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Chapter Five—Hey, Mr. Piccolo

Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee

And I'll forgive Thy great big one on me.

-"Forgive, O Lord," by Robert Frost

Piccolo barely noticed the sound of the waterfall crashing down a few feet away from him. But then again, the waterfall was always there, always making its sound. It was a constant. Unlike most of the other things that went on in his life.

The Namekian was doing what he always did when not conversing and/or sparring with Gohan or being pestered by the children. He was meditating. But then again, Piccolo was always meditating. In fact, if he had gotten stuck in some deranged writer's story, he probably would have been hovering by the waterfall, doing his meditation there as always. Because that was what he always did.

It was a beautiful day by Piccolo's waterfall. Well, not that it was really his waterfall. He just happened to be there at the time, so one could kind of consider it his waterfall. He didn't own it or anything, but he had never seen anyone else there for long periods of time, so it could have been his by common law or something. And anyway, not that Piccolo would have tolerated anyone trying to move into what he considered his space.

But anyway, it was a beautiful, sunny day over Piccolo's waterfall. And probably elsewhere as well. But not everywhere. For all Piccolo knew, there could have been a hurricane in Europe that had destroyed Great Britain, or it could have been snowing in Iowa, as it was often prone to do. In April, no less (AN: Grrrr…wait…didn't I already use this gag somewhere before? Yeah…yeah, I did. Whoops! Bad author. No biscuit. Okay, maybe I should go on with the useless descriptions or maybe actually have some plot development in this story. Yeah, I could use some plot development…naw. Too much work.)

Okay, once the author decided to stop babbling to the readers, the scene could continue. Now where were we? Oh yes. Piccolo was meditating. Just like he always did.

Suddenly, Piccolo sensed a familiar ki coming towards him. It was someone he knew, of course—otherwise, it wouldn't have been described as familiar—but it was lower than usual. He grimaced inwardly at the slow pace of the approaching ki. But he didn't open his eyes or offer any sign that he had noticed anything was amiss. He just went on with his medition in front of his waterfall that wasn't really technically his waterfall…aw, you get the idea.

Finally, the ki flew right up to him and stopped, hovering a scant few feet away. But in the true Piccolo manner, he didn't show any sign of acknowledgement to the presence. At least, he didn't until he heard a voice he hadn't heard in years. A child's loud, high-pitched squeak that nearly made his overly sharp Namekian ears start bleeding.

"Mr. Piccolo?"

Fighting to keep from cringing due to the pain in his ears, Piccolo finally opened his eyes—and found himself staring right into a pair of wide, charcoal colored ones. They were huge in a young, round face that hadn't been seen for quite some time.

For a minute, he just stared. Then he smirked. "Nice haircut, kid."

Gohan made a face. "Shut up," he retorted without thinking.

Piccolo quirked a brow, but otherwise ignored the jibe. "So, I assume you know how this came about, correct?"

"Yup," the chibi sighed. "Goten wanted to help me."

"Actually, would you mind explaining to me how he thought making you a kid again would help you? I mean, what could be helpful about you being a…" his voice trailed off. "Exactly how old are you at the moment, anyway?"

"Seven. I'm Goten's age."

"So what's helpful about it?"

Gohan actually smiled a little. "He felt bad when I told him that I hadn't really had a childhood, so he decided to give me another shot at it. So he wished that I was his age again so I could have a chance to really be a kid. But he left me my eighteen year old mind."

"Dumb kid," Piccolo groaned, closing his eyes again and shaking his head.

"Hey, be nice!" Gohan admonished, suddenly very indignant. "He was only trying to do something nice for me! He just didn't plan it very well, that's all. Like making the wish while I was at school. That was not good planning at all."

Piccolo made a small sound, which Gohan assumed was agreement.

"And anyway, he only used one wish," Gohan continued. "So I'm only stuck like this for four months. Then we can gather the Dragonballs again, and wish me back to my normal, tall self."

The Name blinked. "Tall?"

"I haven't been this short since Namek," Gohan lamented. "I want to be tall again. I couldn't see over my freakin' desk at school! Geez, Piccolo, this whole thing has just been weird so far."

"How so?" Piccolo actually sounded interested.

"At first, none of my classmates recognized me, but then all the girls in the class started doing the stupid 'aww, how cute' thing," the chibi explained, doing little somersaults in the air. Just like a child, he was suddenly incapable of sitting still for more than five seconds at a time. "Then Krillen didn't recognize me, but when I told him who I was, he freaked. Yamcha, Puar, and Oolong freaked too. Master Roshi was too busy…um…exercising to really notice."

"Since you knew I wanted to talk to you, I assume you've been home," Piccolo interjected.

"Yeah. That was an adventure," Gohan sighed. "Mom opened the door. She stared at me for a minute, then passed out. Ended up flat on the floor. I put her on the couch and went to go see my brother. I thought he was going to be shocked, but instead, he was overjoyed, at first, anyway. Then he started making fun of my stupid haircut."

Piccolo swallowed his laughter at the ridiculous looking mop of hair that graced the top of Gohan's head. Somehow, I don't think that hairdo is gonna make it through four months. But instead of making a comment to that effect, he simply, "Well, I just wanted to make sure you weren't gonna go on a homicidal rampage and try to blow up the planet or something."

Gohan cocked his head to one side. "Well, I could if you wanted me to."

"You'd better not be planning any world conquests!" ChiChi—or rather, ChiChi's voice—interrupted out of nowhere.

They both looked around in confusion, then looked at each other blankly. In perfect unison, Gohan and Piccolo both yelled, "How does she do that?!?"

"I think I'd better head home and see if Mom woke up yet," Gohan sighed. This was not something he was looking forward to. "At least now I have an explanation to offer up."

"Do you think your brother's gonna get in trouble?" Piccolo asked.


"Do you pity him at all?"

"Not really."

"Just making sure."

"See ya later, Mr. Piccolo!" Gohan flew a yards, then turned and waved. "I'll let ya know if anything important comes up, okay?"

Piccolo smirked and nodded; Gohan turned and shot off into the distant, heading towards his house. With the distraction…er, kid gone, he could resume doing what he always did. That is, meditating. He honestly didn't know why he meditated all the time, but hey, it was something to do.


Son ChiChi turned a measuring eye on her younger son. "So let me see if I understand this. You gathered the Dragonballs, without anyone's permission, and summoned the Dragon all by yourself…and wished that your brother was your age again?!?" She had started softly (which was extremely dangerous) and grew louder and louder with each word until she was screaming by the time she finished.

Goten shifted nervously under the pitiless words and evil eye. "Umm…yeah."

ChiChi threw her hands up in the air. "What am I going to do with you, Goten? What were you thinking? Young man, I—"

Finally, Gohan managed to summon up a twinge of pity for his little brother, and cut in. "Mom, it's okay. Goten was trying to help. It was supposed to be a surprise for me."

Goten nodded, casting a pair of perfectly worked sad puppy dog eyes at his mother, and praying to every deity he'd ever heard of that she might decide not to kill him.

After a long, tense moment, during which both brothers unconsciously held their breath, the mother sighed and threw her hands up in the air again. "Well, what's done is done. We're stuck with it for the next four months. But Goten, don't you ever do anything like that again, do you understand me, young man? Or I'll…I'll do something! I don't know what it is yet, but I'll do something very unkind!"

Both boys simultaneously let out a huge sigh of relief. Goten jumped out of his chair. "I won't, Mommy. I promise. I'm sorry."

But as soon as she had walked out of the room, Goten grinned evilly. "Well, now what do you wanna do, Gohan?"

The teenaged chibi grimaced. "How about sit here until the four months are up?"

"No!" Goten almost shouted, but then he remembered to keep his voice down so his mother wouldn't hear him. "You hafta have some fun! That's why I wished for you to be a kid again!"

Gohan thought about this for a minute, then smiled. "Okay, okay. What do you want to do?"

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