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"Draft Recommendation of Heroes Office," announced Shota as class began, "Your operation will be on an island far south, on Nabu island. The heroes who protect the area are retiring soon, so you'll all be taking care of the place until new heroes can be dispatched to the area properly."

Everyone immediately got excited at the prospect of being actual heroes, even if temporary. Though they all had their provisional licenses, that only allowed them to use their quirks. Being actual heroes to a city was a far step higher, allowing them to open their own agency, so to speak.

"Quiet down!" ordered Shota, causing everyone to immediately pipe down, especially when his hair began to float in the air for a second.

"By regulation, teachers cannot be there to back you all up. So if anything happens, you all will be solely held responsible. Is that understood?"

"Yes!" replied the class in unison.

"You will be working with Class 1B together, forming the U.A. agency. Shield and Hatsume have volunteered to work as a support company group," continued Shota, "There shouldn't be anything major that you need to worry about, but don't let your guard down."

'Majima should be happy about this arrangement,' thought Shota to himself, 'For him to have Hatsume out of his hair for a while is like a vacation. Hopefully, Shield can properly retain Hatsume from creating more explosions. I've heard him praise her work ethic and being able to limit those explosions.'

"Class Presidents will be in charge of the agency, so do your job properly. Yaoyorozu, Midoriya, come after class to the teacher's lounge to pick up details about the location you'll all be staying, and coordinate with Kendo and Tokage. Shinso, your latest costume changes have been approved, swing by the support department to pick it up later," concluded Shota before dismissing himself. He had a sleeping bag with his name on it calling to him.

Everyone was eager and immediately began preparing for the trip. As the ones being in charge of their respective classes, Momo, Izuku, Itsuka, and Setsuna immediately met up to plan out the event.

"Looks like the living quarters and office space have already been prepared for us," noted Momo as she studied the handouts given to them, "All we need are our hero costumes and some clothes. A food plan and budget have been provided, but if we want extra snacks, we'll have to either bring them ourselves or personally purchase them . We'll also have to make our own food, too."

"We'll also have to split up the hours," nodded Itsuka, "We can't all just go to sleep at night. We can probably rotate a skeleton crew at night, though, since Nabu island isn't known for a lot of criminal activity."

"So we'll have to manage our own timetable so as to not overwork ourselves," murmured Izuku, "I guess this will test our ability to manage our own agencies."

"But most importantly," declared Setsuna as she stood up, "We get to have some fun on the beach! I need to update my swimsuit, it's gotten a bit tight on the chest and waist! I'll go tell everyone!"

With that, Setsuna rushed off through the door, breaking herself apart to dodge Itsuka's attempted grab before cackling away, shutting the door behind her with one of her hovering hands.

"Well, at least she closed the door," sighed Itsuka as she pulled back her hand.

They had met up in Itsuka's room to discuss arrangements for the trip, as she had volunteered her room for the private discussion. Momo's room was too cramped, Setsuna's room was currently a mess by her own admission, and having three girls in Izuku's room….. was something that would be scrutinized by all, even if Izuku was dating two of the three girls in the room.

And so, Itsuka's room was the only one available, as she made sure to clean it every day.

"Well, now she's gone, we can get onto some 'important' business," said Itsuka with a sultry tone as she sat next to Izuku, with Momo scooting over to the other side. With the same mind, both girls leaned in to give Izuku a kiss on the cheek.

At that moment, though, Izuku's phone rang from behind him, so Izuku stretched his head and arm back to check who was messaging him.

The kisses missed the target, and instead found another pair of lips.

Momo and Itsuka's eyes widened in surprise that they were kissing each other, but soon found themselves enjoying it as they lost themselves to the sensation.

"It was just Mirio-sempai wishing me luck on our trip," said Izuku as he put the phone down, "Anyways, I-"

Izuku trailed off when he turned his head back to see his two girlfriends kissing each other, and from what he could see, was starting to get a little heated. Seeing such a great sight certainly caused his blood to start boiling while a good chunk of it began rushing down to his groin.

Itsuka noticed his rapid breathing and pulled back away from Momo for a second, who seemed disappointed for a bit, before pulling Izuku back forward.

Izuku shrunk his neck, wondering what Itsuka had planned when she kissed him on the lips. Izuku could feel her tongue snaking its way into his mouth, so he obliged.

Momo pouted as she watched them kiss, only to be dragged forward by Itsuka with her other hand toward their face. Momo blushed as she was so close to watching them kiss when she saw Izuku and Itsuka break apart for a second. Momo was curious as to what was going on when Itsuka shoved her tongue inside her mouth. Momo felt her eyes grow dim as she began to reply fervently, only for Itsuka to draw her tongue back.

Momo responded by trying to keep it in with her own tongue, but failed to do so as her own tongue came out to chase after her. Before she realized it, her tongue was sticking out in the air. Momo tried to draw it back only to find Izuku's tongue wrapping around her own, followed by Itsuka.

The three began to share a clumsy three-way kiss, their breath getting hotter and hotter until they had to stop themselves from going too far.

"That was…. hot," admitted Izuku as he tried to adjust his pants, "Not that I didn't enjoy the view, but what brought this on?"

"I'm curious about it too," said Momo, not wanting to admit she had enjoyed it very much.

"Ahem, well while we're all dating Izuku, it wouldn't make sense for us girls to get to know each other a little more intimately," coughed Itsuka, trying to take control of the situation like a big sister, "If we like Izuku but dislike the other girls in this relationship, it will never work out."

Itsuka didn't want to mention that she hadn't thought of this until she accidentally kissed Momo, but now she thought about it, it was something that did need to be discussed.

"That does make sense," nodded Momo as she thought back to her time when Ochako had been living with her in her family mansion. The two would end up snuggling together in bed half the time, especially during harrowing times, like when Izuku had been kidnapped.

"Guess that's something that we should discuss with the others," said Izuku, "In the meantime, I should head back to my room."

The girls wanted to ask why, but upon seeing Izuku fidgeting with his pants, they immediately understood and let him go. As much as they like to push their relationship, none of them were ready for that yet.

Izuku immediately jumped off Itsuka's balcony, stretching his arm to the roof to slingshot him to his dorms, using Float to help him maneuver in the air to land in front of the 1A dorms. However, as he wasn't completely used to using Float, he ended up having to inflate himself like a balloon as he crashed into the wall.

"Wonder how Ochako, Tsuyu, and Melissa will take this?" pondered Izuku as he dusted off his shirt before walking into the dorms.

As it turned out, a lot further than he imagined. Currently, Ochako and Tsuyu were actually in Tsuyu's room, currently making out with each other. Tsuyu had bluntly brought up the subject to Ochako before pulling her into her room, where they began to have a deep and earnest discussion about their relationship with each other and Izuku.

One thing led to another before Ochako knew it, she was making out with Tsuyu as a 'test run'.

'I never knew how weird but nice Tsuyu's tongue feels,' thought Ochako as she felt her tongue running through her mouth.

The 'conversation' lasted throughout the night, but never went too deep.

In the meantime, Izuku tried his best to tire himself out by attacking the wooden dummy in his room, trying his best not to think about what had happened in the past hour. Instead, he failed to do so, and like any teenager whose hormones were running rampant, Izuku went to participate in the age-old ritual of taking a very cold shower in hopes it would drive it away.

Everyone had been given a list of items to bring, composed by both class presidents of 1A, and they had two days to prepare. So, given permission by the principal with the compromise that they are escorted by a few pro heroes as supervisors, the two classes made it another shopping center near U.A.

"Shoto! Do you need some extra spending money!?" exclaimed Endeavor.

Endeavor had volunteered to be part of the supervising group, much to Shoto's own embarrassment. He was not used to his father becoming a helicopter father to this degree.

"Alright listeners, listen up! We're only going to be here for three hours, so get everything you need, and don't dilly dally, you hear!" shouted Present Mic, "If you don't get what you wanted within that time limit, too bad! You should have most of the stuff you need already provided for you, but this is just if you need some little extras! So get to it!"

At once, they all began to separate into groups to purchase whatever they needed/wanted for the trip.

For the girls, it was mostly updating some of their wardrobes, especially some underwear. With such a strict workout routine to ensure they stayed fit along with the fact they were still growing teenagers, it was inevitable that some bodily changes would occur.

That, and they wanted to get some new swimsuits, even if it was a hero excursion. It didn't stop them from enjoying the beach out there on their off time, as Nabu island was warm all year round.

Mineta was, of course, forbidden to even go near the girls, and to ensure he wouldn't be able to, Shoji had volunteered to keep an eye out on him while Hanta taped him to Shoji, carrying the tape as if it was a leash on Mineta.

"This is so humiliating!" barked Mineta, as if he was a dog.

"None of the girls trust you man," shrugged Denki, "Rightfully so, when you tried to peek at them changing again. You're lucky Yaomomo didn't pull out a shotgun to shoot you that time."

"Revelry in darkness," chorused Fumikage and Shihai together.

"So what do you girls think of this!" grinned Mina as she came out of the wardrobe with her choice of swimsuit.

"Ashido-san, are you even wearing anything!?" shrieked Ibara when they all saw her.

Mina stuck her tongue out as she had purposely chosen a pink swimsuit that matched the color of her skin tone, so it seemed like she had come out naked. Of course, upon closer look, they could see her privates were all covered.

"I think you're going to give some people heart attacks if they see you out on the beach like that, kero," said Tsuyu bluntly.

"Mmm, maybe for a private showing," said Mina as she grabbed a different swimsuit to try on.

"Uraraka, you should get something cuter," said Setsuna as her head hovered over the dressing rooms, "You have the body, you should rock it!"

Ochako shrieked in embarrassment before throwing an unused swimsuit at Setuna's head.

"Tokage! You should give everyone their due privacy!" lectured Ibara as she used her vines to pull the floating head down.

Momo was looking at some of her choices. On her right hand was a red standard string bikini that would certainly show off her curves. However, on her left was a swimsuit that was similar to her old hero suit, but the amount of cloth had been cut to the extreme. A g-string thong bikini that barely covered her nipples as well as her crotch, and one that could easily slip off with one wrong move, especially with her assets.

'I shouldn't even consider this,' thought Momo, but her left hand refused to put the choice down.

"If you're planning to use that to seduce Izuku, I'd go with that," said Itsuka, causing Momo to almost jump in fright.

"Don't you think it's too early for that?" asked Momo as she forcefully put the left swimsuit back on the rack, though memorizing the pattern for herself.

"Maybe, but I've known Izuku for a long time, and have always had a crush on him when we were much younger. I don't really see myself going for anyone else," shrugged Itsuka, "Plus, Yui certainly isn't holding back on her own relationship."

The two looked over to Yui to see her picking up a modest black bikini in one hand before using her quirk to shrink the swimsuit until it was a microkini that would barely cover one's nipple, if at all. Giving a small fist pump, she resized it back to normal before going to purchase it.

"The poor boy won't know hit him," Momo gaped.

"I think it's fun!" grinned Toru as she hopped out of the dressing room with her choice of swimwear, "What are we talking about?"

"Nothing much," replied both girls instantly.

"I don't feel comfortable with this," murmured Kyoka as she came out with a modest swimsuit. As much as she had grown, she looked at the others with a slightly depressing feeling as she felt her body was the one with the least curves compared to others.

"Don't be like that, shroom," said Kinoko, "You got a slender build that most idols would love to have! Just wait a few more years, and I'm sure you'll be rocking curves that'll make heads spin!"

Kyoka smiled at that compliment before heading back to change her clothes once more.

Katsuki strolled down a hall, putting some yen into a vending machine. He had long already prepared for the trip, and he didn't need anything. He had only come because Eijiro and Hanta managed to convince/force him to come to spend time with the extras. As he sipped on his drink, an old male janitor with extremely curly eyebrows, presumably to be a part of his quirk, pushed a cart and walked past him.

Suddenly, the man whirled around with a syringe in hand, trying to stab Katsuki. However, Katsuki turned around and grabbed the man's wrist, stopping him from doing so.

"Spiky buntails bitch, I know it's you," said Katsuki casually, taking another sip of his soda.

"How do you know it's me every time!?" exclaimed Himiko as her disguise melted off her face, though her clothes remained.

"Bitch, you can't hide from me. I told you before, try harder if you want to be my woman," scoffed Katsuki, "Anyways, why are you here?"

"Can't it be to see you?" teased Himiko.

"Doubt it," replied Katsuki bluntly, "What's your group been up to now? It's not like crusty hand man to be all quiet like this, especially when he was bragging about killing All Might and shit."

"Why should I tell you?" huffed Himiko as the two stared off for a good minute before Himiko crossed her arms under her chest, "We've been busy. That's all I'm saying. I only came here because I needed some new clothes and underwear. Our last job involved transporting something, but Endeavor intercepted whatever it was we were getting. No idea what it was though."

"And you won't tell me where you guys are currently?" ordered Katsuki.

"I'm not even sure where it is," admitted Himiko, "Kinda got lost after all that wandering. Only got here due to various reasons."

"Hmph," huffed Katsuki, "I should turn you in right now."

"Then why don't you?" asked Himiko.

"Because I'll somehow escape. You wouldn't risk coming here without an escape plan," answered Katsuki.

Himiko grinned as she managed to pull her hand out of Katsuki's grip.

"It was nice seeing you again, but I doubt we'll be able to hang out like this anymore," Himiko as she began to skip away, ready to sip on blood to put on her disguise again when she noticed she was missing a syringe.

"Catch," said Katsuki as Himiko quickly turned around, raising her hand up in time to catch a vial. Looking down, she saw some blood inside it that had been clearly empty.

"It's mine," said Katsuki, "Don't know what's going on, but I can't have you dying before I catch you."

Himiko, for once in her life, actually blushed at this gift. While many others might view giving a person a vial of blood as a gift to be disgusting, for her, it was the most precious thing, even more than fancy gems.

"Now get going, otherwise the others will figure out who you are," said Katsuki.

Himiko did, but not before quickly approaching Katsuki to give him a kiss on the lips. Katsuki, who already noticed Himiko moving, did nothing as he did not perceive any threats from the girl in front of him, though he was surprised at the sudden kiss.

"Looks like I'm a little more interested in becoming 'your' girl now," confessed Himiko as she drew back, "Just don't die anytime soon."

"Bitch, I should say that to you," spat back Katsuki.

The two split apart, with Himiko donning her disguise once more before being warped away to safety.

After all that shopping, the remaining time was spent mostly at the support department, updating and making sure their hero gear was in working order.

"We're on a boat!" shouted Mina and Setsuna as the group was sailing towards Nabu island. Class 1A and 1B, along with Mei and Melissa, were on a cruise ship, enjoying their free time for the while. None of the teachers had gotten on board, as it was a trip to allow them to gain some independence.

"This is another step closer to becoming a real hero," smiled Izuku, excited at the prospect.

"I'll show all you extras who these people can turn to!" boasted Katsuki.

"Me!" declared Monoma, finishing Katsuki's sentence for himself.

A squabble broke out as Katsuki tackled Monoma. The class presidents and vice presidents had to be the ones to break it up, as there were no teachers to handle it for them.

'Wonder how mom's doing now my….. stepdad has some time off. Wow, that feels weird to call him that, even if it is true,' thought Izuku.

Back at the Midoriya/Yagi household.

Toshinori was very busy indeed with Inko. He actually had a few days off that he didn't need to do much, and Inko conveniently also did too. So, to celebrate their free time together without anyone bothering them….. they 'baptized' every room. Being two adults who had to seal away their own libidos due to personal reasons, and now had the chance to unseal it without any form of interruption….. well they weren't going to stop until they were fully sated.

Back at the island

As soon as they arrived at the island, they were greeted by the mayor of the island, who quickly guided them to the office building they would be working at. For their very first day, it was a quick meet and greet with the mayor and several officials and citizens with a guided tour around the area for familiarity. After that, everyone had to spend the rest of the day unpacking and setting up their office space and distributing tasks. Luckily, the computers they had been provided were still up to the task, and with Melissa and Mei scrapping some broken computers for parts to improve others. Soon, they had a proper office up and running for the next day. Itsuka and Momo took responsibility for running the office as leaders due to their position, something nobody had any complaints with. Even Monoma and Katsuki were silent when it was unanimously voted. So a small office had been set aside for two to cooperate with each other when assigning tasks.

"Alright, with this, the U.A. Hero Agency is now officially open!" declared Itsuka as everyone cheered in celebration.

"Alright everyone, we have already scheduled patrols and randomized pairing as an effort to get to know each other better," said Momo as she began passing out handouts, "The first patrols will be scheduled to leave in half an hour. Please note that each one of you has been assigned an area. The beach is especially popular at this time of year with tourists who don't want to deal with the winter, so be careful in that area and don't get distracted by others."

"As for everyone else, don't think because you don't have patrol duty that you're off," warned Itsuka, "We'll be manning the computers and phones in case of emergencies. We may get requests that only some of us can do, and that may mean taking over someone's patrol duties to make room. No slacking off, is that clear! Our teachers may not be here, but it won't stop them from grading us. The mayor and other officials will be writing a report about us at the end of the mission, and any bad reports reflect not only our own capabilities, but our teachers and U.A. as a whole."

Everyone nodded in agreement as they began to prepare for their first-ever agency opening.

It had been two days since their grand opening, and they had been busy. Even for an island that hadn't had any villain incidents for over 30 years, there were still plenty of odd jobs for them to do. Though the vast majority of them ended up patrolling at the beach to make sure all the beachgoers were safe, they had some odd jobs like clearing the roads or fixing stuff up. Due to their willingness to help the community, they became quite popular with the citizens.

"I have a call for a lost child!" shouted Ochako as she stood up from her seat, "Does anyone want to come with me?"

She looked over to see Katsuki reading a magazine, but before she could even ask, Katsuki soundly rejected her without hesitation.

In the end, Kyoka, Monoma, and Izuku volunteered to go with Ochako. The four set out with Izuku carrying them with a life preserver while Ochako used her quirk on the other two and herself to lighten the load. Izuku dashed forward, leaving a trail of dust behind him before jumping off the road, and soaring through the air. At the same time, he activated Float to adjust flying in the air.

"Wait, are we flying!?" shouted Monoma as he noticed the parabola of Izuku's jump being more linear and not descending.

"Part of my mutation," said Izuku, "The energy that you usually see me give off along with the elasticity of my body makes it so I can actually affect the air around me, giving them an elastic property that lets me stretch them before putting them back to their original state, thus letting me 'slingshot' in the air."

"... that's BULLSHIT!" shouted Kyoka and Monoma while Ochako merely looked away. This was the explanation that Melissa had come up with for Izuku's new quirk Float. Of course, they couldn't exactly tell everyone the truth about One for All.

"If only I could copy your power," cried Monoma to himself, knowing that any attempt in doing so would end up backfiring on him.

They soon arrived at the city, and with Monoma copying Kyoka's quirk to cover more ground, they went about investigating the case of the lost child.

Soon, they found where the lost child was, and were climbing up the stairs to a playground where the lost child was.

"Hahaha, I will be the one to find him first!" sang Monoma as he ascended the stairs past the trio. The others could only shrug while taking the stairs a little more slowly.

When they reached the top, they saw Monoma being scolded by a little girl while a little boy was behind her, wearing a sun hat with a blue ribbon.

"You took too long!" scolded the little girl with pigtails and a sun hat with a red ribbon, "It took you almost an hour to find my little brother!"

The two children were the Shimano siblings, the younger brother named Katsuma while the older was Mahora.

"Although you're from that famous U.A., you can't even do something simple like this! We were better off with our old heroes!" continued Mahora.

Monoma was unsure what to do against the spitfire girl, and could only stammer out an apology.

"Well, since your students, I guess that can't be helped," scoffed Mahora, "Next time, do better, alright?"

Monoma felt his blood pressure skyrocketing, but was unable to do anything.

"C'mon, Katsuma, let's go," said Mahora as she walked away.

Katsuma followed, but stopped next to Monoma to thank him for his efforts. Monoma blinked before getting ready to pose just how awesome he was when Mahora quickly dragged Katsuma away.

As the siblings passed by Izuku and the others, Katsuma couldn't help but look up to Izuku, noticing his straw hat.

"Nice hat," grinned Izuku, flicking his own hat.

Katsuma couldn't help but grin at that comment while Mahora seemed to huff before dragging her little brother away a little faster.

"Well, guess that worked out," said Kyoka as they helped Monoma pick himself back up, "Guess the little girl found him first. They probably weren't separated that far away when he called us or they had a specific meeting spot in case one got lost."

Izuku decided not to voice out that the call might have been a prank call. While going up the stairs, Izuku had been practicing his Observation Haki. He wasn't sure, but he felt two presences up on the playground long before Monoma ran up the stairs. Maybe Kyoka was right and that the girl had found her little brother first, but something told him otherwise.

As night fell, most of the students went to sleep, having been tired from the full days of work as well as the feast the villagers had prepared for them all. Katsuki had been drafted for nighttime patrol due to the fact he had done nothing the whole day. Grumbling but unable to argue against that logic, he walked out to do so.

Izuku, after giving his girls a hug goodnight, went to visit Melissa for a little to talk (while giving him a good excuse to make out with her in private) before heading to the front of the office. There, he took a meditative pose before floating in the air, practicing his Float quirk. Nana had told him that she would do so to help control her quirk while also quietly admitting it made her look cool every now and then.

Katsuki had come back from his patrol, feeling irritated since there were no villains for them to even be concerned about. Upon seeing Izuku floating in the air, he decided he needed some well-timed venting.

"Deku! You and me, sparring match, right now!" barked Katsuki.

"You're disturbing everyone's sleep, keep it down," replied Izuku, opening one of his eyes, "Now's not the best time to talk about fighting each other. We're technically on the job right now."

"Shut up," growled Katsuki, "You need to master your new quirk, right? What better way to do so than in a fight? You need practice, and I need to smack it in your head that I'll be the best even with all your extra quirks!"

Izuku sighed, knowing Katsuki wasn't going to shut up anytime soon when he noticed Katsuma standing in front of the office.

"What's wrong?" asked Izuku, ignoring Katsuki for the moment, much to his anger, "You're the boy from this afternoon, right?"

"A… a villain… A villain has appeared!" cried out Katsuma.

"What!?" blinked Izuku before Katsuki shoved him out of the way, grabbing Katsuma.

"Explain!" barked Katsuki before deciding on another path, "Just show me where it is!"

With that, Katsuki carried him like a bag before blasting himself away.

Izuku groaned before quickly chasing after him.

"Why the hell are you coming with me, Deku!?" barked Katsuki.

"Because if it's a real villain, then two is better than one. Especially if the villain has a hostage, then one of us can rescue them while the other fights," replied Izuku.

"Then I'll be the one to fight!" shouted Katsuki before looking down at Katsuma, "Where did you see the villain!?"

"At the castle ruins," cried Katsuma, pointing over to the ruins that connected to the mainland of Nabu island.

"Say that earlier!" barked Katsuki as he began to blast forward even faster, his boots beginning to explode to accelerate him forward.

Katsuma could only cry for help as Katsuki continued forward. Izuku sighed as he jumped up into the air, activating Float to catch up.

They soon arrived at the castle ruins in time to see a giant mutated-looking praying mantis with big bulging eyes, pink hair, and green skin with yellow dots all over it.

Katsuki tossed Katsuma to the side, to which Izuku quickly stretched his arms to catch him, before blasting himself upwards toward the villain.

Upon reaching the villain's face, Katsuki fired his Stun Grenade in an attempt to blind it first to test out its durability. It was here, however, he noticed some discrepancies. Katsuki was not the only one to notice, as Izuku's eyes narrowed in suspicion as well.

Katsuki didn't even bother dodging the villain's attack as he landed, only to reveal that it was an illusion. With a huff, Katsuki launched an explosion into the ground, causing the area to shake a bit until…


Mahora stumbled onto the ground after the shockwave hit her, unable to stop herself from being exposed. It was at the same time that the 'giant villain' suddenly faded away.

"Oww…. Can't you be gentler!?" complained Mahora before noticing that her plan was ruined, and that Katsuki was now standing in front of her.

"You summoned that fake illusion, right?" barked Katsuki in accusation, "I already figured out it was fake when there were no shadows from my stun grenade."

Izukuu also noticed it when he couldn't hear or feel the ground shaking as the villain moved, nor did he feel its presence while it was standing in front of them.

"You brat do you know who I am!?" questioned Katsuki as his eyes glowed red while Mahora began to realize that mistakes had been made.

"I'm not just some extra trying to be a hero. I'm Katsuki Bakugo, the one who's going to surpass All Might himself and take the number 1 spot!" Katsuki angrily boasted as his eyes began to grow more and more demonic from Mahora's point of view, "You brats decided to prank the wrong hero this time!"

Katsuma tried to apologize and ask Katsuki not to yell at his sister, only for it to backfire as it drew Katsuki's ire towards him now.

Before Katsuki could really do anything, Izuku had wrapped his limbs around Katsuki, stopping him from exploding on the two siblings.

"You two should go now," advised Izuku over Katsuki's rant, "Don't play any more pranks like this, alright?"

The two nodded their heads and quickly scrambled away from them, ignoring Katsuki's demands to stop.

Katsuki was still roaring in anger, so Izuku decided there would be one thing that would calm him down.

"Let's spar," decided Izuku.

Those words instantly calmed Katsuki down for a second before looking over at Izuku with a maniacal look.

"We're far away enough from causing a disturbance, and you're right that I need practice with Float. However, that's all I'm going to use," said Izuku.

"Throw in the stretching and we're good," bargained Katsuki.

Izuku nodded as he let go of Katsuki, jumping back as Katsuki whirled around, explosions crackling in his hands.

The two stared off at each other for a second before jumping towards each other with a shout.

Katsuki started off with an explosion, to which Izuku quickly floated above it. Katsuki immediately launched himself upwards.

'He's improved,' noted Izuku as Katsuki didn't launch himself upwards with his hands, but rather from his boots instead, giving him more maneuverability and attack options with his hands free from boosting himself up, even if it only took him a split second to do so.

"Die!" roared Katsuki as he fired a chain of explosions at Izuku, who tried to drop back down to the ground.

Izuku wasn't fast enough, and took a face full of explosions, sending him careening toward a wall. Izuku crashed through it, tumbling on the ground for a second before managing to spin back onto his feet, looking up at Katsuki.

Katsuki was already blasting towards him, spinning vertically to land an ax kick to the head. Izuku quickly moved to the side, dodging the attack before throwing a punch to the face.

Katsuki spun his head, negating the impact before swinging his whole body around with a blast from his hand, completely dodging the attack before coming in with a left hook.

Izuku blocked it with his forearm before grabbing onto the offending arm, pulling Katsuki forward before trying to hurl him into the ground. Katsuki quickly countered by blasting the ground before he made impact, forcing Izuku to lose his grip before flying up into the air.

Izuku jumped back to recover, looking up to see Katsuki hovering in the air with explosions for a second. Without needing any prompting, Izuku launched himself into the air once more with Float.

The two clashed against each other in the air, dodging and parrying each other's attacks. Katsuki gained the upper hand, as he was more adapted to fighting in the air than Izuku was. Izuku was sent hurtling toward the ground with a well-timed explosion to the chest. Izuku quickly landed on his feet, looking up to see Katsuki already spinning towards him with a Howitzer Impact, going even faster than usual with his boots accelerating his attack.

Izuku quickly jumped to the side to dodge, only for Katsuki to track towards him.

"You thought I can't turn with this attack, didn't you!" roared Katsuki, "Too bad, I can now!"

Izuku pushed himself high into the air to buy himself some time, using Float to stay up in the air.

Katsuki managed to swerve his attack back up into the air, spinning even faster as he chased after Izuku.

Izuku didn't back away, but rather stretched his arms back behind him. With a shout, Izuku shot down towards Katsuki, using gravity and Float to accelerate him downwards to meet Katsuki, who was just rounding the corner. The only downside of being able to track was that he had to decelerate for the turns.

Pennsylvania Smash

Izuku's double palm strike slammed towards Katsuki, who didn't hesitate to let off a chain of explosions to counter it.

The end result was the two's palms smashing into each other upon the clash. Both teenagers gritted their teeth as the two attacks clashed against each other for a second before it resulted in throwing both of them away from each other.

Izuku hissed as he felt burns on his hands while Katsuki shook his wrist, feeling as though they had been jammed inwards. The two teenagers glared at each other before launching towards each other once more with a roar.

Before the two could attack each other once more, two large fists smashed both of them to the ground.

"Idiots!" roared Itsuka as she landed on the ground before them before picking up both boys with her enlarged hands, "Now isn't the time to fight. You can do that when we're off the clock back home!"

Half an hour prior

Mellissa had been tracking Izuku's phone and notified Momo and Itsuka when he had left the office when he was supposed to be 'off duty'. Itsuka immediately took a motorcycle and drove towards them, with Ochako deciding to accompany her. They had arrived in time to see Izuku and Katsuki's attack slam into each other before the resulting clash forced them apart.

"Throw me!" ordered Itsuka.

Ochako nodded as she quickly grabbed Itsuka, taking away her gravity before tossing her forward. The two girls managed to time it just right for Itsuka to slam her fists down on the two boys.


Katsuki was stubbornly hanging on to consciousness while trying to throw a punch at Izuku once more. Itsuka replied with a neck chop to snap the final thread that was Katsuki's consciousness, sending him plummeting into the ground without a word.

Izuku knew better than to resist when Itsuka was in a 'big sister mode'. He would explain his reasoning for fighting Katsuki at this time of night, but for now, he would let Katsuki draw all the ire.

Itsuka dragged Katsuki while she forced Izuku to march back to where the motorcycle and Ochako were.

"Damn he's stubborn," muttered Itsuka as she noticed Katsuki's hand was quite literally making a trail from gripping the dirt.

Once they managed to pry Katsuki's grip out of the ground, they had Izuku carry him before heading back to the office, with Izuku using Float and One for All to keep up with Itsuka's motorcycle.

It was a long hour of scolding from both Momo and Itsuka before Izuku could be allowed to head to sleep.

Izuku stretched out his limbs as the next day rolled by. Quite a few of them had been called to beach duty once while some others were out helping with a few random cases. Getting ready, Izuku stepped out for his patrol duty when he saw Katsuma peeking out from behind a wall.

Deciding to investigate, Izuku walked over to Katsuma, who was now crouching and trying to hide.

"Katsuma, right?" asked Izuku, causing the boy to squeak in surprise for a second before slowly turning around.

"I'm…. here to apologize about yesterday," apologized Katsuma as bowed politely.

Izuku immediately complimented the boy for such good behavior while also explaining that he wasn't mad at all.

Katsuma immediately asked if Izuku could tell Katsuki that he was sorry. Though he wanted to do it himself, he was terrified of Katsuki.

Izuku couldn't help but chuckle before agreeing and asking why he and his sister were pranking them. Katsuma explained that Mahora disliked heroes in general, and tried to convince him that the new heroes stationed here wouldn't fight a villain, and instead run away. Katsuma in the end, couldn't help but go along with his sister's plan.

"What's this? Did you fall for a prank? I guess you aren't so perfect after all!" said Monoma, popping over the wall.

"Never said I was perfect," replied Izuku with a deadpan glare.

"Umm, you're that hero from before, right?" asked Katsuma before bowing to Monoma, "I'm sorry about my sister yelling at you from before."

Monoma froze for a second, unable to come up with a proper retort. He had one, but it was an inappropriate response, and the kid was being honest about his apology.

"Well, at least you know when to apologize," stuttered Monoma out, "Just don't do it again, alright? We heroes are quite busy, and can't afford to be distracted by false alarms."

"A bit blunt, but he's right," winced Izuku, "If we are sent on a wild goose chase while a real emergency happened that we could've made a difference…..,"

"Ah. I'm very sorry!" cried Katsuma, bowing once more, "I'll be sure to tell my sister to stop any pranks like this!"

Izuku looked down before noticing the Edgeshot badge on Katsuma, and complemented Katsuma about it, who looked happy.

"Do you want to be a hero too?" asked Izuku.

Katsuma froze for a second before looking down at the ground, "My quirk isn't suitable for becoming a hero, and my sister says it's too dangerous."

Izuku blinked before realizing that Mahora didn't hate heroes like Kota, but rather just wanted to push Katsuma away from becoming a hero.

The two talked for a bit before Izuku managed to inspire Katsuma a little to become braver before the boy left to find his sister.

"Back to patrol," said Izuku as he stretched his legs before turning towards Monoma, "Aren't you scheduled for a patrol soon, too?"

"Ha, as if I would forget my own timetable," scoffed Monoma before peeking at his watch, "I'm just on time!"

In reality, Monoma did forget that he was scheduled for patrol right this minute, but just didn't want to admit it.

Everything was going peacefully for the island, with everyone enjoying their time in the peaceful environment. As dawn began rolling in, the fishermen were either coming back from shore or leaving for the sea, depending on the company, when a giant sea cruiser suddenly came crashing through the port, not even stopping until it hit land and capsized onto its side. As the fishermen quickly began to evacuate, a group of people jumped out from the ship.

While the government had been suppressing the news about heroes being attacked and losing their quirks, Izuku and the others had been out of contact with what was happening in Japan. So they had no idea that a group of villains that had invaded was responsible for such a thing.

"Mummy, Chimera, don't let anyone hinder us," ordered the man with white hair and a rather defining black mask that covered the bottom half of his face as well as two tubes jutting out from the shoulder blades. Considering everyone was looking to him for orders, it was clear he was the leader.

Hoyo Makihara, aka Mummy, a man covered in red bandages, and Chojuro Kon, aka Chimera, a man with animalistic traits from varying animals such as a wolf head, eagle talons for hands, and a reptilian tail, nodded.

"Anything special?" asked Chimera.

"Do as you please," replied the leader before turning to the only female of the group, "Slice.."

"I know, Nine," replied Kiruka Hasaki, aka Slice, a woman with bright red hair that extended down to her thighs.

The now-named Nine looked over to the side as two more figures came out of the ship.

"You'll follow me," ordered Nine.

"Are you sure?" asked Slice in a slightly worried tone, "They're just a newbie we found that was on the same ship. We can't exactly trust them."

"No worries," replied Nine, "I am more than enough to take care of them if they foolishly decide to betray us. But they will not. Their eyes tell us everything."

The hooded figures merely nodded as he followed Nine and the others off the ship while Slice began destroying all ships on the harbor with her quirk.

Mahora and Katsuma were at the playground overlooking the harbor, seeing all the destruction that was being wrought. Terrified, the two began to run, but not before Katsuma managed to convince Mahora to call the hero agency to warn them about the villains attacking.

Katsuki had just gotten into his hero costume, making his way to the front when he heard the phone ring. Picking it up, his automatic response was to ask if it was another useless task, only to hear Mahora panickedly shouting on the phone about villains.

Still irritated about the prank from yesterday, Katsuki had been ready to hang up the phone, thinking it was a prank call when Izuku came rushing in, grabbing the phone from him.

"Hello, I'm Deku!" said Izuku quickly, hoping to save whatever request it was.

"In the port-"

The line was cut short, causing Izuku to blink before turning to Katsuki, asking if Mahora had said anything. He had recognized the voice, but hadn't heard the prior conversation.

Katsuki merely shrugged, saying he hadn't heard anything either.

Meanwhile, Chimera had just finished destroying the telecommunication center.

Deciding to check it out, Izuku rushed back out, heading to the port in case there was a real emergency.

Meanwhile, at the city, Mummy had started indiscriminately attacking the city, causing the citizens to panic and run. The first heroes to respond were Toru, Yuga, and Minoru, as they had been in the area. The trio began their counterattack, but Mummy was utilizing everything in the area, wrapping the object with his bandages before transforming them into his projectiles.

"Contact the others!" cried Minoru as he was tossing his purple balls at the incoming projectiles while Yuga was trying to destroy them with his navel laser.

Toru nodded as she quickly picked up her phone, only to discover she had no signal. Luckily, they had Melissa and Mei who had created earbuds that used short burst radio waves in case such a situation happened. She only hoped that it would be enough to carry over to the others.

"Requesting assistance at the commercial area! A villain has appeared!" shouted Toru.

Meanwhile, at the beach, Ojiro and the others were busy evacuating the beach while fighting Chimera.

"Call the others," said Ojiro as he charged toward Chimera, "Focus on evacuating the citizens, I'll distract them!"

Ojiro jumped into the air, spinning rapidly before using his tail to attack, only for Chimera to easily block it without much effort. Jumping back to avoid being an easy target, Ojiro ended up having to dodge several rocks being thrown at him before Fumikage swooped in to save him. However, even with an additional hand, Chimera barely seemed phased at all.

Shoji quickly tapped his earbuds to report the situation, hoping it would travel to the others.

Fights at all fronts were occurring with no easy victory in sight.

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