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Stitch slowly opened his emerald green eyes to a bright ray of sunshine hitting his face flinching as he feels the spot next to him only to find that it was absent of warmth. He sat upright and turned to see that he was the only one in the room, moving his hand into his short shaggy blue hair. He took note that he must have overslept after his coffee chug down the night before resulting in him being the last to wake. Curious as to where everyone else was, he swiftly jumps off the bed and made his trudge downstairs to the kitchen, hoping to find Angel or Lilo or both.

"Lilo? Boojiboo? Where are you?" Stitch called out. As he traveled down the incline, the scent of coffee hit his nose and he moaned in anticipation of finding a pot to inhale through his mouth. Lilo hurriedly rushes into the kitchen and opens all of the cabinets and even the fridge door in an attempt to find something to eat and could only score with a banana, immediately peeling and eating it without much hesitation as she runs out of the room; apparently not registering Stitch's presence despite seeing him out of the corner of her eye.

"Oh! Sorry Stitch. I've got some big news to tell you, but I need to get some things together first." She calls from the laundry room, gathering some of the clothes she had washed and dried.

He was perplexed by all the quick movement his human friend was doing this early in the morning and then turns to hear another sound. Footsteps. He knew someone was coming and knew who it was just by the scent. It was Nani, Lilo's older sister. Maybe she had some answers about her younger sibling's strange behavior. "Nani, why is Lilo running?"

"You didn't hear?" Nani asks him as he shakes his head. "Oh, that's right. You were out with Angel when Lilo found out she was accepted to a college." Nani said as she recalls Lilo's excitement during Stitch's absence. "She's been accepted into California University and she waited for the last day to get everything situated." Nani adds as she shakes her head. "She may be an adult now but she is still the same Lilo."

It was at that moment that Stitch finally realized what that meant for him.

"Is Lilo going away?"

When no response was given Nani walks over to Stitch and placed her hand on him trying to comfort him. While the two didn't always see eye to eye on everything, Nani did understand how deep of a relationship the blue alien had with Lilo and knows how lonely Stitch would be when Lilo takes off, especially with the departure of Angel coming soon as she would have to take off for work outside of Earth.

"Hey, Stitch... She's all grown up. She needs to leave the nest and as much as it kills me - and it really does - I've to let her go so she can pursue her dreams. I can't keep her here. She wouldn't be happy here if I did. You understand right?" She hugs Stitch. "I know. It is a lot to take in."

"B-but I wanted time to prepare for this. I-I...LILO!" Stitch shouts out to a hurrying Lilo who didn't look or sound like she was in the state of mind to talk as she puts her things together, which is made more evident by her reply.

"Can't talk now! Trying to pack my clothes in my suitcase! My flight leaves tonight at 8:45 P.M. sharp and I don't intend to miss it!" She said as she rushed back out.

"But Lilo. What about me?" Stitch questioned weakly and sadly.

The young adult stops with what she was doing and runs down the flight of stairs to see Stitch there. Nani had released him moments ago and decided to leave the two alone. "Stitch," she states as she kneels in front of him.

"I'm so sorry, I was so focused on today. I didn't mean to forget about you," She hugs him. "But Mr. Bubbles did everything he could to help me find a college that could accept me, and you know how much I have wanted to pursue a chemical engineering career. Believe me, I wish it was closer to home, but it isn't."

Stitch could not find any words he could cling on to that which would be able to express the emptiness he was feeling from the hug his best friend was giving to him. Best friend...what was in such a title that made someone feel good about themselves for being someone's favorite person, but failing to receive such important information in which they would be able to plan their last days with their friend accordingly? Such was a mystery that made him feel hollow as Lilo tightens her hug with him. "You know I would never want to leave you. If there was another choice, I would choose it in an instant. Are you upset?"

Stitch sighed as he pulled away from a saddened. "Lilo, how can I not be mad for you not telling me sooner."

He answered honestly. "I mean you would think that, if you were my best friend and knew you were going away for a long time, you would want to spend a little more time with me before you take off."

"Stitch," Lilo said sadly, "we've spent these last few years together. They had given me something I thought I had lost - a family. And as a family, we don't ever forget each other; no matter what."

"I didn't mean to hurt you Stitch," she admitted, "I never intended for it. I'm truly sorry."

He held his stare at her, reading her sorrowful eyes and then added. "Make sure you call at least once a week."

"Call, text, email, whatever you want. I'll do it all, Stitch. I wished all of this happened at a better time. That way, I could've at least had one more day with my best friend." she said as she wipes her tears. Lilo kneels down to Stitch's height and gently wraps her arms around his surprisingly small frame. He was a strong individual, which had been proven many times, but this would have been one of the few moments that had been powerful enough to make him crack slightly. Lilo dreaded the idea that if she held him any tighter, she would break him in two. Finally, she let him go

"I know, but as long as you don't forget about me, I'll be here for you when you get back," Stitch tells Lilo with a smile.

"How could I? Your Stitch, Experiment 626, the strongest out of all the experiments here in Hawaii, and my alien "dog". I would never forget you," she said as she laughs while breaks the hug.

Lilo gets up and leaves to her room with Stitch following her and they both carried bags out to the beach buggy. They pile it and tied a rope around it.

She turns and faces her unique and loving family. She hugs Jumba and Pleakley together as Pleakley blubbers while Jumba's eyes are watery. She waves to them as she goes to Nani and David and tightly hugs them. Nani kisses Lilo's head and they both hug her for what feels like quite a while.

She finally breaks away from them and turns to Stitch, whose fur on his cheeks had been damp from the salty tears that had been cascading from his eyes. A lump began to form in her throat from seeing her best friend looking so shattered the way he was in front of her. The alien bit his lips and clenched his fists as he shook in his place; unable to move.

"Oh, it's — it's really going to be so hard to say goodbye to you, Stitch. I think I'll miss you most of all," she faced Stitch and noted how the pit in her stomach grew. Stitch felt the warmth from his heart lessen as a chill started to take it's place. She kneeled down and tightly embraced him as she caressed his back fur. She let her fingers grasped it, as if desperate to make sure Stitch knew how much she loves him. Stitch froze, as if his body was lifeless. He slowly moved his arms and reciprocated Lilo's hold, hoping the ache in his heart would stop.

Stitch's voice cracked as the tears resumed falling, "Bye, Lilo."

"Bye Stitch," she cried as she buried her face into his neck.

They remained like that until Stitch releases Lilo and she stood up. Lilo waves to them all as she walked over to the car with Nani and David following her. Lilo starts the car and drove away while Jumba and Pleakley walked back to their rooms. Stitch stood alone by the house in the cold, torturous silence that was left behind in the clouded dust that was occupied by the human Earthling. The first human friend he had ever made. He pondered what was he going to down now since he was alone.

He softly smiled as he snapped his fingers, "I got an idea."

He turned around and started walking towards the house with excitement, "I'll go check to see if Boojiboo wants to-"

He paused as he remembered that the day before Angel left town to pursue her galactic music career.

He collapsed onto the floor with tear-rimmed eyes, "Oh...yeah. How could I have forgotten." His ears drooped to his waist and he listened to the cry of the wind that caught some of his tears. He closed his eyes and sniffled a bit before completely dropping his head low; puling to himself.

"6-2-6!" Stitch looked up and sees Jumba running to him with a space cell, though his vision had been blurry from crying, "6-2-4, is on line. Vanting to talk to you."

He heaved, panting in his place from the amount of energy he used up to travel to his experiment. "Evil genius needing more exercising."

Stitch jumped onto his feet, swiftly snatched the space phone from Jumba's hand and brought it to his face. He eagerly spoke into the device while wiping his tears away to clear his vision, "Angel?" He sees another experiment on the receiver who looked almost like him but in pink and seemed a bit more effeminate. Her blue eyes traced over the image that was her boyfriend.

"Hey, Boojiboo! How is your day?" she asked him as she was sitting in a space limo while it cruised over a planet.

"Naga bootifa. Lilo left for college, you are out singing, and I'm just...here." Stitch replied depressingly.

"Lilo left? Yuuga mean today was the day she goes to college?" Angel asks as she looks at her watch, "But isa too early. Isa only 6:00 pm."

"She wanted to make sure she got to the plane. She forgot to pack her things, again. Sometimes I don't understand her and the way she does things, but I guess it's ok," Stitch said, "Still...I feel lonely."

"Well, I have some time we can talk about things. Is that okay with you?" she asks him.

Stitch's face lit up."Ih"

She laughs, "Ih, of course. So gaba youga talk about?"

"Well, how's your singing career going?" Stitch offers thinking it was a good way to start the conversation.

"It's going great. I'm going to the Nova system next and then hopefully I'll be back on Earth soon afterward," she speaks honestly, "Can't believe it has been months since I left Earth. I miss everyone so much, including you Stitch."

"Months? No, you left yesterday." Stitch told Angel.

"Oops," Angel chuckles at her mistake, "Sorry. Every system has a different time zone on their planets and this one just happens to feel like it had been months since I left. It can get annoying at times, but the fans are always super supportive, so I felt that I needed to do it."

She notices her manager approaching her and sighs. She covers the phone as he whispers in her ear, but Stitch could still hear some of the things being said. "Really... Meega... Boojiboo... Home," Stitch only caught those words and then he sees her face on the screen again, but with a more sullen expression etched on her face. Catching the change, Stitch knew immediately that something was wrong on her end of the call.

"Soka... Meega manager just told meega that we've to attend a benefit concert in a galaxy so far away, not even the space cell will be able to get a good reception, so I won't be back anytime soon like I initially thought." her ears droop sadly.

Stitch couldn't believe what he just heard. His girlfriend was moving further away from him in order to continue chasing her dream. He won't be able to reach her with the only form of contact that he has with her. That idea alone was enough to make Stitch panic internally, causing his stomach to go into knots.

"I have to go now. Bye, Stitch. Meega loves yuuga misa much," she speaks as she blows a kiss to him."

"...Oh...Ok...B-bye...boojiboo," Stitch said and closed the space phone, tears

rushing down his face once more. The two people he loved most were gone. He knows it's only temporary and he still has friends on Earth; however, at this very moment, he has never felt more alone. If only there was something that he could do to change that.

Jumba, who had heard the conversation, sympathized with Stitch feeling helpless to the issue. The giant alien creator thought of Stitch as a child of his own and it pained him to know that this wasn't something he could simply fix with the tools he worked with. He sat beside Stitch and placed his hands on his shoulders in an attempt to comfort Stitch.

"Stitch," Jumba called him and Stitch turns to him as Jumba knowingly stated, "Evil genius knowing saying goodbye is no easy task, but you are strong with good heart. Just have hope that they'll come back and that should help lessen pain. Besides, you still have me, Pleakley, and your cousins here." He wiped Stitch's tears.

"Big Earth Girl Nani and Surfer Boy David here as well," Jumba commented.

"I barely even see my cousins, half of them are maniacs, the other half are too far to visit, Pleakley is still a noodle, and dinko te fabba." Stitch said, tears still coming down his face.

Jumba huffs in an effort to disregard the insult the blue creature threw at him and added, "What has Lilo told you about Ohana?"

"Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind...or forgotten...but SHE LEFT ME!" Stitch shouted as he broke down and threw himself at his creator. Jumba was caught off guard by the gesture and felt awkward about the exchange as he didn't feel that he was the best person to seek such solace from. However, he reluctantly allowed it and even placed one of his hands on top of Stitch's head.

"Because she had no other choice," Pleakley entered concern displayed on his face, "Don't you think she's hurting inside just as much as you are or even more? Same with Angel. You just have to wait for them to come back. They will come back, you'll see."

"I don't why I feel like this, but I do. I have this horrible ache in my chest like my heart is about to fall apart," Stitch said sniffling.

Pleakley explained kindly, "You feel like that because the two closest people in your life are gone because Lilo, is your first friend and Angel is your first love. With them gone, you feel like you've got a void in your heart. I'm sure if anyone was in your place, they would feel the same pain you are going through."

"...What can I do...to be rid of the void?" Stitch asked.

"Hope, pray and try not to think about it," Pleakley spoke, "Do you really think that Lilo and Angel want you to be sad and mope around because I know they wouldn't approve of those actions."

"Maybe 6-2-6 can be lab assistant to Jumba? 6-2-6, wanting help Evil genius with new invention?" Jumba asked him elatedly. Stitch thought about it for a few moments and then turned to Jumba and agreed. "Ih, meega try."

"Good," Jumba stood up, "then let's get going."

Stitch and Pleakley got up and followed Jumba into the house, where Pleakley sectioned off to the kitchen. Stitch reluctantly continued on to the lab with Jumba to be his assistant for whatever Jumba has in mind. Things couldn't possibly get any worse than they are now.