A/n- Epilogue! Smut… Sweet, short, about half of my normal length. Thank you for reading this story, all of you who have liked, I ❤ you! All of you that gave compliments about it through any means, I'm pretty sure that it's your fault my head is so big! lol. To all of you who left me comments, you are my reason for living (or posting… hm?)! lol. Also, was able to put a couple certain lines for you, omnomsauruswrites. lol

Bucky woke to find his arms empty, and climbed from the bed, rubbing his hands over his face, going down the hall to check in the rooms there, but there was no sign of (Y/n).

He headed down the stairs and stopped at the bottom, leaning against the doorway and folding his arms as a lopsided smile lifted his lips, silently showing his contentment as he watched (Y/n) flipping pancakes at the stove, seeing a bag of m&ms open on the counter next to a container of strawberries and a container of raspberries.

"Steve said that he was going to come over and haul your ass on a run before the meeting," she told him, glancing over at him with a smile.

Bucky chuckled. "I don't know if I'll be able to run after the interesting choice of pancakes you're making," he teased.

"And who's fault is that?" She asked pointedly.

"Is what?" He asked innocently.

"The interesting choice of pancakes, as you said."

"Couldn't tell ya, doll," he answered, trying to keep a straight face.

"I think that you know damn well that it's yours," she told him.

Bucky grinned, standing from the doorway and walking up behind her, wrapping his arms around her, resting his chin on her shoulder and looking down at his hands resting in her plump belly. "Mmm, you smell so good, doll," he murmured, burying his nose in her neck.

"Hey, you get out of here," she scolded through a laugh as his breath tickled her.

"No way, Dollface, can't."

(Y/n) giggled again, batting at him. "Why not?"

"'Cause, doll… you're wearing my shirt, my ring, my boxers, and, are you wearing my socks?" He asked.

"They're warmer than mine!" She whined in her defense.

"Well, whatever, but see? You're all covered in me, and full of me," he paused as he lovingly looked down at her belly again, "I can't help but want you."

(Y/n) squirmed in his grasp as she flipped a pancake, then turned and tried to push him away, but his lips landed on hers, immediately pulling her into a kiss and not letting her go.

Bucky turned her, leaning lower and picking her up to sit her on the counter.

"Hey, what about the pancakes?" She demanded, trying halfheartedly to make him stop.

Bucky's hands were sliding down her body, but one pulled away to take the spatula from her hand and set it on the counter. "We're close enough, I'll be able to reach, doll," he told her as he kissed down her collarbone, letting his hot breath blow out over where his tongue had trailed.

(Y/n) moaned, her body pressing against him as wetness started pooling between her thighs.

Bucky's hands were on her hips, and he pulled her forward, grinding his heavy stiffness against her heat. He pulled away from sucking a kiss into her throat, groaning to her, "doll, you're so wet for me already. Mmm, I can feel how hot you are, so ready for me…"

"Ahh, no fair, Jamie," she said, using his erotic podcasting name to let him know she knew what he was up to.

"Everything is fair in love, Dollface," he answered.

"Steve is coming," she complained.

"He better not, that would be too weird, Dollface," Bucky teased.

"You know what I mean," she told him, pushing him back and giving him a look to make him stop, but she already looked so hot and ready for him, the look made it his priority to get inside her as fast as possible. "No, Bucky," she said, pushing him back as he went to pull her panties out of the way, but his hand paused as he groaned instead.

"Oooh, doll, you've only got my boxers on down here?" (Y/n) gasped and arched to him as his mouth attacked her jaw and throat again, moving down her chest, his hands squeezing over her hips and thighs. "Mmm, I got time, doll, I swear- you got me so worked up I just hope I can get you there more than once," he told her, pulling back again and pulling his pajama pants down to his hips, letting his hard cock spring out between them.

"Bucky," she whined, torn between needing him in her and telling him they couldn't.

Bucky's tongue swiped over his lips as he stepped closer, one hand on his cock, one pulling the boxers she was wearing to the side, rubbing his head through her wetness, dipping a thumb in to gather some and start circling her clit.

(Y/n) moaned, her body arching back, her hand falling to the counter behind her to stop from falling back.

Bucky groaned, biting his lip and watching her face as he moved his cock up and down, still rubbing the circles over her clit. "I swear I got time doll," he panted.

"Not if you don't hurry and get in here," she whined.

Bucky wasted no time pushing in, groaning as he bottomed out. "Fuck- oh God, I love you, Dollface," he groaned.

"Bucky," she sighed, arching to him. "B- Bucky!" She cried as she clenched around him, coming fast at the double stimulation.

"Oh, fuck- yes, doll, yeah- squeezing me so tight-" Bucky's hips slapped against hers, his pace quick, his thumb resting for a moment, then going back to her clit, determined to come and get her to come again before Steve knocked on the door.

They were breathing hard, both pulling at each other as they rushed to the finish line.

"Oh- shi- oh doll- (Y/n), c'mon, c'mon doll- gonna- 'm gonna-"

"Bucky!" (Y/n) cried out as she tightened around him again, sending Bucky over the edge with her, burying his face in her shoulder, groaning as he rocked in her, pressing close and gasping for air.

He pulled back and his fingers tilted her chin up to look into his eyes, leaning down to kiss her. He pulled back, breathing hard as he leaned his forehead against hers, his eyes closing as a huffed laugh left his lips. "God, I love you, Mrs. Barnes," he told her, his arms holding her close.

"Love you, too, daddy Barnes," she told him.

A huge grin plastered itself on his face as his hand moved down to smooth over the bump between them. "Sorry, little guy, daddy just can't help himself around your mommy. She drives him crazy," he told her stomach.

He groaned as he pulled out of her, and the smell of sex was so thick around them that they didn't immediately smell the burning, and had totally forgotten about the pancakes on the stove until the smoke detector went off.

"Damn it, Bucky," she grumbled over the noise as Bucky turned the stove off.

"Don't worry, Dollface, I got it," he told her, pulling his pants up and stepping away to get the step stool, just as a loud knocking at the door came over the noise. "Just in time!" Bucky laughed. He hit the button to reset the alarm and helped (Y/n) off the counter before going to open the door.

Steve looked concerned as he followed Bucky back toward the kitchen. "I heard the smoke alarm, everything ok?"

"Oh, yeah," Bucky assured, "just some pancakes that got burnt."

"That Bucky said he'd watch and didn't," (Y/n) chipped in through the doorway.

"I was distracted, Dollface," he called to her with a grin on his face.

"By what?" Steve asked, wondering what could have had him so focused that he hadn't noticed pancakes burning.

"We were talking about the next podcast," Bucky answered with a sly smirk as they entered the kitchen.

Steve looked over to see (Y/n) furiously wiping the counter next to the stove down, her cheeks flushed. "Podcast, huh? What's it about?" He asked doubtfully.

"We're expanding on how to let your loved ones help you in a panic attack or anxiety attack situation," Bucky told him, "reminding that it's not that they think you need help, they just want to help because they love you."

Steve's brows met uncertainly. "Is that true, (Y/n)?"

She nodded, scraping the burnt pancakes from the pan and setting it back on the stove to heat up. "Yep. Next week we're doing one on having them in public, how to give support and handle yourself and others in the situation." She poured fresh pancakes on the pan and turned, eating some m&ms and taking a bite of a strawberry.

Bucky went behind her to the fridge and pulled out two bottles of water and setting them on the counter before wrapping his arms around her from behind, putting his chin on her shoulder and grinning.

Steve watched him and chuckled. "Happiness suits you, Buck; she's got you grinning like an idiot," Steve told him with a grin of his own.

"You wanna say that to my face, punk?" Bucky teased with a glare.

Steve rolled his eyes and sat down at the table. "Listen, jerk, I'm just glad that the two of you idiots finally got together. It took freaking long enough," he sighed in over dramatic exasperation.

"Drama queen Steve, now with pro sighing action," (Y/n) teased, eating a raspberry as she turned to the stove, Bucky letting go and kissing her with a grin before going to sit at the table with Steve, giving him a water.

"I don't know if we're going to be able to run after we eat what she's making," Bucky told him, "candy and strawberries in the pancakes and raspberry sauce for on top."

"Candy and strawberries?" Steve asked, lifting a brow.

"Bucky's fault," (Y/n) chirped from the stove.

"Don't know what you're talking about, doll," he answered, but she could hear his grin in his voice.

"So, why don't you make some regular pancakes?" Steve asked.

"No way! Are you kidding? (Y/n)'s pancakes are the best, I mean… come on, I had to marry her to keep them to myself, I'm not going to not eat them, even if they're weird."

Steve's eyes were trailing over (Y/n)'s form, hand on her lower back, elbow on the counter, swollen belly to the side. "Are you sure you should be standing for so long?" He asked in concern.

"Whoa, Stevie, last time I tried to get her to sit down and let me help she banished me from the kitchen, and nearly the house," Bucky warned soft enough that she couldn't hear.

"I don't need to sit down, Steve," she told him with a warning obvious in her tone.

"Just wondering," Steve told her with a smile.

(Y/n) pulled the last of the pancakes from the pan and plated them, then brought them to the table and sat the plates down, getting the two filled with eggs and meats to set on the table as well.

Bucky grabbed a pitcher of juice and glasses and the small container of raspberry puree, and they all dug in to breakfast.

Bucky and Steve were talking about the meeting they were going to head to, what was going to be discussed, what progress they and others had made with their various problems since coming back from combat, but (Y/n)'s eyes were focused out the glass doors, and they might as well have been speaking another language for all that she heard them. "Hey, Liebes, du bist gut?" Bucky's voice floated by her ear, but she still wasn't paying attention.

"Doll? You ok?" Bucky asked again, but she still didn't react. He leaned close and bumped his head against hers, nuzzling his nose to her until she looked at him. "Something wrong, doll?" He asked softly.

(Y/n) shook her head slightly. "No, just thinking…" She looked back out at the tree. "What if we moved the punching bag and put in a tire swing?"

Bucky's lips turned up as a smile broke out across his face. "Sounds like a perfect idea, doll," he told her softly.

"I- I mean, I don't want to make you take it down, we could find another place for the swing-"

Bucky kissed just under her ear, making her lungs pull in a deep breath. "Nah, doll, it's perfect. Besides," he kissed her again, and she felt her cheeks heat, "I'd do anything for you, Dollface."

"Ugh, stop it, you two; it's already enough with the pancakes, but with this sweetness, too?" Steve complained, holding his hand over his mouth and making puking gestures.

"Aw, shut it, punk, you're just jealous," Bucky said with a loving grin pulling his lips up, his eyes not leaving (Y/n).

"Of what, jerk, disgusting sweetness?" Steve snarked, but he was smiling, happy for his two friends.

… … …

Bucky hauled himself to the shower and washed off before going to put on some fresh clothes and finding (Y/n) on the bed, her hands stroking over her belly and a grin on her face.

"Mmm, look at you, doll… if I still did my erotic podcast, this would definitely be in one of them," Bucky told her with a flirty smirk.

"Well, look at you, mister only wearing a towel… and… damn it," she muttered, biting her lip.

Bucky's smirk widened as he recognized the look on her face. "Something wrong, Dollface?" He asked, teasing the towel around his thighs before pulling it off and rubbing it over his hair.

(Y/n) couldn't pull her eyes away from his body, having the perfect view of him standing totally nude at the foot of the bed, and feeling her nipples tingle and her panties getting a little wet. "Yes, I was thinking of Steve, and suddenly-"

Bucky threw the towel behind him, climbing onto the bed. "Doll, you gettin' turned on by Stevie, now? Have I been neglecting you so long that you're starting to fantasize about Stevie's head between your thighs?" He asked, working his way between said thighs and nuzzling her. "God, Dollface, so hot already?" He asked, and she blushed.

He pulled her pants and panties from her and nuzzled against her again, leaving kisses and tiny licks that made her moan.

"Mmm, c'mere, Dollface," he murmured, moving to lay alongside her and guided her over to straddle him. "I wanna see your beautiful body above me." Her heat pressing against his half hard member caught its full attention, and he grew against her as she shifted around while they pulled her top off, slipping inside her. "Oooh, doll, feel so good on me," he groaned. He guided her hips as she rocked them, gently moving in and out of her.

An enormous smile grew over his face, his hands sliding up her hips and over her stretched stomach, stroking where she had already expanded to carry their child. His hands continued up her ribs to her breasts, rubbing over them gently, knowing that they were sore from her body starting milk production.

Bucky's eyes moved up to hers, the smile still stretching his lips. "Have I ever told you that you're everything I've ever wanted, Dollface?" He asked.

(Y/n) felt her cheeks heat and her mouth turned up in a smile. "Bucky," she murmured.

"It's true, (Y/n), everything I could have ever wanted, and more… And you're having my baby…" His hands drifted back down to her stomach, stroking around and over the rounding flesh. "You are so amazingly, perfectly, wonderfully, beautiful (Y/n)."

Bucky's hands softly gripped her hips, slowly guiding her body as they made love, helping her stay steady as she rode him until her thighs couldn't take any more, then he rolled them over and kept the slow pace as he made love to her in that position, gently laying soft kisses over her face.

The soft motions and sounds in the intimate space consuming their world until, finally, even that fell away, leaving only them; Bucky, the woman he loved in his arms, and their child growing in her womb. His home, his life, his everything all in one package for the moment, surrounding him with as much love as he surrounded them with, his to love and protect, forever.

The end! ❤❤❤