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Breath in. Breath out.

It walks closer to the building, searching for any signs of life.

In... Out...

It clicks, maybe reporting to its leader.


I switch off the safety as the Scavenger pauses.


I line it's head up with my scope.


My finger tightens, pulling the trigger.

The rifle jumps back, as the bullet leaves the chamber and embeds itself into the Scavenger's head.

The sound of the shot echoes, ringing through the desolate city.

It's only listeners, hiding in the bedroom below my feet.

"Marinette?" A timid voice calls from below.

I use my scope to check the visible parts of the city from my vantage point, quickly making my way down to the hatch once I am certain there are no other hostiles nearby.

"What is it, Manon?" I sigh, annoyed, that she disobeyed me once again and followed me upstairs.

"Tikki is getting worse. Aunt Sabine told me to get you." She blinked at Marinette sadly.

Though still a young girl, Manon had lost her innocence. No longer asking for toys, but asking Marinette if she could help hunt Scavengers. Ever since her mother's body had turned up in a field, one of the victims of the invaders.

Marinette inhaled sharply and hurried downstairs.

As she bounded into the room, she took in the sight. A weak Tikki, laying on the mattress.

"I'm fine, Marinette." She croaks.

"No, you're not." Marinette whispers, not wanting to attract attention to their hiding spot.

"Marinette. I swear. I'm fine." Tikki sighs.

Marinette rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

"Fine." Marinette grounds out as she turns around and walks out with her rifle thumping against her back.

"What are you gonna do?" Alya asks her as Marinette marches towards the back door.

"We've only been here a day and I haven't checked all of the houses. Maybe one will have the medicine she needs."

"But, what if a Scavenger is around." Alya worries.

"I already checked the perimeter. I assure you, there isn't one." Marinette throws over her shoulder as she closes the door behind her.

Nope. Not it.

She shoves the pills into her pocket anyways.

Might need it later.

She checks another bottle.



Marinette jumps in surprise and drops the pill bottle.

"Shit." She curses.

As she picks the pills back up and pockets them, she looks up at the ceiling.

"Shit, shit, shit." She whispers.

She grabs her rifle and holds it out in front of her.

She creeps up the stairs, and looks into the first room.


She pads towards the second room with her rifle aiming in front of her.


As she walks towards the third door, the floorboard creaks beneath her feet.


As she starts to back away, a large figure darts out of the room and tackles her.

As she shouts in surprise, she drops her rifle.

"Shit!" She screams.

As the Scavenger tries to pin her, Marinette struggles to get free.

"Let. Go." She growls as she brings her legs up and pushes it off.

As it went flying, Marinette scrambled away and grabbed her rifle.

"Night." She whispers as she aims at its head and pulls the trigger.

The shot echoes through the house, Marinette sighs and lowers her rifle, watching as the Scavenger slumps forward, dead.

"Damnit." She groans as she runs a hand through her shoulder-length hair.

It was time for them to run again.

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