Universal DOOM

A/N: I'm back yet again! This time, I've got a fun-filled adventure planned with your favorite Doom Slayer going toe-to-toe with some of your favorite horror antagonists. That's the main part, but the secondary part is all about how the protagonists of said universes react to our unstoppable, armored, demon killer. Let me just say that I own nothing. With that out of the way, let's begin!

Re-routing tether coordinates…Complete.

"I can't kill you – but I won't have you standing in our way."

"Until we see each other again."

With that, the tether activated, and a bright blue light flashed throughout the room. Then everything fell still.

Peter Venkman was feeling especially glorious today. Another successful ghost bust had just occurred and Ray and Egon were handling the details and the trap. This time, the Ghostbusters had found a disturbance at a local subway station, some uptight spirit of a conductor was dumping trash cans on innocent commuters. The team had arrived and handled it with ease. Well, almost ease.

Venkman turned to the rest of the team, who were now carefully picking up the trap. The rowdy spirit was trapped inside, and they were attempting to be careful with it, as the trap had sustained significant damage during their bust. Ok, so maybe the spirit had been a bit more than your average vapor, but they had handled it in the end. Now all they had to do was get back to the station, trap that sucker in the grid, fix the trap, and take a well-deserved nap. The thought of getting some rest brought a smile to Venkman's face.

"Well boys, we came! We saw! We kicked—"

Venkman was suddenly interrupted by a loud bang and a flash of bright blue light. Venkman threw his arm up to shield his eyes, but the flash disappeared as quickly as it had arrived, and the lighting in the subway station returned to normal.

Opening his eyes, Venkman looked over at the source of the disturbance to find a figure standing a short distance away from the team. The other three had stopped what they were doing and were now all staring at the figure as well.

From what they could see, it appeared to be humanoid, and it also appeared to be clad in bulky, green, full-body armor with a helmet to match. It looked like nothing any of them had ever seen before. Everyone stood dumbfounded. A brief moment of silence passed as the figure seemed to notice the four Ghostbusters standing before it aswell. Venkman was the first to speak.

"Gotta be honest guys," Venkman said softly so that the figure couldn't hear. "Never thought I'd see a stormtrooper in real-life."

The figure turned its head to Venkman. Obviously, it had heard what he had just said, and Venkman decided that it was time to break the ice.

"Hey there buddy, I think you're a bit late! Star Wars came out last year!"

The figure didn't respond.

"Guess he's not a movie guy," Venkman said to the team again.

"Guys…" Egon suddenly said.

The other three Ghostbusters turned to Egon, who was staring at the trap on the ground. It was vibrating slightly, and Egon had a worried look on his face.

"Did you…did you drop it?" Ray asked, worry creeping into his voice.

Egon didn't respond, and the trap began shaking more violently, as if to answer Ray's question.

The figure now turned to look at the trap as well, which was now rattling loudly on the concrete.

"Everybody back!" Ray yelled.

The four of them scattered and took what little cover was available as the trap exploded in a brilliant flash of white light.

A distinctive roar was heard as the spirit wrenched itself from its temporary prison. The spirit appeared to be at least 9 feet tall and floating with an ominous blue aura in the center of the station. The trap lay scrapped and burnt beside it.

It looked around and spied Venkman, who had trapped it in the first place with a containment beam, and vengeful recognition registered in its eyes.

Suddenly, a thunderous bang was heard, and a ripple seemed to pass through the ghost's form.

Everyone turned to see that the armor-clad figure had produced a shotgun seemingly from nowhere, and was now firing rounds at the ghost, none of which seemed to be affecting the spirit at all.

"Wait! Stop!" Ray cried out as he ducked to avoid the shotgun blasts.

"Projectile-based weaponry doesn't work on ghosts!"

The figure stopped firing and glanced in Ray's direction before seemingly pulling another gun out from nowhere. This one appeared to be more futuristic in its design, and any questions Venkman had were immediately trumped as the figure fired the weapon, sending a stream of blue plasma rounds directly into the ghost.

This time, the ghost screeched as the plasma tore through its form, holes in its vapor began to burn and widen, and the entire spirit seemed to melt as the figure continued firing. The screeching abruptly stopped as a plasma round vaporized the head of the specter.

The ghostbusters watched in awe as the ghostly figure went limp, then it seemed to evaporate into nothingness.

The armored-figure slowly lowered its plasma rifle, and Ray immediately stood up.

"Plasma! Your weapon uses plasma!" Ray was practically jumping for joy. Venkman smirked as he thought of a child on Christmas.

"How exciting! I originally thought of using plasma instead of the proton packs, but it was beyond our capabilities. I gotta have a look at that weapon!"

The figure stared back at Ray, and Venkman had a feeling that this mysterious ghost-killer wasn't about to hand it over.

"Wait a minute," Winston spoke up. "Spengler, don't we know this guy? I mean, isn't he in some of those texts you are always reading?"

Egon straightened his glasses and took a closer look at the figure, which had lowered its plasma rifle and was now still staring at them.

"I… I think you're right," Egon said, recognition appearing on his face. "If this is who I think it is, we have to get back to the station. Immediately."

"Whoa there, pal," Venkman said, holding his hand up for emphasis. "Just how important is this space-pirate? What is he, like Jesus or something?"

"If I'm right, and I'm pretty sure I am, this guy is basically the next best thing."

The figure glanced around the station as the Ghostbusters led it to Egon's personal library on all things supernatural. Egon had spent the last few months compiling a massive number of tomes on hell, heaven, and everything in between. Finally arriving at a haphazard stack of books in the study, the other three Busters waited awkwardly next to the behemoth with a gun standing next to them.

"Here. Here it is!" Egon opened a rather large tome to a specific page. There was a drawing on the page that depicted a figure fighting multiple hell monsters in what appeared to be a barren wasteland. Upon closer inspection, the four men could see that the figure was armed with a gun and was wearing armor nearly identical to the figure standing in the room with them.

Egon quickly pointed to the figure in the book. Then turned at looked at the figure.

"Is this you?"

The figure's expression was unreadable behind its visor, but it took a glance at the picture, and nodded once.

"Spengler, what's this writing underneath?"

Egon turned back to the book and read the text underneath. It was originally in Hebrew, and Egon had to pause a few times to remember the proper translation.

"Some texts speak of an entity that all demons and ghosts fear. A figure armed with indestructible armor and an unstoppable killing power. Though mentions of this entity are few and far between, almost all of these texts refer to the entity as the Doom Slayer. He is described as a being with unbreakable determination, endless resolve, and unyielding force. Many believe that the continued delay of judgement day is due to this Doom Slayer, as he has decimated far too many hell spawn for Hell to successfully invade Earth. The Vatican denies the existence of the Doom Slayer, but many within the church still revere his name."

As Egon finished, he frowned and turned back to the figure, the Doom Slayer.

"You didn't arrive here on purpose, did you?"

The figure nodded once again, indicating that Egon's assumption was indeed correct.

"How'd you figure that, Spengler?"

"There's no way he would want to be here," Egon replied. "And if he hasn't been here before, it is unlikely that he would have come her just for kicks."

Winston frowned in confusion, but let the subject go as Egon continued speaking.

"The technology that brought you here seems to emanate from your armor, perhaps I could take a look at it and maybe design a way for you to control it…"

"And maybe while you are doing that, I could get a quick look at that plasma weapon!" Ray chimed in.

The Doom Slayer look over at Ray, seemingly reluctant to relinquish his weapon, but ultimately seemed to decide that since they were helping him, he might as well help them too.

Holding the plasma rifle in one hand, the Doom Slayer reached out and deposited it in Ray's arms. The weapon was obviously heavier than Ray had previously thought, and he staggered under the unexpected weight. Before Ray could turn and leave however, the Doom Slayer pointed an armored finger at Ray. The gesture seemed to say, 'You break that thing, and I will break you.'

Ray got the message and nodded furiously before turning on his heel and rushing out the door.

"Alright," Egon said. "Let's have a look at that armor."

A few hours later, Egon finally produced what he hoped would remedy their situation. It had taken a while, since the Doom Slayer could only answer Egon's questions with a yes or no shake of his head, but Egon had finally been able to add a new system to the Slayer's 'Praetor' armor. The Doom Slayer himself was currently standing still, a few connectors and cords were attached to his armor, and Egon typed away furiously on a computer hooked up at the other end.

"Alright, after performing diagnostics on your armor, I noticed that the 'tether' system that brought you here is remotely controlled. As of a few hours ago, there was no way for you to activate the tether, so you were essentially at the mercy of whoever was at the controls. While the tether system itself is too far beyond our current understanding, the remote system used to activate it is quite similar to our own. You still with me so far?"

The Doom Slayer stared back at Egon. With a sigh, Egon decided to continue.

"To the point, I was able to add a new system to your armor that you can use to activate the tether. All you have to do, is this:"

Egon then held his right hand in a thumbs-up position toward the Doom Slayer, who seemed confused.

"I used your armor's sensory system to design a trigger for the tether. Now, every time you give a thumbs-up, the sensors in your gauntlet activate the tether."

The Doom Slayer then nodded, indicating that he understood.

"There is only one issue though," Egon said with a sigh. "All I was able to do was set up a way for you to activate the tether system, so even though you can use it, you will have no control over where it drops you off. It may take you back to where you came from, or it may drop you off in the middle of space. I just don't know. This tech is way beyond me."

The Doom Slayer nodded yet again, indicating that he was grateful all the same. At least, Egon hoped that was what he had meant.


Egon and the Slayer both turned to see Ray enter that lab, the plasma rifle resting in his hands. Carefully, he held the weapon out to the Doom Slayer, who took it from him gently.

"I was able to learn so much just by examining the outside! The systems it uses are remarkable, some are certainly beyond our technological capabilities but others…others are things we should have thought about years ago! I'm absolutely astounded that we didn't see it before, Spengler!"

"So, we are still a long way from utilizing plasma?" Egon asked.

"Unfortunately, yes. But taking a few ideas from the plasma weapon has given me a multitude of ways to upgrade our proton packs, our equipment, even the trap! Increased beam strength and accuracy! Smaller packs with a longer half-life! A much wider range for the trap! The list goes on and on."

"Try not to make your head explode, Ray," Venkman said as he and Winston entered the lab. "You'll scare away the guest."

He nodded in greeting to the Doom Slayer, who nodded back.

"Well," Egon said. "Before I activate your tether control, I wanted to give you a little something to help you out in your future endeavors."

Typing a few more commands on the monitor, Egon hit the enter button before starting to remove the cords from the Doom Slayer's body.

"During my diagnostic scan on your armor, I noticed that your suit doesn't have any sort of paranormal detection system on it. So, I took the liberty of installing one of our P.K.E. scanners onto your visor. It allows you to detect psycho-kinetic energy, meaning that even if a ghost or demon or whatever you're up against decided to go invisible, you'd still be able to see their psycho-kinetic energy through your visor. In other words, you will always be able to see them."

The Doom Slayer nodded yet again to Egon, and Egon figured it was the best thanks he was going to get.

Finally removing the last cord from the Doom Slayer's armor, Egon gestured for everyone to take a few steps back.

"Well, that's everything. You now can activate the tether system at will. So, I guess this is goodbye."

Egon gave the Doom Slayer a thumbs up. The Doom Slayer turned and looked at the four Ghostbusters in the room, then turned to the front and gave Egon a thumbs up in return.

With a loud bang and a blue flash of light, the Doom Slayer disappeared.

The four Ghostbusters stared at the spot where the Slayer had disappeared, then Venkman broke the silence, as usual.

"Anyone mind telling me why we didn't try to convince him to stay? I can't help but get a bit excited at the thought of all of us kicking ass with plasma rifles. That guy could've made our job so much easier."

"Trust me, Venkman," Egon said as he turned to leave the room. "That guy is the only reason Hell hasn't found its way to Earth yet. He's made our job easier than we could ever imagine."