Harry's Mind Throbbing hard very hard. It feels like his head crashed. So with jolt he open his eyes. In front of eyes is a nice decorated ceiling. He just began to look around when felt someone something held his shaft around a soft hand.

His view shifted with a golden blurring then he is looking at a goddess. Her hair is drastic everywhere also in his face. Her face is glowing. And she is NAKED.

"Hey, am i dead ?" he asked.

She began laughing then stroke his penis fast for few moment, all while rubbing his warm chest with his. Her nice round boob make him hard in just looking at her. She smiled at him.

"No, harry not yet, we have only sex once and i am not going to let you die before our 5th round" she said fakely deadpanned.

Harry's mind stop working. What the hell she is talking about. In between haze he tried to remember previous day. Suddenly a gush of memory strike him.

He remembered attending draco's wedding. Then eying draco's mother and wed. After that he remembered fully his whole encounter with daphne greengrass. And she is…..now in his bed.

"DAPHNE….how….how this happened" he asked her.

"Oh you don't remember, what a shame, one should remember his great performance in bed. Also you took my virginity last night." she replied.


"We just talked then you asked me to your girlfriend then i said yes and you asked me now what so i suggest we can have sex. First you resigned, then after some drink you said yes and lifted me here and make me scream your name for a very long time. Ao mister potter ready for another round." she again replied casually.

Memories hit him. He remembers everything except the enjoyment and their play.

She lifted up and sit in his stomach. Her hand began tracing his abs. She kissed his chest, neck, jawline and slowly moving downwards. When she reached his centre she looked up at him then take his whole shaft to her mouth. His body shuddered at the sensation that daphne creating. He can't remember last night but seeing the lust look he is receiving from her, he thought that he really worked great last night.

If he can't remember last encounter then. He is going to worth the next to remember. He enjoyed for a time then he gives her his thanks physically in return…..Going for 5th round i guess…..Huh.

Two years later….

"Harry fuck…fuck me hard cause this is our wedding day we can't let this normal."

And they began their journey. Also they used 55 kamasutra positions that night. Harry diet a full month stay fit for this day. All worth it.

After that night daphne can't able to get out of their room for two days. But screaming never stops. Really potter is a great……..fucker i mean.

Four years later….…

"Daphne stop screaming, james will awake"

"I can't help it. You are soooooo good. It feels heaven my husband, so stop complaining cause i already got a silencing charm around him. So my dear great husband fuck me, FUCK ME HARD."

"OH yes"

And that night screaming won't stop till morning.

Ten years later……

"Harry why did you teach them flying they just flying and flying all day" daphne Said with looking out the window to her 4 childrens.

James sirius, albus severus, Lily Isabella, Rose cyrus their four kids all are brilliant. James born a year after their marriage. Albus 1 year later then comes twin lily and rose 2 years later.

"It have its own benefits, now we can do anything because we are now alone" harry said.

She turned around on kitchen table and there fun begins…..

173 years laters ……

Harry potter The-boy-who-lived, The-boy-who-conquered, the chosen one, triwizard champions dragon and basilisk slayer, minister of magic for a 75 years, order of merlin first class, lord of house potter-black-peverell-Gryffindor now sitting in the hallway in his home. In his side sitting his beloved wife daphne potter.

"You know daphne it is a great journey" he said.

"Yeah i know"

she shifted and pulled harry on top of her for the one last time of their unending love. he cames to his end in his 15th stroke.

"you know daphne i really love you, from the day i first fucked you."

"i love you too my harry"

They kissed last time and The next journey of their life again began.

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