"Come here," I say, finally letting the dress fall away from my chest.Harry's tongue darts out, moistening his lips, and he toes off his shoes before stepping in front of me.

"I'm so in love with you," he mumbles before leaning down and kissing my breast. His glasses press into the flesh, causing goosebumps to rise because they are colder than the rest of his body.

His hands knead my arse through the dress and then, in a fast movement, they are underneath it, feeling amazing as they tease my skin and make me shudder all over.He stands back up straight again, leaning in to kiss me as I undo the buttons on his shirt.

"Love this shirt," I mutter as my hands shake, pushing each button clumsily through the holes. His stomach flinches when my knuckles graze it and I remember—having just forgotten everything for the past few minutes—that he is extremely ticklish there.Normally, I would attack him right then; have him rolling on his back in the grass, protesting as

my fingers find every inch of sensitive flesh. But right now I simply need him; need him to touch me the way I'd touched myself earlier. Need to bury myself in his arms and let him take every part of me, and then give it right back again, adding his own passion to the mix.

"Love these jeans," I continue on, running my fingertips over the soft denim. One day, when these jeans are nothing more than threads, I'll be found in the middle of my bed, clutching them to me and crying over them.But right now I'm savoring them. Because they are Harry. They're every inch of his playful, relaxed self that only I get to see. Even down to the holes and imperfections in them. Because

Harry's not perfect either. Harry is comfortable. And he fits me just right.

"That's why I wore them."

His breath is hot on my forehead and I can tell he's almost to the point of losing control. His body shudders beneath my fingers, and I haven't even really touched him yet.Keeping my eyes on his, I step back from him and wiggle out of my dress, lifting it with my foot until it's off the edge of the blanket. Harry pulls at his shirt until it joins my dress. He's just

about to remove his jeans when I still his hand.

"Leave the jeans," I scold softly, nodding him toward the middle of the blanket.His arms close around my body and we slowly sink together until we're heaped; a tangle of limbs.We kiss over and over, tongues tasting and breath mingling.I honestly think this might be the most intimate we've ever been. Or maybe not. But right now it doesn't matter. Because right now is the most I can focus on.Harry's teeth graze along my shoulder and I shudder, reaching down between us to undo the buttons on his fly. Harry sucks in a breath and leans back just a bit, giving me more room work.He's caught off guard when I push him back fully. We both laugh.And then it turns serious again when I pull his jeans and boxers down just enough to release him. He's hot and heavy in my hand, already leaking fluid as I run my palm up and down him.

"I'm so in love with you," I echo his words from before, remembering how he's said those same things every time we've made love. Every time.Harry's eyes are very dark now as he stares up through smudged glasses at me. His hips lift momentarily, following the movement of my hand along his penis.I love the way I can do this to him. Make him respond with just the touch of my body. Just my Hand.

I lean down and place a kiss to the center of his chest before straddling him and then sinking down on himfully. The earlier teasing I'd done while thinking about him paid off and I'm ready to receive him.Harry groans in relief as I sat fully on him. His hands fumble for mine and twist our fingers together, bringing them up to kiss as his hips lift, urging me to ride him.On my knees, I begin to move, using his hands for leverage.

"I was thinking about you earlier," I inform him, watching as his jaw tightens. "When I was in the loo."Harry breaths heavily, his eyes darting from my face down to my breasts, and then down to where we're joined as I continue to lift and sink down slowly. I know he's in agony, wanting to thrust up into me; to finally release. But he'll wait for me. He always does.The rough fabric of his jeans rubs on the back of my thighs and my arse as I move, giving just the right amount of friction to the whole experience.

"daph," he groans, not capable of much more.Knowing he needs this, I press down firmly on him, locking my hips into place as I begin to grind against him. Faster and faster I move as Harry's hips contract under mine.He gives a mighty growl as he comes deep inside me, and a few birds scatter out of a bush near us, screaming their protests.Harry barks out a laugh and his penis twitches inside me. He shakes my fingers loose gently and reaches between us, pressing his thumb down on my clit as he thrusts a few more times,taking me over the edge.When I'm finally able to breathe right again, we're sitting in the same spot, although Harry is wrapped around me now, stroking my back and whispering how much he loves me.I shiver against him—not because I'm cold, but because I can feel his love seeping through me.

Always my protector, Harry reaches for his shirt and dresses me in it before gathering me back to him.

"I had fun today," he whispers.

"I did too," I admit. "Even though I still say you cheated."

"Cheating is most of the fun," Harry shrugs, pressing his lips to the soft spot beneath my ear.

"Is it always going to be like this?" I ask, hope filling my voice.,

Harry pulls back and his thumb traces my cheekbone. "If we try hard enough," he nods. "I imagine there will be rough times. Times when we're both too tired, or too…whatever."

"I don't want it to change," I say, wrapping my arms under his and looping my hands over his shoulders. It's inevitable, I know. But I think it's fair for me to be irrational and impulsive on this perfect summer day.

"Then we don't let it change us," Harry says. His words sound so convincing that I believe him."I don't want to go back to the party," I say. The idea of a crowd just doesn't seem to fit anymore and Harry nods.

"Come on, I'll take you home. And I'll even let you sleep with my jeans."I laugh as he helps me stand, straightening what remains of our clothing, and then wrapping his arms around me to take us home.Vaguely, I remember that my sandals and sundress have been left behind. But I can't really be bothered by details like that too much. After all, Harry is still wearing "The Jeans."

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