One Day…

A.N. I'm going to alter Thomas' history a bit. Instead of him being built in 1915, he's going to be built in 1907 :)

A.N. 2 Extra info of William:


32 – when he was finally worried about engines, year 1900
39 – when he built Thomas, year 1907
47 – current age, year 1915

Born: November 5, 1868

Day: April 27, 1900

32 year old William sighed in discomfort as he stared out a window from his home during a rainstorm.

He was so deeply lost in thought, that when a soft hand gently touched his shoulder, he gasped in surprise and jumped. His heartbeat racing, he looked up into the teal green eyes of his friend, 31 year old, Tanner Maxwell.

Breathing a sigh of relief, William looked down, and ran a hand through his messy red hair. "Oh… hello Tanner… you scared me…"

"Apologies, old friend. But are you alright, Will?" Tanner asked, concern lacing his voice, as he stared at his best friend inquiringly.

"No… not really." William mumbled. "This is the second case of mistreatment of another engine I've seen in the newspaper in three weeks."


"Yes! Haven't you seen?" William asked, turning to face his friend. "The first one, was of a Dolgoch locomotive- though his name was not released. He was quite a troublemaker, yes. But what he did really wasn't all that bad… he was a show-off who would ride roughly and often come off the rails. But most engines would be guilty of that at times. But anyways, he was finally punished by being turned into a generator and being put away behind an engine shed."

"What?!" Tanner gasped. "Just for coming off the rails a few times?!"

William exhaled. "Indeed, Tanner. But the second one, is sadder in my opinion. His name was not released either, though neither were any others. But most of them, were based off the L&YR Class 28 tender steam locomotives."

"Others?" Tanner asked. "What do you mean?"

"This one, involved an entire railway." William explained.

Tanner blanched at the thought. "An entire railway…"

"Yes." William confirmed. "You see, this railway was recently shut down, because it was known to be cheap and cut corners. Due to this, it was causing its engines to have unsafe conditions. Even to themselves. One example, is wooden brake blocks."

"WOODEN BRAKE-" Tanner gaped. "Alright, I'm no engineer but-"

"I, uhm, Tanner…" William interjected, while trying not to laugh. "You are an engineer. We both are."

Tanner blushed in embarrassment. "Oh yes…" He laughed quietly. "We are… but- but that just makes my point even more damning! Engines should not have wooden brake blocks! That's potentially life threatening to them, and everyone else around them!"

"I know." William huffed. "The railway is now shut down, and all the engines working there are to be sent elsewhere for proper care. However, that railway it soon to be opened again, under new, more suited management for the engines and workers."

"That's a relief…" Tanner smiled. "But what are you going to do? Why are so upset about this?"

"I'm upset about this because engines are being mistreated!" William cried. "This could hurt us, yes, but it could hurt the engines even more so! And more than just physically…" He mumbled, looking down.

"You do have a point…" Tanner hummed. "I'm sorry for being so oblivious… do continue."

William sighed, but did so. "I don't know what I'm going to do, Tanner." William stated truthfully, turning back to face the window, the storm raging just beyond the glass. "But… I feel the need to care for an engine myself. Show them what it means to be properly cared for…"

"You could buy an engine, and give them that." Tanner suggested.

"Yes… it would be beneficial to both sides…" William mused. "But… I want my own engine. One that I… built myself."

"Well that's good too, Will." Tanner said, moving next to him. "But, that'll be expensive… I don't think you could do it…"

William snorted lightly. "Maybe one day, I'll be able to Tanner. One day…"