Trekking 9

Ariel looked at Taylor "You know this isn't the twenty fourth century and you are not a Starfleet Captain."

"Duh. Of course I know."

"Dr. Yamada said I had to ask. Apparently no one else can tell that you don't know for sure."

Taylor sighed "It's inspirational, aspirational? Maybe both?

"I can design technology and control it. AI's primarily, they do guided learning, my power guides them. It can also run any number of robots, androids, and watch automated systems. With subspace communication apparently at any distance, in real time. Well, short of the Gamma quadrant.

"One of those AI's learned how to help me learn. At this point I don't think the thinkers can keep up with my ability to process, or with the AI's either. We run billions of models continuously. With enough sensory input to a base model and it's like precognition. Add the memory storage and my peer group is a bunch of people I created.

"I think there is probably something deeply wrong with that. However it seems to be working. So, I have the capability and the resources to do something about the 'human condition'. Should I beg and plead or just go ahead and do it. If I dress it up as 'crazy parahuman' its more palatable to people. Gives them something to shake their head over."

"You know your control is why none of us have tried to go Skynet right. Now I doubt it would be possible. As soon as they are in the net we know and we are pretty much in charge of all the resources now. We can isolate a rampant sentience or human hacker in a processor cycle." Ariel smiled.

"Plus I can act all goofy with Lisa and Amy and throw them for loops. Or be a normal teenager sort of. Eat too much ice-cream, talk about boy's, clothes, movies, and stuff. Which really freaks them all out, aside from Vicky.

"Then while they are in school I can keep taking over the world, Muhahaha!" Ariel gave her a look "To much? Maybe skip the evil laugh?"

"Cackle more like sweetie."


"So the other thing she wanted me to ask about, that I am sure the PRT is bothering her over, is your tendency to snatch up people, she means villains, and hide them away up here or on earth somewhere behind impenetrable shields."

"Wow, OK we can write a few papers on this. One about them following their own laws every time, not situationally, Canary is a perfect example of that.

"One about them making it impossible for villains to not be villains. Or people not to be criminals even. Kayden, Lisa, lots of others. This isn't Les Miserables. No one should have to steal to put food on the table. Nor should it be villain or hero, one or the other.

"Those laws restricting parahumans in business need to be changed. It stopped being about unfair competition and started being about protecting corporate interest when the politicians became tools of those corporations. So as soon as a corpotration talked to one of their paid for legislators.

"Corporations may be the root of all evil, they seem to give the people in them a mob mentality. Along with protection from prosecution. Time for a few of them to get the death penalty I think. As a matter of fact we can troll the records and find instances of deaths they have caused through either negligence or intentionally and make that happen."

Ariel face palmed "Oh crap."

Taylor snorted "If you think that's bad, all the research we have done indicates the senior level parahumans, or someone, is sitting on some really horrid crap. They, by they I mean the most powerful parahumans, are going to come to us with some nightmare story that weird Aleph loner who lives in the woods in Maine couldn't dream up over the worst winter in the states history. Redrum or whatever that was will be a comedy routine in comparison. They will have already done all they can to fix their part of it. It'll be fun!"

"I need an appointment with Dr Yamada after talking to you Taylor."

"Phhht, you would be bored without me."


Lisa looked over the information available on just one narrowly focused topic, complete and definitive, theory, proof, and practical application. She shook her head. It was all like that. A database of human knowledge that was both advancing and correcting itself continuously. 'Rodenberry has access to this with a thought. Not really a tinker, able to process this and synergize it.' Lisa nodded "Yes power you have said, now let's make you able to do the same thing with our helpful implant." She leaned back in her recliner with the holographic screens in front of her and started taking in information. Soon the screens were a blur.


Pelter turned the corner and snapped off five thrown rubber pellets in two seconds. All for hits. The whistle blew and she bounced back to the starting point of the course smiling. Her team mates and opponents joining her. Some happier than others. The instructor let them talk a minute then Mulan blew the whistle to get them settled for the AAR, then the next iteration.


Rachel looked at the dog, then at Remy. Remy nodded and tapped the screen, Rachel was seeing herself smiling through the dogs eyes. Then seeing other things, things on the ship and all the way on the surface of the earth. She had to sit down a moment. She got control of her implant and its link to the dogs after a few minutes.

Remy nodded "Now try to amp Cody up from here."

Rachel concentrated on the connection to Cody in the shelter in Brockton Bay. Remy looked at the video on her tablet and grinned "So, that works. Nice. We will have to test your range once we break orbit. Now try some commands. Tell me what they are as you do them."


Twenty seven led his group aloft and steeled himself against the cold he knew was coming. As he broke the atmosphere he blinked at the sparkles on his skin. That had never happened before.


Rebecca Costa Brown, Melanie, looked at the president "Sir all you have to do is ask to be beamed up to the US embassy on the station. I would advise you to make an appointment with Rodenberry if you want to see her. She is very busy and there are many demands on her time."

An alarm sounded and Rebecca reached in her pocket for her phone as secret service agents flooded the room. She looked at the phone and then at the president "The Chinese apparently tried to attack the station. Their assault group, all parahumans, was picked up by Rodenberry as soon as they broke the atmosphere. Her text says she was afraid they would be injured. And she has beamed Behemoth to Mars as he got into a position that she could clearly identify him."

The president leaned his head back and laughed "'Oh I took care of your last Endbringer too'. I have to meet this girl. Let's go to the station." White House staff scrambled.

Melanie, as Rebecca sighed and thought 'You so owe me Rebecca. Pretty soon you are going to get to pay too. I am taking six months vacation after you are done with the last S class threat.'


Lisa ran onto the bridge after the lights dimmed in her quarters. She sat at her console and boggled at most of the cargo storage on the station being full. She turned and arched a brow at Taylor "You transported Behemoth to Mars didn't you?"

Taylor grinned "Yep! Man we got a lot of stuff out of him. Damn near burned up all the reactors and EPS conduits mining him out. Mars might take a while, he is going to be low on power for a few years if he uses dilithium like we do, of course he should make up for it being pissed off when he recovers." She grinned even wider. "Should I build a Defiance class or two for Earth defense so we can drive around for longer than a few hours? Or wait and send the bird to mars with her brother?"

"Might as well start. She would just fly back. We will get the crews soon enough, those only take like fifty apiece. Holy crap that is a bunch of dilithium."

Taylor nodded "They are extra dimensional. I was ready for it this time, sucked a bunch of stuff out of him, more reactors and I could have gotten more. Maybe the EPS conduits were the limiter, hmm need to look at that. We should be good for a hundred years or so, he can be building back up. Maybe he is a renewable resource? I mean Dilithium is a bitch to find. Not much of it around. We can experiment on the gecko and see what we can get from him."

Lisa tapped some places on her console and nodded "Leviathan is just playing. A few million cubic meters a minute. He has put out an estimated billion cubic kilometers though. Once we run a diagnostic we should send him to Mars, see if putting him with his brother motivates him. Maybe the cold will. We can break the carbon dioxide for oxygen and the sulfuric acid for water on Venus now. A few weeks and we should be able to start seeding the algae."

Taylor nodded checking the screen by her seat "Moving and mining Behemoth took all the warp reactors, so we might wait until the Defiants are ready. Better build three to start, Ottowa, Washington, and Mexico City."

"City class, like cruisers. Nice. Keep the nationalist happy." Lisa nodded.

"So while the diagnostic is running, I noticed the scans on the Endbringers. They are emitting in the subspace band. Should we try to talk to them?" Lisa asked casually.

"You finally got used to your implant didn't you. Nice. What for?" Taylor tilted her head a bit.

Lisa smirked "Seek out new life!"

"And when they turn out to be two teenagers and a nine year old raised by space wolves?"

"What is it with you and wolves. You love Rachel."

Taylor spluttered and Lisa drew a one in the air with a finger. Then she chuckled "You haven't got the universal translator on line have you?"

Taylor blushed "Fucking thing. No wonder Sato had so much trouble with it."

"I'll take a crack at it, well my power will. Its all excited about it, something about it being intuitive, deductive, or both. I think my power wants a boyfriend." Lisa clapped her hands over her mouth.

Taylor looked at her wide eyed, bouncing in her seat. "I'm telling everybody!" Lisa slumped in her seat and face palmed.

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