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Chapter Twenty-Seven—The Prank, Part V

Gohan and Goten sat by the window, side by side. Both wearing exactly the same outfit—the standard blue and orange gi so favored by their father—and both were sitting in the exact same position at the windowsill: elbows on the ledge, chin in hands, gazing out the window. Identical blank, emotionless expressions were pasted on the children's face as they stared at the rain falling beyond the pane of glass.

It was bordering on creepy. The two brothers could almost have passed as identical twin statues, positioned to gaze vacantly out the window at the storm.

"Gohan?" Goten finally broke the heavy silence they had been cloaked in for nearly an hour.

Gohan heaved a very heavy sigh. "What?"

"I'm bored."

"Me, too."

"I hate the rain."

"I know."

"It sucks"


"Let's do something."


"What should we do?"

"I dunno…"

The silence returned. About fifteen minutes later, the conversation repeated itself, and the quiet fell yet again. The entire scenario played over and over again for another half an hour. It was just a boring, gray, dreary day, where nothing seemed like something to do.

ChiChi, laundry basket balanced against her hip, strolled through the living room, and stopped dead in her tracks. She had been through the room earlier, and they had been sitting there. It was now half an hour later, her second trip past them, and to her eye, they hadn't moved an inch. She set down her laundry basket and, after doing a quick visual check to make sure they were still breathing, did the only truly ChiChi thing for that situation.

"MOVE IT!" she screeched, mere inches from their ears.

The desired result was achieved. Both children jumped several feet into the air, high enough to actually hit their heads on the ceiling. Thankfully, they didn't bang the ceiling hard enough to crack it or leave dents. It hurt like hell, but the house remained undamaged. ChiChi probably would have done far worse than simply yell in their ears.

Rubbing their now-aching craniums, the two demi-Saiyan children floated back down to the ground; their descent was far more controlled than their ascent. They landed, grumbling a little, in front of their mother, who looked down at them with an expression that lay right on the knife-edge between mild amusement and mild irritation.

"How long have you two been sitting there?" ChiChi demanded, crossing her arms across her chest. There was no sign of the Holy Frying Pan of Doom and Terror, but that didn't mean that it wouldn't pull one of its legendary appearances and materialize out of thin air.

Gohan blinked owlishly at her, still rubbing his skull. His mind was a little fuzzy, and he wasn't really sure how long they'd been like that, so he did the only thing he could think of. He shrugged.

ChiChi sighed. "Go to Capsule Corp. Now. I'll call Bulma and tell her you're coming. Trunks will probably be happy to have something to do today. Go get your rain coats."

Gohan and Goten both cheered exponentially at her order. They had pretty much resigned themselves to being assigned chores for the rest of the afternoon. Instead, they were being given a nice open invitation to make a little trouble. How deliciously evil.

Five minutes later, they had been bundled up into their nice, waterproof raincoats, and were airborne, shooting eagerly towards the promise of untold mischief that lay at that magical place called Capsule Corporation.

They landed and made it to the enormous domed building in record time, considering that they were stopping to jump in puddles every few seconds. They banged on the door, which was opened almost instantly by a very happy Trunks.

"Thank Kami you guys are here!" the lavender haired chibi cried as he ushered them in and relieved them of their damp raingear. "I've been going nuts! All Dad wants to do is train, and Mom said I can't, 'cause I'll 'catch my death of cold' or something like that."

"No kidding," Goten returned, kicking off his wet boots. "I think we were driving Mom nuts or something, 'cause she screamed at us, and then sent us over here. But she didn't get the Pan out."

Trunks' blue eyes widened at that last statement. "No Pan? Maybe she's sick."

"Nah," Gohan entered the conversation. "I think she just wanted us to do something other than stare out the window all day, which is what we were doing. But anyway, now we're here. What do you guys want to do?"

The question itself was fairly innocent, but there was a gleam in Gohan's eye that revealed what he was really asking, the translation that one could pick up from his simple statement if one read between the lines. What he really wanted to know was How are we going to get in trouble today?

The terrible trio looked at each other, and all three smiled evilly.

It was time for payback.

Vegeta was going down.


"Here it is," Trunks said. He had been digging in his closet, and finally, he found what he had so desperately been seeking. He passed it to Gohan, who looked like a religious fanatic who had just been handed the holiest of artifacts.

The demonic chibi turned over the object in his hand. His prize, his treasure, an object of the utmost value and beauty. It was also a tool, the instrument of vengeance upon one, Vegeta, Prince of the Saiyan race, pain in the neck extraordinaire.

Having gathered their supplies, they headed towards the white dome behind the massive Capsule Corporation, Vegeta's favored haunting ground. Fortunately, the Saiyan was nowhere in sight, allowing them open access to arrange their plan.

"So you're sure this'll work?" Trunks asked as they continued to lay their trap. The Gravity Room had been their favored place of prankhood before, and it wasn't going to let them down now. This was to be the site of their greatest practical joke.

After all, there were certain things that even a Saiyan's super strength couldn't stand up to. The Pan, for example. This, they knew, was another of those things. Oh yes, Vegeta was going to suffer for letting them take the fall for that 'salamander in the toilet' incident.

The rain continued to fall, but Gohan, Goten, and Trunks cheerfully ignored the fact that they were getting very wet, and crouched down to hide, waiting for their prey to finish his lunch, emerge from his lair and walk into their trap.


His stomach full, Vegeta stormed out of the house, completely ignoring the rain that plummeted to the ground around him. Saiyan Princes didn't let themselves be bothered by such petty things as rain.

Growling unintelligbly under his breath, he pushed the button that opened the door to his treasured Gravity Room, his personal stomping grounds, the joy of his existence second only to the stupid woman and the stupid brat—not that he would ever admit that, not even under torture.

The door opened, revealing that the lights were off in the room; it was completely dark. That didn't bother Vegeta. Saiyan Princes were not afraid of the dark. Apparently, there were a lot of negatives that applied to being a Saiyan Prince. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.

As he stepped into the room, he casually reached over with one gloved hand and flipped the lightswitch. The lights came on, but it was too late. With that first step into the room, Vegeta had already fallen into the trap laid by the brats who called themselves Saiyan.

Namely, his feet were stuck to the floor. He let out a yell and tried to pull his foot free, but it wouldn't give. As he stumbled, his other foot became immobile as it, too, formed a lovely bond with the floor. This made him weave back and forth even more, until finally, he couldn't keep his balance anymore, and tumbled quite unceremoniously to the ground. There was nothing dignified about it. He just fell straight over, and now the substance that had so captured his feet was all over the rest of him as well.

It seemed like the more he flailed and struggled, the more stuck he became. The crap got onto his arms, around his body, ensnared itself in his legs, and, most insulting of all, developed a particularly strong attachment to his hair. And nothing was getting him free.

He was about ready to try a ki blast when he heard that infernal laughter. The damnable giggling of small children who had just pulled off another successful prank on someone who they should never have been able to pull a joke on.

Vegeta managed to move his head up enough to see Gohan, Goten, and Trunks standing in the doorway of the Gravity Room, laughing their annoying little heads off. And this angered Vegeta. This angered him beyond reason and almost beyond coherence.

"What…is…this?" he growled, though his words were barely understandable.

Still cackling devilishly, Gohan held up something round and thick, about the size of a donut. It was dull silver in color. "This, Vegeta, is something we Earthlings like to call duct tape. It's a wonderful invention, the handyman's secret weapon, and it's probably one of the only things on this planet strong enough to stand up to even Saiyan strength."

Goten stopped laughing long enough to add, "We covered the room with it, sticky side out."

"Yeah, Dad," Trunks chortled. "You're stuck, big time!"

Vegeta let out a slightly muffled roar, still struggling against the binding force of the unholy silvery substance, but he was still stuck fast. Whatever this stuff was, it was stronger than anything he had ever before encountered. The possibilities of this stuff…would have to wait. First he had to get out and brutally murder the three slightly damp chibis who called themselves the Order of the Prank.

And then they decided to add insult to injury. Actually, there was injury, since that sticky crap was thoroughly tangled into Vegeta's hair, and would most likely be somewhat painful to remove. But that was nothing when compared to the mortal affront they were to bring upon him.

Gohan pulled out a camera and began taking pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.

"Oh, that's nice! Wonderful!" the eighteen year old chibi laughed, floating over the enraged Saiyan, snapping shot after shot. "Make love to the camera! Work with me, baby! Work with me!" The flash only served to further aggravate Vegeta. "I think I'll call this picture 'Blackmail.' It has a very nice ring to it, don't you think, Vegeta?"

With a roar, the Saiyan Prince flared his ki and made the transition to Super Saiyan. He resumed his struggle, and felt the damnable crap begin to give a little under the newly added pressure. So it wasn't completely unbreakable. Maybe, with just a little more…

Vegeta let out an angry howl and skyrocketed up to Super Saiyan Level Two. Ironically enough, the level that Gohan himself had discovered by first reaching it during the Cell Games. And now, that level would be Gohan's downfall.

The duct tape began to give more, and Vegeta began to struggle valiantly. After a few seconds, he felt his arm suddenly pull loose. He looked up, and saw the look of shock that crossed Gohan's face. The three chibis turned to flee. Gohan, being the closest, was in the most immediate danger, and he took precautions to protect the evidence; he tossed the camera to Trunks.

But escape was not in the cards for Son Gohan.

Vegeta reached out with his newly freed arm, and grabbed. A stab of victory surged through him as he felt his fingers close around something slender.

Namely, Gohan's tail.

Grinning maniacally, the Saiyan Prince pulled as hard as he could, and took no small amount of delight in Gohan's high-pitched shriek of pain, though it hurt his ears considerably. But that was nothing compared to what was to come next.

He heard a loud ripping sound, and Gohan's scream jumped three octaves higher.

Nearby, windows shattered, fire hydrants exploded into fountains, sirens went off, babies started to wail, dogs keeled over and died, and people threw open their doors and windows and stuck their heads out to ask what the hell happened. Opera stars, holding their tridents and wearing their helmets with Viking horns on them, turned shades of envious green that would have put Piccolo to shame.

Son Gohan fell face-down to the ground, unconscious. And Vegeta was left holding what looked like a limp piece of fuzzy brown rope. Gohan's tail had ripped clean off in Vegeta's hand.

At the sound of the scream, Bulma came flying out of the house. She had paused only long enough to grab an umbrella before dashing outside to see what had happened. She flew into the Gravity Room, and was greeted with the sight of Vegeta, enraged Super Saiyan extraordinaire, encased in duct tape on the floor, and Gohan unconscious a couple of feet away. Fortunately, neither she nor Gohan had fallen prey to the sticky gray stuff because Vegeta had managed to pick up most of the stuff from the doorway.

"Gohan!" she fell to her knees and carefully scooped the comatose chibi into her arms, giving him a slight shake to try and wake him up. He didn't respond. "What in the name of Kami happened here?" she demanded, turning on the next visible target: Vegeta.

"Those brats did this, woman!" he roared back, pulling his other arm free of the demonic tape.

Bulma wheeled around. "Goten! Trunks! In here! Now!"

Meekly, they obeyed. They stood before the irate woman, hands clasped behind their backs; judging from the angle of their eyes, they were conducting an extremely in-depth study of the Gravity Room's floor. Goten and Trunks were the very picture of humility.

"Explain. Now. Or else," she punctuated the words to make it quite clear that unless there was a very, very good explanation, there was going to be HFIL to pay.

"Well, he brought it on himself!" Trunks half-whined.

"What do you mean, 'he brought it on himself?'" Bulma couldn't help but snap. In her arms, Gohan started to moan a little bit. He sounded like he was in pain.

"Well, he set us up with the lizards in the toilet!" Goten joined in, though his voice was more of a whimper than anything else. "We didn't do that!"

"Is this true, Vegeta?" Bulma demanded.

He muttered something she didn't quite catch, but it sounded like Vegeta was swearing in a mixture of Japanese, Namekian, and remarkably fluent Saiyan. By now, he had just finished prying the hellish duct tape from his legs, and was setting about the painful task of freeing his hair.

Gohan's eyes fluttered open. "I hurt…" he whimpered. "I hurt a lot…" Bulma set him down, and he ended up having to lean heavily on Goten for support.

"Stand over there," Bulma pointed. "By Vegeta." The three chibis obeyed, more afraid of what she could do to them then of what tortures Vegeta might be able to concoct for them. Bulma then took a couple of steps away from them, standing with her back to them. "I'm very disappointed in all of you." With that, she walked out of the room, closing the door behind her.

The four Saiyans stared at the door in blank shock. No punishment? No screaming? No Frying Pan of Doom and Terror being swung at their heads with enough force to kill an elephant? They all slowly turned and looked at each other in amazement. They were getting off this time?

"I don't believe it," Trunks breathed in awe.

"Well, let's get out of here," Goten suggested. "She probably went to call my mom or something."

He half-dragged Gohan to the door, where they made a very unpleasant discovery. By unpleasant, it meant that it ranked right up there with there being no more food left anywhere in the world, it was that big of a natural disaster.

The door was locked. From the outside.

"Uh, guys," Trunks said, trying again. Nothing. "This is not good."

Bulma's voice came on over a speaker she had long ago installed in the room. "You four have fun. I'll be back to let you out in an hour." Vegeta growled and prepared a ki blast, probably with the intention of blowing a hole in the wall. "And Vegeta," her voice came back, "you damage the Gravity Room, I won't fix it for a month, and you'll be sleeping on the couch until it's fixed. So enjoy your quality time, boys." And the speaker went silent.

The four Saiyans turned and looked at each other again. This was not good…

One hour later…

Humming to herself, Bulma unfolded her umbrella over her head and strolled out to the Gravity Room, where she had earlier left four Saiyans as punishment. As she drew near, though, she noticed something very, very odd.

It was dead silent. She couldn't hear any noise coming from inside the room.

Steeling herself, she opened the door and peered inside.

And had to put a hand over her mouth to keep from laughing.

The four Saiyans—four of the most powerful beings alive—were sound asleep on the floor. Vegeta was laid out neatly on his back, while Trunks was curled up into a ball beside him. Gohan was laying on his side, and Goten was using Gohan's back as a pillow. There was a small damp spot on the back of Gohan's gi, right under Goten's chin.

Poor boys, Bulma thought with just a hint of sarcasm. Probably couldn't even fight because of all that stupid duct tape. They would have gotten stuck beyond anyone's help. Oh well, might as well let them sleep. It's probably the only quiet I'll get today.

Smiling to herself, she pushed the door most of the way closed, but left it open a mere crack, so that when they woke up, they would know that they were freed from their punishment. Then she returned to her lab, with every intention of expanding on the boys' idea. Duct tape truly was a marvelous thing, and she knew she could improve on it to the point where not even Vegeta's Super Saiyan Level Two would be able to break through it.

Gohan, Goten, Vegeta, and Trunks woke up half an hour later, saw their opportunity at freedom, and took it. Once they were outside, Vegeta proceeded to beat the chibis into the ground, and sent Gohan and Goten home cut up, bruised, and bleeding, though alive. ChiChi naturally raised holy hell before she fed them and sent them to bed.

And much to Gohan's chagrin, it was supposed to keep raining for the next couple of days.

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