinning like a maniac. This was gonna be good.

"What are we gonna do?" Goten asked.

Gohan actually cackled. "Oh, you'll see, little brother. You'll see."

"Little brother?" Goten protested. "We're the same size!"

"Oh, be quiet."


"I've always wanted to do this," Trunks commented, looking down into the enormous paper bag he was carrying. Goten had their three pillowcases worth of candy slung over his back with explicit instructions not to eat any of Gohan or Trunks' candy under penalty of unspecified torture.

Gohan laughed. "It should be interesting."

"Who do we hit?" Trunks asked.

Gohan stopped walking and tapped his chin thoughtfully. Then, slowly, the demonic glint returned to his eyes, and an evil smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. "Oh, I know the perfect place. Follw me, children. Let the trouble begin."

The three demon children crept along the darkened streets of West City. It was dark, and the sky was cloudy, casting whispy strands over the light from the stars. The glow of streetlights cast spooky shadows on the ground; a wind had picked up, and was sending dry orange and red leaves into flight. It was like something out of a horror movie—the young woman would be walking along down a street just like this. She would hear a noise, stop, look around, and promptly be mauled by some otherworldly being that had appeared out of nowhere. Two hours later, her brother or some teenagers or someone would find the one way to destroy the creature, but about six more people would die in the process.

Saiyan or not, the three chibis were still just that—children. And almost anyone would have been put on edge by the scene. Gohan, Goten, and Trunks huddled together and moved almost as one towards their destination. Oh, this was creepy…

A twig snapped nearby, and both Goten and Trunks let out yelps and jumped onto Gohan's back; Gohan took an involuntary step back and raised a fist in preparation, should he need to defend himself, his brother, and his friend.

A squirrel scampered out onto the sidewalk. It paused, looked at the three half Saiyan children, and then darted off into the street.

The terrible trio remained motionless for a long moment, then let out a huge sigh of relief. Then they all looked at each other and let out nervous, embarassed laughter. Goten and Trunks climbed down from Gohan's back and picked up the bags and pillowcases they had dropped in their panic.

A bush nearby rustled. Goten and Trunks screamed, dropped their parcels again and for the second time leapt onto Gohan's back. Time stood still again.

A bunny rabbit hopped past, taking no notice of the frightened children.

Again, nervous laughter, and the three relaxed.

The sound of crashing reached their ears as several metal trashcans in a nearby alley were knocked over; they clashed against each other like cymbals in their descent.

"Oh, knock it off already," Gohan sighed, prying Goten and Trunks off of his back for a third time. They landed on the ground with a thump and glared at Gohan. He glared back. "Come on, let's go already. Lots to do."

The rest of the trip was made with no interruptions or otherwise freaky happenings. Finally, their destination and decided target loomed ahead.

Capsule Corporation.

"Mom is going to blow a gasket!" Trunks cackled, reaching into the bag he was carrying and withdrawing a roll of toilet paper. He tossed it to Gohan and then pulled out another one for himself. "I'll get the roof, you guys get the trees."

For the next half hour, the three children happily doused the huge domed building with strips of Charmin©. It looked like a strange snowfall had descended. Streamers of toilet paper hung from the trees, the top of the dome looked like it had hair, and the Gravity Room had practically been mummified. They even wrapped up a hovercar sitting in the driveway. By using Saiyan speed, they drenched one of West City's landmarks in toilet paper.

Finally, all three of them touched down on the sidewalk and looked at their handiwork. The huge domed building was only semi-visible. They had used enough toilet paper to service a small neighborhood for a week, and the results were astounding.

"Your parents are gonna freak," Goten murmured, staring at the results.

"Well, we'd better get going," Gohan said cheerfully, hoisting his candy sacks onto his back. "Remember, we're spending the night at my house." He sighed. "I'd love to be here when Bulma sees this, though. And Vegeta too." He laughed and took off into the sky, with Goten and Trunks trailing behind him. It was late, who would be out to see them flying?

Unfortunately for the three demi Saiyan children, there were still people out and about.

They didn't notice it, but on the ground, two men were watching the sky. One had binoculars in his hand, the other was holding a video camera.

"What do you make of that?" one of them said.

"The aliens have landed," the other replied. "They're here to take over the world! We've got to stop them!" He glanced at his companion. "To think we were looking for ghosts."

"Call the police, the army, and the media," man #1 said, pressing the button to turn off the camera. "Let's bring those things down."


"Shhh…" Gohan whispered to Goten and Trunks. "If Mom wakes up, she might ask questions, so be really quiet, okay?" Two mute nods were the only answer he got.

Carefully, they tiptoed inside, past ChiChi (who was sound asleep in front of the television), and into Gohan's room, where they carefully closed the door behind them.

"Whew, safe at last!" Gohan sighed happily, dropping his load of candy on the floor and jumping onto the bed. "I really wish I could be there tomorrow when Bulma sees that mess…"

Without much more activity, the three children fell asleep, dreaming of candy, squirrels, and a toilet paper draped Capsule Corp.

The next morning…

"Whew, great night last night, and a great day this morning," Trunks stretched his arms over his head. Sunlight streamed in through the window. Slowly, all three of the children stirred themselves awake.

Together, they headed down to the kitchen, where ChiChi was busily preparing breakfast for three hungry Saiyan kids. "Good morning," she said pleasantly, flipping eggs in the pan. "Did you have fun trick or treating? Get lots of candy?"

"Yup!" Goten chirped. "You can have some of my chocolate, if you want, Mommy."

While ChiChi gushed over the generosity of her younger son, Gohan and Trunks wandered into the living room and turned on the television. The news was on.

"Oh, this is boring—" Trunks stared to say, but he stopped short when he realized what was actually being reported on the news.

"…and two men claim to have captured on video three aliens flying in the skies over West City last night," the anchorwoman was adjusting her glasses as she spoke. "While the sighting is as yet unverified, the tape is being analyzed by experts to determine whether or not it is legitimate. In the meantime, the two witnesses are also being examined by psychologists to see if their mental state is reliable enough for their testimony to be acceptable."

Two men appeared on screen then. One of them was speaking. "The aliens are here among us. They are here to take over the world! By God, we must stop them!!!"

The recording itself then appeared on screen. Three small figures, each surrounded by a glowing white aura, were shooting across the night sky. They were painfully obvious, standing out like sore thumbs against the pitch black clouds.

Then the anchorwoman reappeared. "And in other news, world famous company Capsule Corporation was struck by vandals last night." An image of the toilet paper draped dome was flashed on screen. Another reporter was standing in front of it, microphone in hand.

"No one is exactly sure how the vandals managed to do such a thorough job without being noticed, but thus far, Bulma Briefs has not appeared for comment," the on the spot reporter said seriously.

Just then, the front door of the building opened and Bulma stepped out, steaming mug in hand. She looked around for a moment in what appeared to be confusion. Then the mug fell from her hand, shattered against the sidewalk, and she screamed.

Gohan reached out and clicked off the television. He and Trunks stared at each other for a long moment, then both turned and walked quickly back into the kitchen, where breakfast was just being put out on the table. ChiChi looked at the two returning children. "What were you two watching?"

"Oh, the news," Gohan replied.

"Anything interesting happen?" ChiChi asked cheerfully.

Gohan and Trunks looked at each other, then quickly shook their heads. "Nope, nothing even remotely interesting! Let's eat!"


Bulma Briefs strolled through the halls of Capsule Corporation, heading for the kitchen and her first morning cup of tea. It was November first, the day after Halloween, and it was a beautiful day indeed. Vegeta was still snoring away, though.

After grabbing her mug and making tea, she meandered towards the front door with the intention of retrieving her morning paper. After all, this was the only time of day she usually had total peace and quiet. Most of the time, she had to deal with either Vegeta crashing around or Trunks crashing around.

She opened the front door—and froze.

All she saw was white. Everywhere—just white.

"Did it snow?" she murmured, brow knitting as she looked around. No, it couldn't be snow. It wasn't cold, and the white stuff didn't look anything like snow. It almost looked like…

Toilet paper.

It was only then that she noticed a large crowd of people standing in the street, staring up at her home. And there was a news camera there, with an on the spot reporter talking and gesturing towards the building. What the—

Suddenly, realization clicked. Bulma dropped her mug—it shattered on impact with the ground, splashing hot tea everywhere—and shrieked.


No one ever found out who trashed Capsule Corporation that Halloween night. Although many had their suspicions, no one was ever punished for the crime. Generally, most people decided it would be easiest to just blame it on the aliens that those two men had caught on video (a tape which, strangely enough, was found to be legitimate). And it was generally left at that.

But Goten, Trunks, and Gohan didn't necessarily get off entirely scot free. When they appeared at Capsule Corp the next day, Bulma was waiting for them. Together, with Vegeta, they were given clean up duty. The Saiyan Prince complained about it every step of the way, and gave the chibis several odd looks throughout, making them wonder if maybe he knew. But there was no proof, so they were safe.

And even cleaning up wasn't so bad. When Gohan went home that day, he had two new pictures to hang on his bedroom wall. The first was of him, Goten, and Trunks draped in fashionable toilet paper togas. The other was if Vegeta in a toilet paper toga—actually, it was more that Goten and Trunks had dropped a few armloads of the thin white paper onto the Saiyan Prince's head and Gohan had taken the snapshot. But either way, it made for a great photo.






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