"Mum Lets go please, hurry mum please" harry said to his mum. "Honey don't worry daphne

don't going anywhere so relaxed." lily said. "Hear that momma's boy momma is no longer love you now love me."james said mockingly. "No she loves me." "Don't you see she don't hear you" "Though she loves me only me" "Nope" Harry ran to their parents room then sees lily is in front of mirror. He ran to her then hug her. "Mum dad saying that you love me no longer and now you love him" "Honey momma loves you but also loves papa. You are both my lover boy" she said as she kissed him in cheeks. "No you only love me, only me" he said pleadingly. "Okay harry i only loves you. I. Love. You. Harry" lily said dramatically. Harry grins then turned to see jameswho is standing in the doorway smirking. "See dada, she only loves me." "No she is lying to you." "Nope you hear what she says" They both banting for another ten minutes as it gives time for lily to get ready. She then took both of them by ear then leading them to greengrass manor.


Daphne sitting in the hallway with tracyand both of their family waiting for harry as today is her 6th birthday. Harry is always special for her. When she is 4 year old they were playing in a park which is in their neighbourhood. They are both happily playing as harry chasing her, and she is running as first as she could. After a moment harry catch her as he is very faster than her. Then they were both panting and laughing as they don't noticed some people are nearing them. She unconsciously stumbles with a boy who fell back. Then the boys got up who is almost 10 years old grab her by shoulder and push her to ground. She landed on her butt but although she should cry on the pain but stop as saw that harry suddenly grab the boy by collar. The boy was a with 2 other boys same age as his with him. Then the boy also push harry to the ground then called laughing at them. She got up and kicked him in his shin. He cried out loud in agony. He slowly got up then push her hard to ground but this time harry caught her. His face was filled with worry about her. She knew harry care for her but don't know how, then he set the example as the boy called her a whore who plays with boys and their private parts. Harry release her slowly then proceeded towards the boy, the air around them was shaking, his face was filled with rage he punched the boy so hard that he fled to back 2 to 3 metres. His 2 goons lipped forward and earned similar punches, then they attacked harry all together, but they are no match with him, he just flip his hand, and they hit with tree hard. They run cried like baby. Harry was shaking heavily. She came forward and hugged him hard. He repeatedly say that no one can call her that they deserve more punches from him. Her heart filled with warm as heard that harry was so angry because of that boy called her with only a mean word. The caring that harry shows for her that day always kept a secure place in her heart. She that moment knew that harry will be always there for her. She kissed him in cheeks. Then ran.

Whenshe turned around she saw that harry was staring at her gobsmacked with a silly goofy grin with one hand slap his cheeks. He then ran and catch her, slowly he kissed her cheeks tenderly and said that she can always count on him. That is the day that changes tracy from her best friend position. Her thoughts knocked out as she heard a pop outside their door then a knock on their door. Her mom opened the door and then came forward her knight in suit Harry potter, he was known as boy who lived but to her she is only harry. He waved at her with a very handsome grin. She waved back but with a slight pink cheeks. The birthday party progress as many of her and his family friends arrived. People were everywhere chatting, gossiping. She noticed some of her friends giggling at harry as he is laughing at something that Neville was saying. She knew that harry was

the handsome boy in the party. She also noticed that tracy

was ogling harry and chatted up with him. She felt a surge of jealousy but she controlled it. Their family may be pureblood

but her father likes muggle cause he is in business with them with a great earning so they earned his respect. Therefore, her party was somewhat muggle-styled. She talked with some boys that comes from France with their father for some businesses purpose. Soon her mother arrives with cakes in the middle and called her. She stands in the middle of the hall then cut the cake. The hall chorused with happy birthday songs and wishes for her. She cut a piece then she gave it to first in harry's mouth. He smiled widely then grinned. Girls were eyeing her critically and boys are looks confused and angry. Her mother was smiling along with aunt lily. Her father glaring at her but with falsity in his eyes that she know. Tracy and astoria giggling madly with a thumbs-up at her. Uncle james was also grinning mischievously at harry. She considered to whom she should gave her first cake. But in deep her heart she knew it was only harry that she would choose. Soon dance arrived, she danced with harry for five times then handed him to his mother and her mum. She danced with her father and uncle james and some other boys. But her eyes were always at harry. He danced with

tracy then astoria. He kissed them both in cheeks. And they winked at her. He also danced with several others but nothing considerable happened. Soon party come to an end and people began to leave. She thank them politely when a

arm pulled her back and lead her to a corner behind a selves. It was harry. And he looks nervous.

"Happy birthday, Daphne. I have a gift for you"

he lifted a box from his pocket and handed to her. She opens it and gasped. It was a gold bracelet with One emerald and sapphire in the middle and with written 'H D' below them. "You know they are resembling our eyes, so i thought it was good, yeah" he said nervously with rubbing a hand on back of his head. Without thinking, she wrapped her arm around him and kissed him slowly and lightly. It was just a second or two she broke it with a grin that matching with harry. "Thanks harry" she said softly. Then kissed his cheek. Soon it ended and with a goodbye harry left.

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