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Chapter Thirty-Four—The Second Wish

The group gathered on the beach of Master Roshi's island. The Kame House stood in the background. The waves lapped gently against the sandy shore, creating a nice, relaxed environment. Unfortunately, with Vegeta around, peace was all too often short-lived.

"BRAT, GET THAT DAMN THING OUT OF MY FACE OR I SWEAR TO KAMI YOU'LL REGRET IT!!!!" See, I told you so. The 'thing' in question was a fish that Trunks had conveniently plucked from the water and was waving in front of Vegeta's nose, demanding that his father look at it.

Everyone else sighed good-naturedly at the all-too-common occurrence—Vegeta getting pissed off, that is. But they quickly refocused their attentions on Gohan, who was hopping anxiously from one foot to the other in anticipation of what was to come. It was almost over.

Having finally brushed his son aside (and into a tree), Vegeta smirked at the hyper chibi. "Hmph, so you're finally getting back to normal. That means no more trouble out of you, brat."

Gohan nodded. That's what you think, Veggie Head. His attention was then thwarted as he realized that, once again, Marron was making calf-eyes at him, and Krillen was watching him warily. He gulped, and took a few discrete steps away. They should make this wish now, he decided.

"Well, shall we get this show on the road?" Bulma asked, as though reading his thoughts.. Just behind her, Videl was doing an odd little dance that consisted of fidgeting constantly and being incapable of sitting still. She was extremely jumpy. Why, was anyone's guess…

The Dragonballs were spread in a circle on the ground, and Bulma stood beside them with her hands outstretched over them. They were glowing, pulsating to some unknown rhythm only they could hear—which would make a little more sense if the Dragonballs had ears, but oh well. "Shenron, come forth and grant my wish!"

The Dragonballs exploded with light, and everyone shielded their eyes against it. The formidable form of the Eternal Dragon flared into the sky. "YOU HAVE SUMMONED ME. WHAT IS YOUR WISH? CHOOSE CAREFULLY, FOR IT WILL COME TRUE."

Bulma looked up impassively at the ferocious sight, and called out the wish. "I wish that Son Gohan was back to his normal, eighteen-year-old self, before Goten made the other wish!"

Shenron's eyes began to glow as he set about fulfilling the wish. And a light surrounded the subject of the wish. Pain stabbed through Gohan's back, quite similar to the night when he attended the prom, or when his tail had grown back. It started in his lower back before branching out into every part of his body; he could feel his pulse throbbing in his temples, desperately painful. Just like before. Stars danced in front of his eyes as the pain gave way to a paralyzing numbness, and he was sure he was going to fall.

Then, just as it had four months ago, it vanished. He felt warm, and there was a mere ache to acknowledge that anything had changed at all. He closed his eyes against the light, and waited until he could no longer see it faintly through his eyelids.

As the light faded, everyone dropped their arms away from their eyes to see what had happened.

Where the small child had been only seconds before, a young man now stood. Tall, slender, wearing a blue gi, and grinning from ear to ear. He looked down at his hands—larger, adult hands. "It worked!" Gohan shouted, overjoyed.

That was about all he had time for before he was attacked by his family and friends. Hugs and high-fives abounded. Goten clambored up onto his shoulders and perched there, sharing his neck with Videl, who had grabbed on and wasn't letting go. ChiChi was alternating between squealing over how cute it was and sobbing that he was going to have to study twice as hard to get caught up—completely oblivious to the fact that he'd gotten everything done already.

Finally, he extracted himself from the crowd of congratulators, and plucked Goten off of him and set the child back on the sand. Videl reluctantly let go, and looked up at him with a smile. "Well, how does it feel to be you again?"

"Never felt better in my life!" he declared, stretching his blessedly long arms over his head. Suddenly, a thoughtful expression crossed Gohan's face. He seemed to be going over something in his head, almost arguing with himself. Then the look changed to one of resolution. "Hey, Videl…"

She smiled at him. "What?"

Without another word he scooped her up—

—and very unceremoniously tossed her into the ocean just off the shoreline of Master Roshi's island. She made a nice splash, and resurfaced almost instantly, as the water wasn't terribly deep at that particular spot.

When she came back up, she immediately started sputtering and coughing up the water that she had inadvertantly swallowed in her unexpected plunge. With one hand, she reached up and roughly pushed her now-soaked bangs out of her eyes. Once she had regained some sort of steadiness, she glared murder up at the grinning teenager on the shoreline.

"Son Gohan," she said his name, and it sounded like a death knell. "You're a dead man."

"Key word. Man," he repeated, grin growing even wider. "Ya know what else?"

She continued to glare.

The second surprise came then. With Saiyan speed, he darted over and scooped up Goten and Trunks, both of whom had been laughing their heads off at Videl's misfortune. With the two chibis in tow, Gohan took a running leap. "BONZAI!"

With a slightly larger splash, Gohan landed in the ocean, right beside Videl. Goten and Trunks went down with him, though their entrance into the water was somewhat more controlled.

The three boys resurfaced immediately, all now soaked. Goten and Trunks were coughing and yelling. Trunks accidentally let loose a few words that made his father beam with pride, and his mother promise punishment upon their return home. Gohan was still grinning like an idiot. Or like his father. Either was quite accurate.

"Woo! This is fun!" Gohan started splashing everyone.

Now, Goten and Trunks just couldn't let that go by without retaliation. So they…well, retaliated. The Splash War commenced, though Gohan's attention was divided between further soaking his younger (and now smaller) brother and younger (and now smaller) brother's best friend, and swimming away from Videl, who wanted payback for getting soaked.

At one point while Gohan was on the run from his vengeful girlfriend, Goten looked up, happened to glance towards the beach, and saw something horrifying. It was the most terrifying sight of his young life. Even worse than the time Bulma had tried to make Jell-O, and it had ended up looking back at him when he tried to eat it.

The Racoon of Death was sitting on the shore, watching him. (AN: Ha! I brought him back just for this chapter!) [readers feel the urge to flame the author relentlessly]

As Goten watched in horror, the racoon jumped at him. With its super Racoon Powers of Evil, it looked like it might actually make it to where Goten was swimming. But when it was mere feet away, a giant fish jumped out of the water and swallowed the racoon whole before diving back under the surface, where it promptly swam away.

Goten looked up towards the sky and waved. "Thank you!"

To his surprise, a soft female voice actually replied cheerily in his head. "No sweat, sweetie."

[coughBLATANTSELFINSERTIONcough] [readers flame the author and leave]

Meanwhile, back on the shore, ChiChi watched the splashing teens—well, Gohan was splashing, since Videl was holding his head under water and screaming something about sending him on a long vacation to see his father—and sighed happily. "Oh, I'm going to get my grandchildren!"


The words tore through the air with the force of thunder, but no one really seemed to notice the return of the Voice of DOOM, save for ChiChi, who looked around in surprise.

She frowned. "I really wonder how I do that…"




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