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Chapter Twenty-Four—The Prank, Part IV

"Hey, guys!" Trunks grinned like a madman when he saw who it was that had knocked on the door. The lavender haired child stepped aside to allow his fellow children to step into the house. "So are we making trouble today or what?"

Gohan ran a hand through his spiky black hair and shook his head. "Nah, not in the mood. Plus, I don't any really good ideas. But don't worry," he grinned, "we'll get Vegeta at least one more time before we can make the wish."

Trunks closed the front door. "Hard to believe it's almost over. You've only got a couple more weeks, don't you?"

"Two and a half weeks," Gohan replied. "And I intend to cram as much fun into it as I can."

"Gohan, I don't know if the Dragon screwed you up or something," Goten chirped, following his brother and best friend towards the kitchen, "but ever since you turned into a kid, you're evil."

"You bet I am!" Gohan laughed. "Now let's see about lunch."

It didn't take them a terribly long time to rustle up enough sandwiches to satisfy even the most intense of Saiyan appetites, and they sat down to make quick work of their meal. At some point, they began conversing with each other.

"Blue Clue's is the best show!" Goten declared proudly, out of the blue (pardon the pun).

Trunks rolled his eyes. "Goten, you're such a toddler."

"Hey, leave him alone!" Gohan leapt to his brother's defense. After all, he was known to watch the show now and again. That little blue puppy was so smart!

"Who are you, my mother?" Trunks was all attitude. It was scary, how much he could resemble Vegeta when he really, really tried.

"You're just jealous because I'm better looking," Gohan teased.

"I'm smarter," Trunks snapped, eyes flaring.

"I'm still older than you," Gohan retorted, sticking his tongue out at the lavender haired chibi. "And my dad's stronger than your dad. Ha. So there."

Trunks frowned in irritation, and muttered something extremely unflattering under his breath as he climbed down from his chair and walked to the fridge. He dug through it for a minute, as though looking for something, then closed it. But as he was strolling back, he took a slight detour, around the back of Gohan's chair. One hand shot out.

And grabbed Gohan's tail.

The chibified eighteen year old let out a high pitched yelp and sat up straight in his chair for an instant before falling over sideway. There he lay, on the floor, twitching and shaking helplessly, while Trunks laughed his head off.

When Gohan was able to speak normally again, he proceeded to let loose a string of swear words that would have made Vegeta or Piccolo blanch. Trunks swallowed hard. Maybe pulling Gohan's tail wasn't such a great idea after all. When Gohan got mad, he got mad.

Goten, in the meantime, was staring at his brother with a horrified expression on his face. "You said a bunch of bad words! I'm telling Mommy!"

"Shut up," Gohan snapped, climbing back into his chair. Getting his tail yanked always made him especially cranky, and woe to the person who tried to reason with him. He sighed, then went back to the really important stuff—namely, the meal in front of him.

A comfortable silence descended over the three children as they went about devouring their lunch. And for one moment, one split second, life was good. It was quiet, the sun was shining outside, and there were no raging aliens or indestructable monsters heading their way with the intentions of taking over and/or destroying the planet and enslaving and/or annihilating all of Earth's people. For that moment, all the world seemed to be at peace.

But as anyone who knows anime knows, when the world is at peace, something will happen.

And happen, something did.

A scream tore through the Capsule Corporation complex. It had a high enough frequency to shatter glass and Saiyan eardrums. The three children dropped their forks and covered their ears with their hands at the noise. It was awful!

Trunks looked up in horror. "That's my mom!" He jumped down from his chair, doing his best to ignore the ringing in his ears, and dove out of the room, following the shriek. Gohan and Goten were hot on his heels as he followed the many twists and turns that led him to where his mother was.

"Mom, are you okay?" Trunks asked, panting, as he slid into the room from whence the scream had originated. Namely, the bathroom.

Bulma Briefs was standing against the wall opposite the toilet, one hand clutched over her heart as she stared at the porcelain god with wide eyes.

When her son skidded into the room with his two friends in tow, she turned her head to look at them, and to their surprise, her eyes narrowed menacingly. "Would you care to explain this?"

Trunks took an involuntary step back. He knew that look. He had seen that look on his mom's face and in his mom's eyes in the seconds before she smacked his father with the Frying Pan or disconnected the Gravity Room or banished him to the couch or announced she would be cooking all his meals for a week (in other words, condemning him to starvation). It was not a good look to be on the receiving end of.

"E-explain what?" he was proud that he only stammered a little in spite of his sudden nervousness.

"That!" Bulma shrieked, jabbing a finger in the direction of the innocent looking toilet. It sat there, in all its white simplicity, as unthreatening as could be.

"Did Vegeta forget to flush again?" Gohan asked from over Trunks' shoulder, recalling a previous tirade of Bulma's over the annoying habits of her Saiyan mate.

"No, Gohan, he didn't," the Capsule Corp heiress said through clenched teeth. "You might want to look as well. All three of you. Then feel free to tell me what the HFIL you thought you were doing!"

Slowly, the three children moved towards the porcelain god, a little unsure of what they were going to see. Carefully, they leaned over and peered past the rim.

The bowl was crawling with what looked like lizards. Actually, Gohan recognized that they were not simple lizards, but salamanders. Not that he would actually say anything to that effect, though. He simply did what his two young friends were doing—stared down in a mixture of fascination and disgust at the sight of maybe half a dozen reptile type creatures crawling all over each other with the confines of the white ceramic bowl.

"Well?" Bulma snapped, tapping her foot impatiently. "Talk!"

"Bulma, we didn't do this," Gohan said, tearing his eyes away from the bowl to look at her. "We were eating lunch. You saw us, remember?"

"You could have set it up before then!" she screamed, her face reddening with rage. "You three have been nothing but trouble since you went chibi, Gohan. And I always thought you were the good one, but nooooo, you have to pull this kind of stuff. And what kind of influence do you think you are on my son, young man? Honestly, you three—"

"We didn't!" Gohan protested, though he knew it was in vain. The sad thing was that it was actually true. This was a brilliant prank, but they hadn't had anything to do with it! Which meant…

Gohan's thoughts were cut off as there was a splash beside him. He turned, and groaned.

Goten had gleefully reached into the toilet and grabbed one of the reptiles, which was now squirming and wiggling violently from within the prison of Goten's damp fist. "Lookie, big brother! I caught a lizard!" The small brown-green creature declined to comment, but merely kept flailing.

Bulma's face lost a bit of its scarlet color and adopted a slightly greener hue, Trunks stared in wide eyed astonishment, and Gohan smacked himself in the forehead. He could not believe that his little brother had just stuck his hand into a toilet.

But Bulma quickly shook herself out of her slightly disgusted stupor and put one hand behind her back. "I can't believe you three. Pulling this kind of crap on Vegeta is one thing. Even I'll admit that he usually deserves it. But to pull a prank on ME!!!!" Her hand withdrew from behind her back, now clutching something she had retrieved from the astral pocket all mothers in the Z world seemed to possess.

A long, thin handle with a rubber grip, and then a ring of cast iron, about sixteen inches in diameter. The single most feared item in the world.

And the axe fell. Or rather, the Frying Pan of DOOM fell. Onto the children's heads, specifically.

It didn't take terribly long for Bulma to mete out punishment to the three innocent children. Okay, maybe innocent wasn't the best word to use to describe them, but in this case, it was the truth!

Rubbing their now aching skulls, the three children walked outside into the sunlight. About fifteen minutes ago, the bright, cheerful day had seemed a blessing. Now it was just annoying to three chibis who had just been punished for a crime they hadn't committed. Goten was still clinging to the salamander he had so dutifully retrieved from the toilet.

"You don't look too happy," a deep, gravelly voice commented with a hint of a laugh.

Gohan didn't even bother to look up. The shadow cast on the ground in front of him gave it away. "Shut up, Vegeta, and go away."

"Oh, you poor things," the Saiyan Prince laughed. He was leaning against the Gravity Room, arms folded across his chest in his typical stance. "Get in trouble again?"

Gohan was just about to retort when it clicked. The light bulb clicked on over his head and everything. He whirled, momentarily forgetting the pain in his head, and stared up at the proud Saiyan in furious realization. "It was you!"

Goten and Trunks stopped dead in their tracks and stared at Vegeta in amazement.

Vegeta threw his head back and laughed. "Turnabout is fair play, brats. And you can't prove that you didn't do it." Still cackling, he strolled back into his treasured Gravity Room; the door closed behind him, leaving three very angry chibis out on the Capsule Corporation lawn.

Trunks was staring blankly. "Wow…I knew my dad used to be evil, but…"

Goten looked confused.

Gohan's hands clenched into fists at his sides. "This isn't over, Vegeta. You seem to forget that I still have two and a half weeks left to torment you before I have to go back to being a boring adult again." He shook one fist in the air and turned his face to the sky as he yelled his next statement. "And mark my words, you will regret this injustice, Vegeta!"

"Keep it down out there!" Bulma's voice hollered.


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