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Harry Potter was the forgotten twin of the fabled boy who lived, Daniel Potter. Daniel always got whatever he wanted, Harry had to fight for basic needs such as, food, water, and a bed of some sort. Daniel always got lavish parties, Harry was luck if someone remembered his birthday. When their little sister Claire was born, Harry worried that he, a 2 year old, would have to take care of her. Thankfully his parents paid attention to her. This same wretched existence continued for Harry for 7 years with only his sister paying attention to him. Just when Harry thought his life had hit an all time low, he discovered hidden abilities, and friends in the least likely places.


Harry Potter layed on his bed not knowing what else to do. It was his 8th birthday and only Claire had remembered. His parents where busy hosting his twin brother Daniel's lavish birthday party downstairs. Only certain people where allowed to come, and apparently it was considered an honor to be invited; Harry thought these people where crazy if they wanted to spend 6 or 7 hours staring at a spoiled 8 year old brat, who only survived by accident. Harry was always told by his father to stay out of sight and upstairs during these gatherings. This was fine by Harry as he never liked talking to the kind of people who were invited, he found them irritating. Just as Harry was about to fall into a downward spiral of self pity, his stomach rumbled.

"Well Harry, it looks like it's time to eat." Harry mumbled to himself. As he got up he heard voices coming from the party. Most of them where the tenors of the adults talking amongst each other, but they would be occasionally interrupted by the sharp altos of the children.

As soon as Harry got down the stairs he was immediately attacked by a fiery red missile known as Claire.

"I was just about to go get you. They just started to put the food out." Claire said.

"Thanks Claire. I just wanted to wait as long as possible before I was chewed out by James." Harry replied. Harry often called his father by his first name as Harry believed that he didn't deserve the title of dad, or father.

"Well I'll distract him while you get food. Dad can actually tolerate me." Claire stated.

"Okay. Thank you." Harry said gratefully. As he walked over to the buffet line, Harry noticed a girl with neon orange hair that looked to be about 7 or 8, same age as him, waiting in line as well. The girls name was Nymphadora Tonks. The girl preferred to go by Tonks. In fact, if anyone tried to call her by her first name she would use her magic to curse them, or at least blow them across the room.

"Hi. My name is Harry. What's your name?" Harry asked the girl.

Started the girl dropped her food on to the floor and slipped on the salad dressing. Blushing she pulled herself up using the table.

Now a deep crimson the girl replied, "My name is Tonks. And my parents call the walking tornado for obvious reasons."

"Well, I did kind of sneak up on you, so that was partially my fault." Harry said.

"I guess. Say, how old are you?" Tonks asked.

"I my 8th birthday is today." Harry replied.

"Oh! You have the same birthday as the Boy Who Lived. Daniel Potter. Say, you kind of look like him too. Same messy black hair, narrow face, eye shape, though the eyes themselves are different colors. Yours are a brilliant emerald green, and his are more of a hazel." Tonks said.

"Well we would naturally look alike as we are twins." Harry said bitterly with an edge of sarcasm.

"Oh I'm sorry! I didn't mean to upset you! This is why I have no friends. I just ramble on and always say to much!" Tonks sobbed.

"Don't worry Tonks. You had no idea I had any beef with my brother, it's not your fault. And I don't have any friends either. Maybe we could be friends?" Harry asked tentatively, he didn't want to blow his chance to make a friend.

"I would love that Harry! Thank you!" Tonks said.

Over the next few hours Harry and Tonks asked each other questions about what the other liked and didn't like, what their favorite color was (black for Harry, green for Tonks), and what class they were most excited for when they got to Hogwarts.

"I think I would like charms the best as I would be able to protect myself and retaliate against those who try to hurt me, or cause me harm in any way, shape, or form." Harry said.

"Does flying count as a class?" Tonks asked humorously.

"Haha! Yeah I guess it does. I mean you get graded so I guess it is a class." Harry replied.

"Harry! They are serving the cake now. Do you want any?" Claire asked as he barged into the room.

"Uh…sure. Whatever you can get is fine. Thanks. Tonks do you want any cake?" Harry asked Tonks.

"If you can get any that would be great thank you." Tonks said to Claire.

"Okay." Claire did as she left the room smiling to herself. It had been so long since she had seen Harry laugh, truly laugh. It was a pleasant sight to see.

"Claire what kind of cake do you want?" her mother Lily asked her.

"I would like two vanilla slices. One for me and one for the girl in the other room." Claire told her mother.

"As long as it actually is for the other girl and you are not just making this up to get extra cake." Lily said.

Putting her right hand up Claire recited, " I promise that this cake is indeed for the girl who I previously mentioned and that this girl is not a figment of my imagination."

Laughing joyously Lily handed her daughter the cake.

"Thank you mom!" Claire yelled over her shoulder.

When Claire got back with the cake both Harry and Tonks thanked her for it.

"Thanks Claire. You're the best." Harry said. Tonks just nodded I'm agreement.

"So you going to introduce me to your friend? Or do I have to do it myself?" Claire asked.

"Claire this is Tonks, Tonks that's my younger sister Claire." Harry said.

"Nice to meet you Claire." Tonks said.

"Same over here." Claire said in reply.

For two hours, Tonks and Claire got to know each other. By the end of the party Harry, Claire, and Tonks were talking like they knew each other forever. And when Tonks has to go, all three were very disappointed.

"Nymphadora, sweetheart, it's time to go. The party is over." Tonks' mother said sweetly.

"Well bye guys. I'll write you. And hopefully we can see each other soon." Tonks said.

"Bye Tonks!" Harry and Claire said in unison.

The Potter siblings waited for the Tonks' to leave their house before heading upstairs. At the top of the stairs they bade goodnight to each other and went into their separate rooms content with the days adventure, and the fact that they had one new friend.


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