Its been a month since harry defeated voldemort. So he he decided to takes break from the life to refresh. Now to the back, he is now standing at the door of his 2nd home the burrow.

He just going to knock when he heard someone shrieked. So he keep his ear at door to listen. In time so he can surprise. Little did he know it is actually reversed.

"Mum you know i got a letter today from harry he says he is going return today" Yes this is ginny's voice. He actually miss her.

"Oh i am very happy for you" Molly said.

"Mum and you ginny don't forget what our agreement before. Ginny do as we plan" hearing ron's voice thrill him but after what he says it is actually sent a shiver unknown to him.

"Yes ron i have already mention well enough to ginny. Also we research about it yesterday, And you know harry is actually lord of at least 3 to 4 houses, which means he may be now the richest person in the whole europe both in wealth and in politically." hermione…….she said this.

"So remind you once again all of you first mum mix that lust potion in harry's drink then ginny yours work start. Lead him to your room then make him fall for you in your bed. After you get pregnant you can force him to marry you and sign those contracts which says that you will be owner of 75% of his whole properties." Ron's voice…….Harry's eyes wide….tears forming in them…..heart pounding……ears just can't take anymore.

"Yes of course after that i will divorce him or made him cheat on me so that we can separated and i will enjoy my rest of with dean my pure love" Ginny…..really….Ears hurting him.

"Hey don't forget us me deserves 30%, hermione will take 15% then mum and dad 5% and rest is yours" ron said happily. And they CHEERED.

"Mum it's time he will coming soon so stay quite" with hearing this harry bangs door 3 times heavily. A rush of footsteps can be heard behind the door. Suddenly one opens the door and launches her at him. 'Ginny the bitch'….True love…i see.

"Harry love where have you been we are worried, come in" she said enthusiastically. Yes thieves are also amazed before their theft.

Harry steps in quitely. Regarded by two more hugs and one handshakes by 'family of bitches'.

"Harry james potter, explain where have you been all this while, don't give your mother heart attack young man" molly said. Harry deep inside soothing heavily.

"Oh Harry i am so happy you are finally came home. You know we all are so happy to see you come let's take launch you surely miss the hand of your mother" hermione said.

THAT'S IT…."Don't YOU Compare yourself to my mother you bitch" all head in room flinched at his tone of pure venom.


"YES, hear that you bitch my mother is a great mother died in front of killing curse to save me. Save ME. So what have done so great that you are comparing yourself to her" He hissed.

Before anyone can zone out of their shock he continued.

"I heard all the things you said beggars. Ron my shit of a dear friend fuck yourself. Then fuck that bitch of your gf then your whore slut of a sister and mother then think about my money. You are not worth it. Hermione of all this beggars i think you will no may stand by my side till end but fuck the bullshit Poor dick of your bf you wormy slut. Molly molly molly how are your husband doing did he satisfy you enough or you seeking 'other' helps. Ginny love how come your true love going…..actually i have seen him with lavender in a bar going upstairs to 'their' cozy room to have some fun. So NOW you fuck bunch of selfs LISTEN this carefully, YOU BETRAYED me. And i won't forget that ever so forget me or i will DESTROY you" with that he turned and leave by leaving behind shocked faces.

Stopping at doorways he turned and said. "Don't dare to contact me…So FUCK YOURSELF HAPPILY" with that he apparate away.

"Mum What happen"

"May be we know brother of mine, but look at them"

"Look like they can't eat anything beside the things that harry suggested them"

"Too true Forge"

Whistling in air the twin also left.

A/N: A great idea formed in my mind after reading Some betrayal fics.