The evening felt like it would never end. Harry was busy patrolling the halls of Hogwarts, a shiny 'Head Boy' badge attached to his robes.

After winning the war, Harry decided to return to Hogwarts to complete his last year. He had been told he could skip it by the ministry, they would award him all of the NEWTs that he asked for. It had been a tempting thought, though then Harry knew that he wouldn't have felt like he really earned his NEWTs. So, he decided to return to school.

Ron didn't. Instantly, he accepted six NEWTs and decided to go work with George at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes.

Hermione came back to Hogwarts with him, though Harry barely saw her. She was always busy studying for her NEWTs or sneaking out of the castle to go visit Ron.

Harry's work as Head Boy kept him busy though, Headmistress McGonagall asked him to do it as a favour for her. His presence at Hogwarts kept morale high and the student body really looked up to him. Harry liked With returning to Hogwarts came a couple of challenges. First was Ginny. The two of them had grown apart, Harry wasn't too sure they had really been that close together in the first place. They both tried to return to their relationship but after a month, they decided to part ways amicably. That month had been some of the worst of Harry's life. He spent a number of night crying in his room alone, sad that he couldn't make things work with the only person he felt he had left.

Harry got over Ginny eventually. The school year was halfway over. The Christmas holidays were due to start soon. Harry felt comfortable enough now that he could talk to Ginny without much pain or longing inside of him, though, he didn't know if it would ever go away entirely. To love someone and then realize you don't love them in the same way anymore is hard. But Harry felt much better now. He was confident that he could move on to another girl without much hassle.

And there in lies the second challenge. The girls. Immediately after the war ended, Harry was left alone for the most part. He spent some time with his friends but most people were too awestruck, scared, or cautious to approach him. After a few weeks had passed, he was suddenly swarmed by hundreds of girls. He had children coming up to him, asking him to marry them, all the way up to old widows asking the same. It was awkward and overwhelming to say the least.

When Harry was still with Ginny, other girls had blatantly flirted with him in front of her. There was more than one fist fight that Harry had to break up. After it was known that Harry and Ginny split, the girls at Hogwarts seemed to redouble their efforts to seduce him.

Well, all but one notable exception.

The other Head Girl was Daphne Greengrass, a Slytherin. Headmistress McGonagall thought that it would be for the best if Harry was paired with a Slytherin, help to stitch together the fresh wounds of the war. Harry had been hesitant at first, but then he racked his memories of what Daphne Greengrass was like.

Harry supposed that the first time he noticed her was when he was in his first year. Pansy Parkinson, another Slytherin, ran a gang of girls who viciously mocked anyone Pansy disliked.Daphne had been apart of that group. They had made fun of Hermione a lot, Harry had hated them for that.Over the next few years though, Daphne hadn't hung out with Pansy much. The next time Harry vividly remembered Daphne was when he was a fourth year. The Yule Ball had been a disaster for him that year. He left the party alone and dejected. That was when he had stumbled across Daphne, standing in the halls of Hogwarts on the arm of Theodore Nott.

The two of them hadn't noticed him from his position by the corner of an intersection, they were talking. Harry ducked back around the corner and listened.

"Oh please, you can't be serious Daphne," Theodore laughed.

"I am, very," Daphne replied.

"Mudbloods are not better than us in any way, shape, or form," Theodore laughed again.

Harry heard a smack. "I can't think of a single muggle born you're better than, Theodore,"

Daphne told him with quiet fierceness. She left Theodore there, Harry had to move further back to avoid being seen by the angry blond.

Harry had been surprised by her that night. Afterward, he noticed that Daphne rarely treated anyone poorly for not being a pureblood or any number of other points that the elitist purebloods liked to use.

After pondering the choice of Daphne Greengrass as the Head Girl, Harry agreed to it.

The two of them had private rooms, located on the fifth floor, fairly close to the Prefects' Bathroom. Their rooms were connected to a large, private common room. Neither of them really invited people over there much, it was quiet and peaceful.

Harry and Daphne rarely spoke much to each other, it had been quite awkward for Harry at first to work with a Slytherin. Over time though, he developed a sense of ease around Daphne. While they were still not great friends, they spoke briefly regularly and worked well together. They didn't see each other much though, their schedules just conflicted. A part of him wanted to get to know the witch better, hopefully sometime soon he would be able to.

With the Christmas holidays coming up in a couple of days, the halls of Hogwarts were deserted.

Harry hadn't come across a single person all night. Casting tempus, Harry noted that it was just after midnight. His patrol was over. He lazily made his way back to the fifth floor, ready to turn in for a good nights sleep.

His mind changed though when he passed by the Prefects' Bathroom. Abruptly, he decided to go for a bath. He was a little tired and it would be nice to end his dull patrol with a relaxing bath.

"Lemony Suds," Harry said, giving the password to the door that guarded the bathroom. He stepped in and the door closed behind himself.

Harry stood in a small changing room. He opened one of the lockers and stripped naked, taking off his robes, underclothes, and shoes. He placed them in the locked and locked it magically with his wand which he put back into his wrist holster. Even to the bath, he never went anywhere without his wand. He had this holster specially made to be resistant to all of the elements.

A large, fluffy towel was provided for him by the door to the baths. Harry grabbed it and tucked it under his arm. Upon opening the door, he was greeted with a beautiful sight.

Standing in the waist high water was Daphne Greengrass, naked as the day she was born. The water of the pool was filled with purple coloured suds. They also covered Daphne's wet body,lowly sliding down her supple flesh. The only lighting in the room came from the moon through the stained glass windows. Harry could still see Daphne's body clear enough but the lighting was quite dim.

He stood there dumbly staring at her. Her left side was to him. He could see the gentle curve of her breast. A patch of purple bubbles slowly slid down her breast, hesitating on the point of her nipple, before rapidly sliding down past the underside of her breast and down her toned stomach.

Daphne's long, blonde hair was loose and wet. It was stuck against her back. Harry noticed Daphne's eyes were closed, her red lips parted slightly.

Suddenly, her gray-blue eyes opened and flickered over to him. "Are you coming in?" She asked.

Her voice was quiet but it seemed to ring loudly through the room as it was the only noise there.

Harry hesitated before continuing to walk around the pool. Daphne didn't turn to face him but he could feel her eyes on him. He walked past her back, sneaking a quick glance at its perfection.

Near the far side of the pool, Harry placed his towel on a table and turned back to the pool.

Daphne was still at the other end. It was a decent sized pool, around fifteen meters long. Plenty of room for the both of them. The dim lighting made it hard for Harry to see Daphne well from this distance.

Harry sat down on the edge of the pool and gently slid in. The water was warm and the soap bubbles smelled of lavender and lilac. Harry soon relaxed and leaned his head back against thewall of the pool, closing his eyes.

He must have dosed off, or his mind was somewhere else, because when Harry opened his eyes,Daphne was in the water beside him. At this side of the pool, the water was a bit deeper, it rested comfortably just above Daphne's chest. Her eyes were locked onto his.

"Long night?" She asked, still speaking quietly.

Harry's throat felt constricted at her closeness. He swallowed, trying to alleviate that. "Just mundane work. Didn't imagine I would spend my nights patrolling the halls of Hogwarts."

Daphne nodded and moved to stand beside him, resting her head on the edge of the pool as well.

As she rested comfortably, the water shifted, giving Harry a brief glance at the top of her breasts.

"I don't care much for it either. To be honest, I was a little surprised that I got chosen to be the Head Girl."

"Oh yeah? Why is that?" Harry asked, trying to keep his eyes off of Daphne. He could feel himself slightly hardening under the water.

"I understand the logic behind choosing a Slytherin, but there was no reason to choose me specifically," Daphne answered, closing her eyes.

"You were McGonagall's first choice, she seemed to think you were worth it." Daphne's eyes opened and looked at Harry. She had a small smile playing on her lips. "And was I you're first choice?"

Harry tried to stay calm but her smile made his heart beat just a little bit faster. "I didn't expect to have a choice in the matter."

"So you agreed with me being chosen?" The smile still hadn't left her face.

"I never said I chose you," Harry retorted playfully.

"No, but you did say that you didn't expect to have a choice in the matter, thereby implying that you were given a choice.

Likely it was if I was to be the Head Girl. You could have persuaded McGonagall to choose someone, so, why me?" The smile on Daphne's face grew slightly larger.

Harry shrugged. "You're kind. I heard you say before that no matter what blood purity you have, we're all equal. You're smart, McGonagall told me you did quite well in all of the subjects you take. And you're not half bad to look at either." Harry meant to tag that last bit on as a joke but he realized as he said that it didn't come off that way. He said it like he meant it, which he did.

There was a subtle shift in Daphne's demeanour, just enough that if they weren't right beside each and Harry's eyes weren't on her then he wouldn't have noticed it.

Dapnhe moved in the water again, this time moving to a few feet in front of him. Slowly, she closed the gap between the two until he could feel her warm breath on his face. Harry noticed he was breathing heavier than before. Daphne was too.

One final movement brought Daphne's lips onto Harry's. In an instant, Harry's mind was struck a sensory overload of pleasure. Daphne's soft lips on his, her breasts pushed up tightly against his chest. Her hands reached up ran through his hair. Noticeably, Daphne pressed her pelvis forward, trapping Harry's penis between their stomachs. Harry instinctively jerked his hips forward slightly.

Harry felt Daphne's lips curve upward into a small smile as the two of them continued to kiss passionately. Harry hadn't been with a girl since Ginny a few months ago and his body was suddenly reminded of that. He needed Daphne right now.

Harry wrapped his arms around Dapnhe's back and pulled her against him. One of his hands snaked down to rest on her butt. His hand gently felt the curve of it and Daphne's throat hummed in pleasure.

Daphne pulled away for a moment just enough to say: "get on the ledge," before she leaned in to kiss him again. Harry understood her meaning. Slowly, trying to keep his lips on hers for as long as possible, Harry raised himself out of the pool and seated himself of the edge of the pool.

His penis stood erect, pointed above Daphne's head. Harry saw Daphne reaching down for something under the water when suddenly, a part of the wall of the pool extended out, creating a large bench in the water. Daphne got up onto the seat in the water and placed herself on her knees, right in between Harry's legs.

Slowly, almost tentatively, Daphne reached out with one hand to grasp Harry's penis. Her hand wrapped around his shafts and she gently worked it up and down, turning slightly as she went.

"Shift forward a little," Daphne told him with a husky tone to her voice, letting go of his penis.

Harry moved as far to the edge as he could, his balls were hanging over the edge of the pool now.

Daphne moved a bit further back to accommodate him. She wrapped her hand around his penis again and returned to stroking it. She leaned her head against his thigh and she looked up at his face with a teasing look on her face. Harry wanted to tell her to get on with it but decided better of it, he wasn't quite sure how he had gotten into this situation and he didn't want to ruin it.

After playing around for a minute, Daphne's head left his thigh. She made to go towards the tip of his penis but her head dipped down at the last moment. Slowly, she moved her mouth down lower. Still stroking him, she took one of his balls into her mouth. She sucked on it while playing around with it using her tongue. A shiver ran across Harry's body as she switched to other one.

Daphne placed her free hand on Harry's thigh and suddenly she raised her head up and took almost all of Harry's length into her mouth. She made it about five inches down before she sealed her lips tightly around his shaft and started to suck. Harry moaned audibly at the pleasure.

Daphne began to bob her head up and down, swirling her tongue around Harry's penis all the while.

"Daphne, I'm not going to last long like this," Harry hissed while he put one of his hands on the back of her head.

She looked up at him with amusement in her eyes. "Was this your fantasy, Harry?" She practically whispered his name as she stroked his penis. She leaned forward, resting his penis across her cheek while she continued to stroke the top of it. Her hot breath went up against his stomach.

"Did you think the name 'Head Girl' was a literal title?" Daphne chuckled lightly at herself. "Did you pick me, hoping that you could catch me one night in our common room in some state of undress? Maybe you'd slip into my room one night to catch of glimpse of me masturbating on my bed? Or maybe you were hoping that I would walk in on you masturbating and decide to help alleviate your stress?"

Daphne licked his length from the base to the tip of his penis. She took the tip into her mouth and sucked on it gently. She pulled back and kissed the top of his penis. "Or was this where you wanted me? In the bathroom, on my knees in front of you, your cock in my mouth, my eyes staring up into yours?"

Harry's mind was running wild with the fantasies that Daphne was suggesting to him. He was close.

"Or maybe you wouldn't be satisfied to wait for such an instance. Maybe you'd come into myroom one night and force yourself onto me," Daphne was stroking his penis again, looking at Harry's face with amusement. "I would have let you, you know. I've always found you very attractive, I had hoped that you would have danced with me at the Yule Ball but you didn't seem to notice me. I even considered asking you out, not that I could get past Weasley and Hermione.You were kept under lock and key your entire time here."

Daphne's mouth returned to his penis and her hand moved down to his balls where she rolled them in her hand very gently. She did this for a minute before pulling back again. "I've dreamt about sneaking into your room at night. About curling up next to you in bed, waiting for you to wake up and notice me. I'd say I was lonely or scared or some other lie and cuddle up close to you. Eventually one of would have broken down and started something." She licked up his length.

"I can feel you pulsing in my mouth, Harry. Let me help you with that," Daphne whispered. She returned Harry's penis to her mouth and redoubled her efforts. She stroked the base of his penis and his gently fondled his balls while her mouth focused on the top of his penis.

"Daphne," Harry moaned before his seed shot out into her mouth. Daphne held him in her mouth as he drained into her and then swallowed it all once he was finished.

Harry was so lost in pleasure, he didn't hear Daphne talking to him. It took him a moment before he registered what she was saying. "Cleaning charm, please?" Through his pleasure addled mind,Harry removed his wand used the cleaning charm on her mouth.

Harry laid back on the floor at the edge of the pool. He put his hand on his chest where his heart was beating rapidly. A slight splashing sound caught his attention. In front of him, right between

his spread legs, Daphne was climbing out of the pool. This was the first time Harry saw her in all of her gloriousness.

Her skin was dripping wet and had some of the purple coloured bubbles from the water sliding down her perfectly smooth, pale skin. She looked like a goddess. Her body was slim and toned,her breasts full and taunt. Her legs were long and beautiful and between them lay her pussy.Daphne stepped over him and was positioned right above his head, he was looking right up at her from beneath. "I think it's your turn to reciprocate," she told him.

Daphne gently got to her knees, placing Harry's head right between her legs. She leaned forward,bracing her arms on the ground in front of her while lowering her vagina to be right above Harry's mouth. Harry eagerly began licking at her and used his hands to better adjust Daphne.

Harry shoved his tongue as deeply into her pussy as he could, pressing it up against her inner walls. He used his left hand to hold her hips in place above him while with his left hand he reached to touch her clitoris. He began gently rubbing around it before he removed his tongue from inside of her and wrapped his lips around her engorged clitoris. Gently, while still applying some pressure, he sucked on it.

Above him, Daphne had gone eerily silent. He could feel her legs shake a little on the sides of his head. Suddenly, she let out a long moan of pleasure. Now it was Harry's turn to grin at her. He tilted his head back to try to see her face but it seemed like she had her head up, all he could see was her hanging breasts.

Returning to his ministrations, Harry continued his efforts to pleasure her. With his right hand, he slowly slid his index finger inside of her. Daphne was already so wet that his finger slid in easily with little force needed. With his finger, Harry felt along the top of vaginal wall until he felt the slightly more textured area of her G-spot. Harry started rubbing his finger against it gently but when he sped up, Daphne's moans become louder and more pronounced.

Harry was licking Daphne's clit and still rubbing her G-spot when her legs tightened more against his head and her hips sunk down until she was pressed tightly against his face. Harry struggled to breath as his nose and mouth were squished up against her so he gently prodded her side. "I would like to be able to breath," Harry said once her hips raised again.

Daphne laughed and her body shook. She let out another moan as Harry's fingers hit the right spot in her. "Gods, I need you right now."

Getting onto unsteady legs, Daphne got up and stepped back from Harry. Harry got up as well and watched with confusion as Daphne sped her way back to the other side of the pool. Daphne reached down for her towel but then Harry noticed that she was actually grabbing her wand.

With a series of intricate flicks and twists with her wand, Daphne conjured a large, plush platform that floated on top of the pool of water. Daphne gestured at to Harry who took the hint. He walked halfway down the length of the pool until he was lined up with the centre of the floating platform. With a short leap, he landed on his knees on the platform. It shifted slightly from the water but no where near as much as Harry expected.

The platform looked to be made of a series of square red pillows. It was soft to the touch, fairly cushioned. The water in the pool started having gentle waves run through it and the platform rocked gently with it. Harry tried shifting his weight around the platform but that didn't seem to affect the platform in any way, the only reason it was moving was due to the gentle waves in the pool.

Harry turned just in time to see Daphne jumping at him. He awkwardly tried to catch her in his arms when she landed to steady himself but he ended up pulling Daphne on top of him.With a chuckle, Daphne adjusted herself over Harry's prone body. "Eager are we?"

"I've liked you for a long time too," Harry blurted out. "I remember after the Yule Ball I saw you tell Nott off, that he was nothing. I liked that girl but I didn't think to do anything about it."

Daphne's hands were on the platform on either side of Harry's head, her eyes were staring down at his as though they were trying to see into his mind. After a minute, Daphne let her body lie down on top of his, pressing herself against him. "Then do something about it now," she whispered into his ear before kissing along his jawline.

Harry's penis was fully erect again and Daphne was rubbing her body against it. Daphne moved her mouth above Harry's and he captured her lips with his own. The two of them moaned into each others mouths as they kissed passionately. Harry was moving his hands down Daphne's

body, touching every inch of her that he could, as Daphne reached down for his penis.

Without pulling her lips away, Daphne moved her hips up, releasing Harry's penis from between their bodies. Grasping it with her hand, Daphne angled it towards her pussy and gently slid onto it.

Just the head of Harry's penis was inside of her but he already felt like he was in heaven.

Daphne began slowly moving up and down Harry's length, dragging her entire body across his.

Harry felt her perk breasts slide across his muscled chest. He ran one of is hands up the side of her body until it reached the side of her breast. He gently massaged it eliciting another moan from Daphne.

Pulling back from their kiss, Daphne and Harry both took the reprieve to get some air back into their lungs. Daphne adjusted herself by putting her knees on either side of Harry's hips and her hands on the platform beside Harry's head. Faster than before, she began riding Harry's penis.

Her hips moved independently from the rest of her body, moving up and down quickly.

Unable to resist the pleasure, Harry began matching her movements with thrusts of his own from his hips. The sounds of flesh slapping against each other rang out in the silent room as Daphne leaned her head down to kiss Harry again.

Harry's hands slid down to grasp Daphne's hips as they continued to fuck. "Ah, Harry," Daphne moaned, breaking their kiss.

Daphne slid up a bit to high and Harry's penis slipped out of her. Daphne collapsed onto Harry's chest, the two breathing heavily. Harry leaned his head back against the cushioned platform and looked over to the side of the bathroom. A large floor to ceiling mirror rested on the wall. In the dim moonlight, Harry could only barely make the two of them out but it looked amazing. Lines of bright moonlight, coloured lightly from the stained glass, ran across their bodies, contrasted with dark lines from the window panes where the light couldn't reach.

"I never want this to end, Harry," Daphne whispered.

"It doesn't have to," Harry muttered.

Daphne shifted herself on top of Harry so that she was looking down at him. Harry turned his gaze from the mirror to look up at her. Her eyes were searching his again. "You want this to be a permanent thing then?" She asked him quietly.

"If you do," Harry replied honestly.

Daphne paused for a moment, taking this all in. "I would really like that, Harry," she told him sincerely.

Harry leaned up to kiss her. Their tongues battled in their mouths as Harry slowly got up to his knees. Harry broke the kiss, getting to his feet. Daphne followed suit, confusion on her face, but then Harry wrapped his arms around her. Showing his hidden strength from years of Quidditch

practise and battling dark wizards, Harry lifted Daphne into the air slightly, his hands holding her butt. Daphne giggled loudly as Harry slid into her and their bodies were pressed tightly against each other.

Daphne wrapped her arms around Harry's neck and wrapped her legs loosely around Harry's waist. Harry's penis was throbbing inside of her, demanding to be thrust back and forth in this beautiful woman. Still holding her in place, Harry slowly started moving his hips back and forth to gently thrust in and out of her.

The new position sent waves of pleasure through both of them. Daphne cried out in pleasure and nestled her head in the crook of Harry's neck, gently kissing and suckling on the flesh there. Harry groaned in bliss as he continued to thrust into Daphne, keeping her body close to him.

Soon though, the novelty wore off as Harry grew tired from holding her up. Slowly moving down to his knees, without removing himself from inside of her, Harry laid Daphne down on her back and positioned himself above her. Daphne pulled down on his head to kiss him as her legs,wrapped around Harry's waist, pulled him deeper into her. Harry obliged her and began to pick up the pace, thrusting faster and faster into her.

With one free hand, Harry reached down between the two of them and started to play with Daphne's clit. She moaned into his mouth.

Harry was getting close to finishing again, and from the sounds Daphne was making, so was she.Determined to hold on until then, Harry worked his mind to focus on anything except for the beautiful girl beneath him but he couldn't. No matter what he did, his thoughts always returned to her.

One of Daphne's hands moved down to Harry's back where her nails tugged against his flesh.Her other hand moved up to her breast where she began gently pinching her nipple. "Fuck, Harry,you feel so damn good," Daphne muttered.

Suddenly, Daphne's back arched off the platform and her chest was thrust out towards Harry. He felt her inner walls quiver and tighten around him as Daphne let out a long and satisfied moan of

pleasure. Harry wasn't far behind, a few seconds later, he finally released himself inside of her.

His hips seemed to move of their own accord as he emptied his seed into her.

Harry's mind went blank and his vision blurry from the pleasure. He nearly collapsed on top of Daphne but he managed to keep himself steady to gently lie down on her. He released the breath he hadn't realized he had been holding in and took a deep breath. He could smell the two of them,the scent of their lust. He could smell the lavender and lilac soap that still clung to their skin.Daphne's eyes were closed and her lips parted in bliss.

This was something Harry could get used to.

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