Disclaimer – I don't own Dragon Prince. This was written for Wattpad's third JustWriteDay Challenge where one had twenty-four hours to produce a story 500 words or less with the the theme Honor Bound. This became a one-shot collection when someone asked me to write more stories for the Dragon Prince series. I'm using the prompt tables from the 100_situations community over on Live Journal for this.

Honor Bound

Every young Moonshadow Elf admired Runaan.

Specifically, every young elf wished their skill level allowed them entry into the elite ranks of Runaan's group of assassins, yet none of the younger elves ever were. None of the young Moonshadow Elves could match the speed and prowess of their group; many expected many years of adulthood would pass before they might match said groups ability.

Then came Rayla.

None of the other Moonshadow Elves were surprised when Rayla's abilities matched that of Runaan's elves. The older elf personally trained Rayla, yet the blood connections meant everyone expected yet another genius assassin. Her skills didn't just outmatch those her age, but soon outmatched those in his group. However, there was some surprise when he selected her for the next mission.

"Her blades have never tasted blood. Are you sure she should go on a mission as important as this one?"

"She'll be fine. We need her skill to revenge the Dragon King and the Dragon Prince."

"Are you sure you're not letting your own sense of honor get in the way?"

"If she fails, I'll ground her until the mission is done. She's a Moonshadow Elf, so she is not afraid of death." He didn't know Rayla had a different sense of honor, as they were blood related, yet perhaps he should have known.