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(Y/n), a physical trainer at the gym she worked so hard to lose her extra weight at after high school, and Bucky, a veteran sent home after losing his arm, are put in an uncomfortable situation; they are now housemates. Problem 1: they don't like each other. Problem 2: the sexual tension between them keeps building. Problem 3: things keep pushing them together when they try to stay apart. Problem 4: they keep fantasizing about each other in ways that are definitely not helping the sexual tension. Problem 5: they're not sure what it is, yet, but it's sure to be as bad as the others. NSFW 18+

Types: reader insert, no powers AU, multi part story, smut, forced roommate, sexual tension, romance, angst, comfort, slow burn, pining eventual: fluff

Overall series warnings: talk of PTSD throughout the story, adorable Bucky, jealous Bucky, sweet Bucky, protective Bucky, angry Bucky, smut, (secret) erotica podcaster Bucky, reader with a bit of body issues, swearing,