"Dad !"little harry yelled.

"Come on, momma's boy did daddy scares you"james said mockingly.

"Muuuuum...Dad got my Dairy and don't returning it"harry pleaded.

"Harry you are only seven how can you write"James said

"Mum taught me"

"Really ok lets see what you wrote down in your dairy, which you keep under your bed, always read before sleeping"james said opening it.

"Muuuum" Harry Shouted out loud.

"Oh my god ! I never believe YOU. You are doing THIS" james said showing him dairy's first page where is a photo of a girl and harry and both hugging(magically hugging repeatedly). This photo was taken in the party of harry's birthday where they were standing in a hallways. The greengrasses are ready to be leave but suddenly daphne turn around and run to harry and hug him.'so this the lover boy seeing'

"Mum" harry pleaded in verge of tear.

"What james you teasing him again, she is his best FRIEND." Lily said as she walked into the room wearing fake glare but a smirk is undoubtedly shown upon it.

"Mum you also" now little harry started crying.

"Shh harry you are a big boy how can you cry think about it what will happen if your angle see you in this state" james said scarily.

Now little chubby harry crying hysterically

"Shut up James, thats enough" she said going toward harry then pick him up

"Shhh, harry don't cry, we promise we don't tell her"lily soothed him.

"Kay, also don't tell padfoot or moony"harry said between his sobbing.

"Deal, james and i will accept your kindness oh highness"lily said while bowing.

James and harry shake hands then harry chuckling softly.

"So harry you have a girlfriend and you don't tell your favourite Marauders" sirius said behind them walking from door.

Two of them Groaned while one again started crying...

#$ Kaixbi $#

Daphne sitting in her room while holding family album.

She had a small smile in her lips while humming.

Tracy her Second best friend (obviously you know who is 1st) slowly reached but without interruption she glanced at the photo she is staring.

In the photo they all are in Daphne's birthday party, potters, greengrasses, also her family. All the adults stand beside them. Mens are right and ladies are left slightly parted. The photo was magical show they were moving. Daphne standing in the middle while tracy stand her left as she is lady. And then she noticed what is daphne's fingers were caressing. Harry her friend or daphne's best friend (she always said she was her bestfriend but she know she wasn't) on her right. Suddenly daphne looks towards harry and blushing slightly then harry lean down to kiss daphne's cheek but before he reach out daphne turns towards him and their lips met. Harry's eyes were wide. Daphne's cheeks are red. They parted immediately and looking downwards.

"So this is the thing you always looking, i see, daphne you got yourself a boyfriend" tracy said silkly.

Daphne head turn around in a flash and she closed the book to hide, got luck was not in her side as tracy grab it and run.

Tracy running rapidly while hearing daphne yelling for her.

She reached drawing hall as she spotted their parents. The four adults were chatting between themselves.

Suddenly daphne step in.

"Give me my album"daphne said dangerously.

"It's not your it's yours family's" tracy replied.

"I said give me that"daphne said with a deathly glare.

Daphne started walking towards her dangerously. She knows there is no one can save her at that time expect harry. Also she knows how much angry daphne can be about this topic. It can't be good.

She fearfully ran to her aunt and give her the album with the same oage daphne was holding earlier.

"Noooo, You. Are. Dead. Tracy dead" daphne yelled.

Daphne's mother elizabeth greengrass looks into the album for a particularly photo that tracy suggested.

The photo where her daughter have her first kiss and by what she sees daphne like it. In her heart she actually supports them. Her daphne actually a quite girl, always herself, but after being friend with harry she began to have some girly nature which she very rarely shows.

"Hmm, Cyrus get ready, we have a marriage to prepare". Eliza said with a knowing look to her daughter.

"WHAT" cyrus choked.

"Mum really big sis is going to marry, who, i also want to marry". Astoria a bubbly girl said in doorway.

All pals in the rooms except daphne now snickering.

Daphne is now in verge of tears. "I hate u tracy hate u". With said she ran to her room crying.

"Tracy now you are going to be her second bestfriend" tracy's mum alexa said.

"I am always is, her bestfriend is harry" tracy said in matter-of-fact

Another snickering round began. But eliza got up from her seat and said. "I am going to check her".

Elizabeth climbs the stair and knock in Daphne's room." Daphne open the room please, we are sorry" she said.

Daphne did not answer for 5 minutes after many tries she finally opens the room with bloodshot eyes.

"Awww, you really like him, don't you, i understand it don't say, sit here"eliza said soothing.

They both sit in Daphne's bed. Daphne still silently whimpering." Mum you know if someone said this to harry then he will break our friendship, you have seen the photo it is my fault we kissed in lips."daphne said pleadingly.

"Honey look here, i know harry is your bestfriend (which cause her to look up in an instant), don't forget i am your mother, i know these things about you, from what i seen he also like it don't you seen it the goofy grin he wears after that, so don't worry we promise we don't tell him" eliza said while rubbing daphne's head and back.

"So harry is going to be here in 30 minutes"eliza said after a pause.

Her daughter's eyes lit up like a bulb, she jump up from bed run into the bathroom.

Trully they have a marriage to prepare...

A/N: This story also a short one because after a little bit baby fun i am going to start it after hogwarts scene. I am going to skip hogwarts cuz daphne is going to be attend beaubaxton. So harry's story run like canon but harry is going to be powerful and great, he have his parents after all. see you again