So this is my very first FanFic that is not an NCIS one so I AM EXCITED (you should be too). I rewatched The Parent Trap AGAIN and I have been wanting to write a fic on it FOR AGES but I have never got round to it. This is set after Nick and Elizabeth get married again and they are very out of character because you guys know how much I LOVE to do that.

Also, I saw a news article on NerdyJibbsOreo's Tumblr Page From Stone To Hallows about Gibbs's ex wives appearing more in Season 16 which I think is really exciting XD and I mentioned it to my friend who loves NCIS as much as me and she looked absolutely TERRIFIED of me (I was really hyper though so I sort of understand why she was). I really hope we see more of Stephanie because even though Diane is my favourite, I think Stephanie is the nicest. I do not mind Rebecca, but I have always thought she is a little bit bitchy. Which of Gibbs's wives are you looking forward to seeing more of in Season 16???

Anyway, sorry for the Abby size ramble about NCIS guys.

Enjoy this xxx

"Are you alright, Lizzie?" Nick Parker asked his wife, Elizabeth Parker-James, as he sat down on the sofa beside her, put his arm around her and kissed her on the temple.

"Yes, I'm fine" Elizabeth replied, her eyes filled with tears.

Knowing that she was not fine, Nick pulled her onto his lap and she cried into his chest.

"What's wrong, Lizzie?" He whispered to her.

"Are we sure we're making the right decision Nick? The last time we were married we got into a huge fight which ended in a divorce and Hallie and Annie being seperated" Elizabeth sobbed.

"We'll make it work this time, Lizzie. We're both older and wiser. We can do this" Nick told her gently before he held her even more tightly to his chest while she seeked the comfort of his arms.

It was moments like this that the couple wished could just last forever. Hallie and Annie, Nick and Elizabeth's eleven year old twin daughters, stood at the door arm in arm and smiling.

"They really do love each other" Annie whispered to her sister.

"Uh huh" Hallie replied.

Elizabeth heard what her daughters said and she smiled against her husband's chest. Nick grinned too.

"I never should've left you Nick" Elizabeth murmured to her husband.

"Hey, hey. Look at me, Lizzie, look at me" Nick said to her and she did exactly that.

"What?" Elizabeth asked as she wiped her cheeks.

"You left me. So what? But we're together now and we can make this work. We were young and naïve last time but this time we're older and wiser. We can do this Lizzie. Not many people get a second chance with someone they love" Nick told her.

A smile lit up Elizabeth's face before she leaned her forehead against his and he entwined their fingers.

"I love your smile but I love you more" he told her softly.

"I love you too, Nick" Elizabeth replied quietly before she lightly pressed her lips to his.

Hallie and Annie shared grins. It really had ended well for everyone.


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