Harry Potter who now a lord walking through carpet that leads him to the wedding. No not his wedding, it is the wedding of between draco and astoria greengrass. He never like that ponce git after hogwarts but because one of the younger generation he have to attend this otherwise media gonna bang him.

He slowly walked in. Just as he step in every eyes fall on him. Being harry potter have its own disadvantages. But now he used to it. So he lifted a hand and waved at the audience then goes to find a table. He noticed that in most of the table there are purebloods or wizengamot or ministry members. After a round he found a free table at a corner then sat at it. Then the marriage proceed. Draco standing is in front of him wearing usual high class dress but that looks old fashioned. At his side standed his best man Nott. Then there is his mother Narcissa. Harry have a good relationship with her because he is now head of house black. He offers her to his family and she accepts but draco said he would return the honour of malfoys. Malfoys now is not that rich as there are some fines also the money that dark lord takes make them half rich than before. There are now in 17th rich family in britain. Needless to say harry's wisely investment and his reputation works well for him as he is now richest person not only in britain but in whole Europe. The potter family is now in 1st place and black are in 3rd place in rich family ranking. In deep in his thoughts he did not noticed that he already finished 2 glass of alcohol.

Then his eyes travels as the bride arrives. He have to agree Astoria looks Gorgeous. She wears a white classy dress. With a graceful steps she comes to the stage with her father. Her father kiss her cheek then handed her to draco. Who looks in daze. His eyes scans in the stage as falls upon a blonde who may be a bridesmaid of Astoria. Then he remembered actually he knows that girl. She is daphne greengrass who is now working president of Greengrass business. They are in 2nd place in the rich ranking as they have their business around the world. But harry's investment in United States, muggle world benefited him a lot. He also own a airlines in britain. There are 20 drogon reserves are now in his names. So according to stats there is no one far close to beat him the position for at least 30 years.

He then looks at her. His breath caught half. He did not noticed her that well in hogwarts but seamus's word beep into his mind that she is the most beautiful and hot girl in his year. But they says that she is a cold hearted bitch. She never dated anyone in hogwarts. Rumours also says that many have tried to force her but in result she froze their crotch bits off. It is horrific thought. She now looks different as she have now a smile in her face. Her face is just wow. She is curvy slytherin having a best figure he has ever seen. Above else she just looks breathtaking fucking gorgeous.

Suddenly their eyes meet. Harry caught off guard as he is staring at her. But then he winked at her and miracle she is actually blushed. After all ceremony of marriage there is a photo session. Aunt narcissa called him. He stands for a photo with brides and his aunt. After the photo he began to leave but stopped by a soft hand hold him. As he turned around he saw daphne holds him. From this close distance he can see her cleavage. Which makes him uncomfortable in low downside. She then tuck him by his hand and led again to stage for photo.

She stayed glued to him for about 10 photos. Then leave him but accompany him in his table. Now he thinks himself lucky as many boys around him glaring daggers at him. Surely Daphne's beauty is worth it.

"so why did you catch me in stage." he asked her."not that i mind i mean who would mind having a beautiful girl in his hand" he said flirtatiously.

She blushed slightly then look up from her glass. Then said "actually there a all these boys hooking at me so i just stands with you cause no one can dare to interfere you as you are the The-boy-who-conquered." with a smile.

"So you are with me here so i can protect you from outsiders. What i am a knight with golden armour to you my fallen princess." he said mockingly.

She laughed then blushed. He can't remember he ever saw any emotions in her face before.

"No i just hanging around a guy who is both strong and handsome so it is win-win." she said.

" Actually you know this the first time i have seen any emotion in your beautiful face also i feel proud as i can make you blush" he said cheekily.

She again laughed then look up at me. " You know you are the first that got into my nerves. So you deserved to be proud."

"okay thank you"

"i cling at you as i am little bit attracted to you since our 6th year you know. As you see i never really like draco but my sister likes him so i was bound. Then they announced that they are engaged and going to marry, i can't help but get jealous of my sister, after all i am older ao i should marry first then i realised that i have never dated anyone because of my ice-queen behaviour. I don't want to date anyone normal i want to date one who can patch up with me as i am not that girly type. And you know i am handling my family businesses so i want to date one that can fitted under this criteria. I only can find two guys like that one is Nott and you. Nott is tracy's Boyfriend so he is out. That leaves me you also you note that actually now i am liking you already." she said with a hint of blush in her cheeks.

"whoa...Umm….kay….so you want to date me." he asked nervously. After all he only dated 2 girls till now.


"okay you know i am not that confident around girls. I only dated 2 girls till now." he said.

"Then what you seems to like me and i like you, so lets." she said.

"okay….umm...daphne wanna my girlfriend."


"it's easy"


"So now what"

"we can fuck, you know in my bedroom."



A/N: After reading cursed child and know that draco and astoria are going to marry i have this idea. with a punch of humor. It is Twin shot will end in 2 chapter.