Hi! It's been a while since I started a new story but I've come up with something that might be the least bit interesting.

"You can run but you can't hide, hedgehog!" The doctor's voice resonated over the loudspeaker.

The blue blur had infiltrated Eggman's lair to snag a chaos emerald the doctor was using to power one of his newest inventions. The hedgehog thought he could've been in and out, grab the emerald and leave before he noticed a thing. However, Eggman had bumped up security majorly since the last time Sonic and friends busted into the scientist's hideout.

Red alert lights flashed and flying robots shooting lasers followed Sonic as he ran through the facility.

"We'll see about that, Egghead!" Sonic replied although the doctor most likely didn't hear him. "Tails, how's the reading on that emeralds location?" Sonic spoke through his earpiece.

"Keep heading north! The emerald should be in the next room!" The fox said.


Sonic skid to a halt and spindashed into the flying machines to destroy them, he then continued on his way. Better to take care of the issue before it becomes an actual problem.

The hedgehog soon entered a large room. There was a high platform with a door on the other side along with a staircase. The walls were lined with buttons, switches and blinking lights. However, there was no emerald in sight.

"Tails, I'm not seeing-" Sonic was cut off by his way out closing off behind him. "Huh!?" The ceiling suddenly opened up and a large glass dome fell and trapped the hero inside. Sonic scowled and banged his fist against the dome. "Tails, can you hear me? Hey!" There was no reply.

"Comfortable, Sonic?" The scientist appeared through the door on the other side of the room.

"Eggman! Where's the chaos emerald and why can't I talk to Tails!?"

"That casing dampens radio signals you're completely alone now, hedgehog."

Sonic tries once again to break the glass but reels his hand back from the painted shock he experienced after punching it.

Eggman laughed at his captives attempt at attaining freedom."Don't even bother trying to escape! That glass is shatter proof. And to answer your question about the emerald..there isn't one!"


"That's right, Sonic! I don't have a chaos emerald...but I do have." The villain whistled and orbot and cubot came in carrying a familiar pasted out figure.

"Shadow!?" Sonic called in surprise.

"That's right, your dear friend, Shadow!" Eggman replied. "It's amazing what just a tiny bit of extracted chaos energy can do!" The doctor made a gesture with his figures to indicate smallness. Eggman nodded to the robots and they dropped the unconscious hedgehog over the platform in front of Sonic. Sonic flinched as his friend fell before his eyes.

"What's your plan, Egghead? If you don't have an emerald what do you want with, Shadow?"

"I'm glad you asked! You see, my estranged sister had a child recently and it got me thinking! I'm not going to live forever and I'm going to need an heir to the future Eggman empire! That's where you and Shadow come in!" The doctor explained. "You two always manage to screw up my plans so I came up with a genius idea! Extract your DNA and chaos energy and wa la! A new life form that can rival you both in every way!"

Before Sonic could reply he was doubling over in pain. The scientist had pushed a button and tubes had latched on to the two air holes that were on the dome. Energy, his energy swirled around him and up the tubes until it became hard to keep his eyes open. The last thing Sonic saw before he passed out was Eggman laughing maniacally.




The familiar voice faded in and out.

"Sonic! Wake up!" Shadow yelled. He was shaking the others shoulders trying to wake the other.

"Huh!? Shadow? Where-oh!" Sonic scrambled to his feet but not before wobbling a bit.

They were in what appeared to be a cell, the bars were what seemed to be more lasers. Sonic didn't even want to test to see how bad those would hurt.

"How long was I out?" The blue blur asked.

"No idea, I just woke up myself. Right now all I care about is finding a way out of here."

"Right!" Sonic agreed. The hedgehog put his hand under his chin and looked around the cell. There must be something, honestly for a genius, Eggman wasn't that smart.

After a glancing around, Sonic noticed a ventilation shaft near the ceiling.

"Shadow up there!" Sonic pointed.

The other hedgehog looked where the other was gesturing. "Got it." Shadow launched an attack at the vent and opened up the passage.

"I'll boost you up then you pull me up." Shadow said.

Sonic nodded. Shadow locked his fingers together and boosted Sonic up into the large vent. The blue hedgehog then reached down to pull up his friend.

"Tails? Can you hear me? I'm with Shadow, it was a set up. I'm counting on you to lead us outside, we're in the vents." Sonic said, holding his breath.

"Roger that, Sonic! Head north and make a left." Sonic let go of his breath when he heard his best friend reply.

"Where is Tails, anyway?" Shadow asked.

"He should be nearby with the tornado."

The striped hedgehog nodded and the two proceeded to follow Tails's instructions of crawling through the vents.

"Ok, keep going straight and make a right." The inventor said.

"Right." Sonic replied.

As the two hedgehogs crawled through the airways some light was able to be seen up ahead. A voice could also be heard.

"Orbot, bring me the samples."

"Is that, Eggman?" Sonic whispered.

"I think so, we should see what he's up to." Shadow whispered in reply.

Sonic nodded and the two crawled as quietly as they could to the vent and peeked in to see what the scientist could be doing.

"Right away doctor!" Orbot came in to the room holding a trey with two capsules on it, one blue, one black.

"Excellent!" Eggman said. He took both capsules and put them into the dash of one of his many inventions. Above the dash was an even larger capsule with green liquid inside.

"What is he doing?" Shadow asked.

"Before I passed out he said he wanted a kid I think.. one made from our energy and DNA.." Sonic replied whispering so the doctor won't hear.

Eggman pressed a few buttons and switches on the dash of his machine and there was a flash. The small capsules began to empty into the larger green capsule and began to mix together.

What looked like a small fetus began to form. It grew larger with each passing second. It grew ears and a tail. It grew black fur and quills with blue streaks on them. It grew finally into a fully developed baby hedgehog. She had tan arms and the same color blue streaks as Sonic's. Two of her quills were upturned like Shadow's while the other two quills below them were leaned downwards, she also had two bang quills on her forehead that also had blue streaks on them.