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Arriving home with infant, Pandora was one of the happiest days of Allison's young life. Her ruby eyes sparked to life seeing the toothless grin of the newborn.

Years passed and the sisters grew, finding their own paths, interests, personalities, they developed into fine young women under the care of their fathers.

Allison Grace was now 16 years old and Pandora Maria turning 14 not long after. It was their first day of school after a long summer of family vacation. Allison was going into the eleventh grade while Pandora was attending her very first day of high school. The sisters shared a bedroom that used to be their fathers guest room. The walls were painted a light pink, by Amy's demand, and there was a bed set on both sides of the room. Pandora sported a black comforter and a wooden headboard with her bed while Allison had a blue comforter and a painted white headboard with lacey designs etched into it. The carpet was a pinkish peach color. Up against the wall were two dressers, one a brown wooden one and the other a white with pink accents. And between the the dressers was a window with the curtain covering it, letting in little light through the bottom.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Allison reached over and hit snooze on the alarm clock on her bedside table. Next to the waking device was a family photo of when the four person family unit went pumpkin picking the last year for Halloween.

The black and blue hedgehog slowly sat up and yawned, she looked over at the calendar and smiled when she saw it was the first day of school. She quickly tore the blanket off herself and went over to her white and pink dresser.

She put on a pair of white gloves and clicked her inhibitor rings into place, dad's orders, she then put on a light blue tank top with two red hearts at the bottom of it. Ally slipped on her lavender vest with a white collar. Going through her drawers she found herself a pair of jean shorts, school or not fall hasn't arrived just yet. Finally slipping on socks and her long light blue boots with ruby colored hearts on them, clicking two more inhibitor rings into place the female had successfully gotten out of her pajamas and into day clothes. While preparing she completely forgot about her little sister snoozing away.

"Hmm.." Allison walked over to her sister's sleeping form and shook her gently. "Pan? Hey, wake up, Pan! It's time for school!"

Pandora only groaned in response and made a shooing gesture with her hand to her big sister.

Ally rolled her eyes and sighed. Ok, it was time to do this the hard way then. She walked to the end of the bed and ripped the blanket off of Pandora.

"Ughhhhhhhhhh..! Al, what the heck!?" Pandora said, now sitting up in bed.

Allison chuckled. "Sorry, sis! But I'm not gonna let you miss your first day of high school!"

Pandora got up and went to her dresser. " sound just like pops.."

"And you sound just like dad." Ally retorted.

Pan smiled at her sister. "Ok, ok.. truce?" She said holding out her hand.

"Truce." Ally agreed shaking the others hand. "I'm gonna go get pops and dad up."

Just as Allison turned to leave, Pandora stopped her. "Al, are you forgetting something?"


Pan raised an eyebrow and smiled.

"Oh! Haha, thanks, Pan!" Allison walked over to her bedside table and opened the drawer, inside was a miniature green gem and a small golden ring on a string. The female hedgehog clipped the green gem to her ear and put the ringed necklace on. The necklace and earring are very important to Allison, she can't believe she forgot them! The earring is a small replica of Shadow's favorite chaos emerald and the necklace holds the very first ring Sonic ever collected.

Ally went down the hall into her parents bedroom. Sonic and Shadow were still passed out. She almost didn't want to wake them up, they looked so peaceful snuggled up together. Oh, well!

"Dad, pops! C'mon, first day of school!" She yelled.

The two males instantly jumped up in surprise. Sonic panted and Shadow tried to slow down his now racing heart.

"Allison!" Shadow scolded.

"Sorry, dad... it's just.. first day of school and all." She replied awkwardly.

"First day?" Sonic asked. "I thought that was tomorrow.."

"Nope!" Ally said.

"Well.." Shadow said, getting out of bed. "We better make you girls breakfast and pack a lunch. Sonic, dear, it's your day to make breakfast."

"Got it, since it's the first day do pancakes sound good?"

Pandora walked by the door with a toothbrush hanging out of her mouth. She wore a sleeveless top with black and red stripes. The collar was lined with black fluff. Her gloves were also dark and ruby striped and went up her arms halfway. They were also finger less and she also wore inhibitor rings.

"What's going on?" Pan asked slightly muffled by her toothbrush.

"Pancakes for breakfast?" Sonic asked.

Her eyes widened and she spit the toothpaste residue into the cup she was holding. "Pops..I love you."

The rest of the morning went by smoothly, the sisters ate a delicious breakfast made by Sonic and Shadow packed them a lunch that the girls loved the most. Tuna sandwich for Pan and PB&J for Ally.

"See you later, pops and dad! Allison called as the two walked out the door.

The sisters started down the street on their way to school.


"Do you see her?"

"Yes uncle, there's another one next to her but it shouldn't be a problem for us."

"Good! Today, I reclaim what's mine!"


As the two girls chatted they were distracted by a loud booming noise that only seemed to get closer.

"What is that?" Pan asked

"No idea.." Ally answered, looking around. Allison continued to look until she spotted something along the horizon, her eyes widened and she couldn't look away at what looked like a giant robot coming their way.

"A-A-Al... Am I seeing this?!" Pandora stuttered out.

"I...I..." Was all Allison could say as the red and yellow machine came to a stop in front of them.

The cockpit dome opened up revealing two figures, a large man and a short girl. The man wore a red outfit and blue goggles. A noticeable feature is that he was completely bald but had a bushy mustache that showed signs of graying. He had a devilish smile on his face. The girl beside him had wild reddish brown hair and blue tinted glasses. She wore a dress that was black on top and red and yellow on the skirt. On top of her head was a golden tiara like headdress with a red gem.

"Hello, my dear experiment." The man said.

Allison couldn't comprehend what was happening. She's never seen anything like it before.

"You'll be coming with us!" The girl said. She pushed a button and the arm of the robot began to aim at the girls and charge up what looked like an attack.

Pandora grabbed her sisters hand and ran for it. The two zoomed into the forest as they heard a blast along with the curses from the fat man. The machine began to move in their direction, much faster as the noise it made implied.

The sisters hid out in a cave, while the two strangers looked for them.

"Who is that and what does he want with you?!" Pandora whisper yelled.

Allison started at her feet as she stroked her quills. "I-I don't know... why did he call me an experiment?" She said to more to herself.

"We need pops and dad!" Pan said, once more grabbing Allison's hand."We'll draw too much attention if we run. I'll use chaos control to get us home."

"Are you sure?" Allison asked. "Dad just started teaching us!"

"Well we won't know if we don't try-!"

The girls gasped as they were once more face to face with their pursuers.

"There you are!" The man said.

"Chaos control!" Pan yelled. The females disappeared without a trace.

"Uncle!" The girl called.

"Yes, yes, I know! They're running home to Sonic and Shadow! Hmph, what a waste! Did those two really not teach my heir how to fight!? Or even tell her about the great Dr. Ivo Robotnik!? It also seems like they created another child of their own.. she could be useful."

"I thought I was your heir.." The girl said

Eggman ruffled the girls hair affectionately. "Of course, of course.."


Allison and Pandora materialized several feet above the front yard of their home.

"Owwwwwww..." They both moaned as they hit the ground.

Sonic opened the front door with Shadow following behind.

"Girls? I thought you were on your way to school!" Shadow said.

The sisters immediately got up and practically jumped into their parents arms. They then began to talk at once about their experience.

"Ally! Pan! Slow down! I can't understand a word you're saying!" Sonic said.

The daughters separated from their fathers and looked at each other.

"A man in a giant robot tried to kill us!" They said simultaneously.

"A man in a robot..?" Shadow repeated.

Sonic's breathing began to grow heavy and he wrung his hands together.


"He's back.." Sonic managed to say. "I thought it was over but..."

Shadow did what he could to help Sonic with his breathing.

"Pops! Dad!" Ally yelled. "Who's back?"

Shadow hesitated a moment. "...Dr. Robotnik.. the man that created you.."

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