Daphne Isabella Greengrass is always cunning and sly. She always wanted to be independent. She always wants a future for herself. Now after the war she wants to be in business lady like his father. Her father Cyrus Greengrass leaders of the Grey confront of wizengamot always supported her. He said that he also consider put her in his place at wizengamot also put her in assistant C.E.O post in their company. Her mum is just like her but after sometimes she forfeit her nature and lives with her to raise her and her sister Astoria. Daphne did not believed in pure blood supremacy, but she felt proud of being a magician. She did not felted anything wrong in bloodstatus, but she thinks herself above other including member of slytherins.

When the war coming towards end her father told her that in future they have to choose a side. He asked Daphne's opinion. Daphne though proud of being pure blood does not mean she support Voldemort. She just couldn't help herself from being hate him. So after hearing her opinion her father seconded her with a smile and states that the Grey confront now will support potter as he is the new leader which will be help them in future if light become victorious. So that's what happen.

Her father and whole grey fiction supported the light and now after the war their reputation is in high place. In between her wondering she steps into a room that belongs to her grandparents.

She steps in and inspect the room. The room was bright with silver and Light green color. Ceiling was awesome with looks like fallen sky. The interior was just as great as the room. Furniture is also made of excellent quality. While she is looking around she found a diary which kept securely in a drawer. After opened it she began read it. Her grand father was truly amazing from his she can tell that he is a damn well strategist. Then she found a page with a star mark. Curiously she began reading it, after reading it for the fifth time, yet she can't believe herself about what she is reading. Her mind began whirlwind. She felt herself dizzy. Before she can be more sick she dashed to main hall to find her father.

"Dad, Dad, watch this, what the hell is this about." she handed it to her father.

Her father let out a heavy sigh after reading it thoroughly.

"Darling, I know it is ridiculous but i will tell you. So when my dad is affected by dragon fox I am on a business trip in new York. You know that your grandma is leave us before him a year ago. So when I returned home after hearing about his state he says that there is something he needs to tell you. You are then is only 4 years old, so we can't let you near him as he is in serious stage of dragon fox also it's a dangerous illness. So we don't let you. He kept repeating that he needs to see you and what is the matter that he only can tell you and he is bound by law for it. Now I am understands what he mean by then. " her father said.

"What do you mean, i really have a contract of marriage with potter." she seems confused. It can't be true, can it.

"I mean that, well lets get dipper as possible. You know about house system in our society right. So you should know that potters actually a Grey family like us. It is only potters father and grand father joined light as their aunt killed by the death eaters. Potters actually a very secretive family, therefore they received a great applaud from our society. No one can be ever beat their family secrets once. They are the only family like that. When the potter massacres happend in 1692. There you know a second son of them said that he deserves to be a lord of the house. Which is discreeted and disregarded by their family members. So he went out for revenge on his family. He learns dark magic also gain a some follower then attacked potter castle. The castle was so strong that potters only needs to fight their son as all them were killed just by attempt on the castle Everyone guesses different things about this but no one can tell beside a potter. So the pint of all this is the contract may be true, I am explaining this." He said then took a glass of water and drank it with once.

"So when that happened potters and us are great friends. So I thinks they decided to sign a contract as if one family is out numbered by male heirs as we now are. So it can be true, but we can't do anything about it as only wait if harry potter is going to receive his inheritance then we will inform if it is true. I hope it is. You are going to be extremely lucky if it is true. "

"How can you say that I will be most unlucky if it is true."

"Let's consider it, honey. If it is true then, you will be next lady potter also wife of one of the richest person in Europe. You also have your own reputation as business lady but after that you can have a very large influence on people. And if you says be correct I think the Gryffindor golden boy is not excellent with girl. I think you both can have a beautiful life."

"Dad don't you think you are going a long road." Daphne said incredulously.

"Think about it Daphne, think" with that saying he left.

Truly she think about it. If it is true then, she knows that Harry potter is an enigma to her. She actually does't know anything about him beside what Draco said about him. If she has to marry then, she will make great out of it. She can't forfeit her future like her mother.

Many more thoughts strike her brains as she groans and goes to talk with Tracy. She may, can help her in this issue.


Harry walking towards gringotts as he inspects his surroundings. The diagon alley is changed considerably. More stores are now there stands out. It is like it regain its life after the war. In during the war many stores are blacked out by death eaters. Now it seems great to walk in the same place with the great generosity that he likes when he enters here for the first time.

In between depth of his thoughts he felt two pairs of hands grab him and pulled him to a store. They pulled him to a corner. Then he saw that they are George and Fred. His blood boiled as glared at them.

"My, my, my little harrikins is in hot. Cool Harry cool we are not".

"With them. We also heard your eruption in our to our family".

"We know how you really feel bro, But please we are not with them. We never can, you are the person that helps us in our greatest need. You are our only Investor who trust us so mark our words".

"We two will never betray you Harry"

His anger faltered a bit after hearing this. He knew that the twins are always sides with true, he also believes that they don't know about their plan. Though he can't trust them yet.

"I know, but don't ask me to forgive them. And one last thing tell them not to bother me AGAIN" he said calmly and left.

Turning around at the door he said "And congratulations, if you need any other things you can ask me." and he left.

"Never tickle a sleeping dragon"

"Too true brother of mine, too true." with a long sigh they joined in their work.

Harry enters gringotts with cautious steps. He always feels creepy in this place and after their break out he feels more uncomfortable. Kingsley assured him that they understood importance of your work. He walks to the center podium. And asked politely."Hello sir I have an appointed meeting with Mr. Ragnork".

"What's your name" the goblin asked.

He lifts up his hood and said "Harry potter sir".

The goblin looks suddenly. All the goblins eyes are now at him.he felt more nervous now.

The goblin pressed a button and another goblin arrived.

"Take Mr. Potter to Mr. Ragnork"

"Mr. Potter follow me"

He followed. They stop a door and he knocked then we entered. The other goblin left as he entered.

"Mr. Potter take a seat, we have much to discuss. And thank that you replied and attend soon."

"Its okay master Ragnork."

"Okay, get down to business. Mr. Potter you know that you are the sole heir of potter family, right."

"Yeah, I guess"

The goblin cringed his face then said. "Mr. Potter as you are now 17, you can now become the lord of your house."

"Okay" harry replied politely. 'That is what weasley's are talking about.' He thought.

"So first we should come about with a test that is authenticating your demand of the heir of your house, so please Mr. Potter drop your blood here and register your wand." the goblin said.


He lifts up his hand towards the goblin as he collect his blood in a vile with his magic. He put the blood on a device and it glowed Golden. And a parchment arrived from it.

Ragnork gasped as he looked into the parchment. He handed it to Harry. It says.

Harry James Potter.

Son Of Mr. James Charlus Potter and Lily Mary Potter nee Evans.

D.O.B: 31.07.1980

Heir of Houses:

1. Potter: by blood

2. Black: by will and blood

3. Peverell: Last descendant by blood

4. Gryffindor: Last descendant by blood

Vault values:

Potter: Vault no. 3633

Vault Contains: ~500,000,000 Galleons

[With various jewelry and family artifacts and several houses]

Black: vault no. 1418

Vault Contains: ~1000,000,000 Galleons

[With jewelry, artifacts and several houses]

Peverell: vault no. 3

Vault Contains: ~5,000,000 Galleons

Gryffindor: vault no. 9

Vault Contains: ~20,000,000 Galleons

[Several artifacts]

Total vault value: ~1,525,000,000 Galleons

[ Total 32 House around the world with many jewelry and artifacts]

Harry just stared at the paper dumbfounded. He is that much rich, yet he didn't know in all those years. Ragnork smiled then said. "I know it bit of shock but it also shocked me. So then let's proceed".

He then opened a box with 4 rings and handed him. Harry put each ring in hand with 2 to and 2 to left. the rings glowed then felt warming.

Ragnork then said. "It means that the rings are accepted you. And Mr. Potter there is two more things that leaves us"

"First you know that potter and black family are quite rich. There are several business of them is working around the world. Now that you are the lord, you have to take responsibilities of those businesses. As I am your house goblin I have control it until now. And now also you have to attend wizengamot for 4 seats and votes."

"Sir, I am grateful for that but I want to request you that please take care of businesses as I am unaware of it so I like to learn a bit about that then I will take it." harry said.

"Very wise decision Mr. Potter. Now last phase. Mr. Potter you should knowing that your family is a Grey family for centuries. As your family's personal goblin I knew about it. But lately for some reason your family join side with light. You should know that in 1692 there is massacre in your family as a second son of your family attacks your family with outside invaders but your family castle which is very strong for that killed all at a blink of eye but it leaves the son as he belongs in blood. Then your great grand father fight with him and killed him. That is when your grandfather signed a contract with Greengrass family as they were your families very faithful friends that if ever one family lacks male heir then the marriage contract is will apply. As so now The Greengrass family have two daughters so the marriage contract is now active with their elder daughter so that yours baby will carry greengrass name." as said he handed him another parchment which states the marriage contract of him with heir of house greengrass who is Daphne Greengrass. The memory hit him as he remembered that he heard that name before but where he can't tell?

"As you know she is your classmate in Hogwarts" that pulls the thread. Yes there is a girl, but he can't remember her clearly. She always so quiet.

"So Mr. Potter we have to send a declaration of this contract to them, so they can joins us here"

"I agree sir but I want to visit my vault"

"I know Mr. Potter that is why I am discussing this. The vault of black and peverell accept a person when he is with his lady? As if an intruder want to make a hand on their properties he just can't. It is for some security reason."


Ragnork stand up and left the room leave him with his thoughts. Why would he deserves this ? He now has to marry a girl he barely knows. He doesn't want a loveless life. But He knew that he have settle in between this.

Then the door open and entered Ragnork with tail with two other people. The man who is in right side of Ragnork is tall but 1 or 2 inch shorter than him as he is 6'2" (ca. 188 cm). He had a smiling face with Grey hair and blue eyes. In his looks you can say he is rich as he wears a very high quality robes. Then his eyes fell into the girl who is walking onn the left side of goblin. She is tall but slightly shorter than his father. A honey blond hair with dazzling blue eyes. Truly she is mesmerizing gorgeous. Then he remembers her. Ah Yes she is the girl with that brunette he met at the leaky cauldron.

"You" He said dumbly.

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