I highly recommend that you read Come Together so that you can follow the story as there are several OCs but I suppose this chapter gives you enough of an introduction.

Chapter 1

The first day back at school was always an opportunity for fresh starts, new friends and a jump start. For the Glee club it was a chance to get new members, usually fresh meat who didn't know of their less than popular reputation. All of the members from last year were still in it apart from Myron, who to the relief of much of the Glee club had transferred to some private school. Sadly this meant that there were only eleven left, with everyone apart from Mason, Jane and Madison graduating at the end of the year. It meant that they desperately needed new members and they were doing it the only way they knew how- a start of year performance to pull some interest in. Everyone was dressed for the part with neon clothing, tousled hair and leg warmers among others. They were nervous, however, because they didn't know how everyone would respond.

They'd done fairly well at Nationals last year but not enough to win solidly like they had several years before. This year they hoped to finally win, none of them had that experience of it and really wanted it. Mr. Schuester had them get together over the summer to plan a performance for the school, hoping to see some independence and team work. To absolutely no one's surprise, Kitty had basically taken over, batting away the attempts of her friends to intervene. On the outside and often on the inside, many people thought that she was the most reluctant member of New Directions due to her attitude and reputation, but she did show a surprising level of dedication to the cause. There was a lot of the debate over the song choice- Spencer thought a meme song would be best, Madison argued for a dance hit, Mason fought for contemporary and Unique had suggested classic karaoke. Eventually, however, it had all been sorted out.

Nobody had noticed them stood in the corner with a boom box but that was hardly surprising, they were used to not being noticed. Everyone else in the cafeteria was busy chatting enthusiastically. One of those people was Rebecca 'Becca' Hamilton, co-captain of the Cheerios and surprising ally of the New Directions. Sat with her usual group of jocks and cheerleaders, she was totally involved in the gossiping of the day. Bree was seated next to her, laughing at Lindsey Dawson's growing baby bump. Becca rolled her eyes at her co-captain's bitchiness but she never said anything beyond a gentle rebuke. Though she missed the holidays it was nice to be back with her friends all day.

Summer could be described as nothing but blissful, filled with parties, camping on the trails and driving along with the windows down and music blasting through the speakers. Going to the Caltech Summer Programme has also been a huge boost for her college application, being extremely fun if intellectually challenging- going from working in labs in the afternoon to sneaking out at night with the others to drink illegally on the beach. Visiting Spokane to see her family and friends again had been nothing less than the best, whilst her time at the beach with Spencer and his family had also been the most fun thing. Senior year was now here though and it was time to knuckle down. Becca was completely motivated and always had been as the studious type, spending a lot of her summer patting down her college applications. Though she was applying for some great schools, Harvard was still her absolute aim and dream.

Slipping out her timetable, she re-read it.

Name: Hamilton, Rebecca Marie

Grade: 12

Timetable for the 2014/15 William McKinley High School Year:

Homeroom- Mr. P Cameron, Room 4B

1st Period: AP English Literature with Miss. N Hanson, Room 2A

2nd Period: AP French with Ms. M King, Room 7C


3rd Period: AP Algebra 1 with Mr. R O'Connor, Room 8D

4th Period: AP Chemistry with Mrs. J Jones, Room 6A


5th Period: AP World History with Mr. W Schuester, Room 7H

6th Period: AP Biology with Miss. A Peters, Room 1A

7th Period: (Mon-Wed) Health with Coach S. Beiste, Room 4B/ Phys Ed with Coach S. Beiste

Becca had English and History with Spencer now, glad to have classes with her best friend. It was just the pair of them in English but Aimee and Jordan joined them in History. She no longer had French with Bree, but she had her in health, homeroom and PE which meant the usual gossiping. She was glad to have Alistair, Jane and Mason in her French as well, they'd all sat together, but she missed having a lesson with Ryder.

Her phone buzzed. Picking it up from the table, she laughed at the message.

Does the salad always taste this awful? X

Yes, suck it up buttercup xxx

She'd spent all summer training Spencer's little sister Katie Porter so that she could ace her online audition for Cheerios. The two had been close ever since that they first met last year, Becca seeing the younger blonde as the sibling she'd never had. Similar in a lot of ways, they'd bonded quickly and Becca treated Katie as nearly as close a friend as her brother. Luckily for Becca, she'd trained Katie well enough to impress Coach Washington and Bree (the other two judges). Katie had run up to Becca in the halls earlier in the day, excitedly hugging her and showing off her new cheer uniform. Becca was already training Katie to take over as captain once she and Bree had graduated.

Jordan was talking about how she'd finally got her neck brace off after nearly two years. It was clearly a relief for her, no longer having that stifling thing on her all the time. Neck fully healed, she felt a lot more like a happy Cheerio. Becca had only ever known Jordan with it on so it had been quite strange when she'd rocked up to the Lima Bean with it off, but she was definitely happy for her.

The conversation was suddenly interrupted when the boom box brought in by the Glee club started playing the hit Take On me. Though everyone was used to the New Directions dancing around and singing randomly in the halls, they usually did pay attention when their lunch was being broken into- besides, everyone loved the song. The Glee club did the 'da da da' beginning around the tables before Jane rushed into the middle and started the song.

We're talking away; I don't know what to say, I'll say it anyway

Mason joined in with her then.

Today's another day to find you. Shying away, I'll be coming for you love ok?

The entire Glee club then joined in, doing a synchronised dance routine in the middle of the cafeteria. They were avoiding dancing on tables now because many students were getting pretty sick of having to remove their trays from the table. Of course there was a varied reaction in general- most of the freshmen were baffled, some were clapping along whilst most just tried to resist the urge to dance because of their annoyance. Becca, Jordan and Aimee were the only ones on the popular table who were actually enjoying the song, the rest were rolling their eyes and making the usual comments about the 'lame' Glee club.

After a few more verses of the song, Ryder headed over to Becca's table. Smiling at the sight of her boyfriend, she turned around to greet him but was surprised when he pulled her up. Laughing, she let him twirl her and pick her up, spinning around.

Summer had been big for the pair. After they'd finally exchanged the 'love' word to each other, it felt as though there was a liberating influence in their relationship. Something else had also happened though. After Ryder had told Becca about the babysitter thing and how that had affected him, the blonde knew that it would be a while before her boyfriend was ready for sex. She had been wrong, however. In the middle of summer, when the pair was hanging out at her house and passionately making out as usual, Ryder had stopped suddenly. Becca thought it was because he needed to cool off but was surprised when Ryder had said that he was finally ready for sex. After he assured her that he was absolutely ready, the pair finally did it. Though Becca wasn't a virgin, she felt much better with Ryder because she truly loved him and it felt magical (that and the fact he was really good). Ryder was also relieved that he finally felt free within his own body and no longer controlled by the past. Both were pretty damn happy and the rest of the summer had been rather...physical for them.

After they'd danced, Ryder kissed her on the head before rushing away to continue the dance. Giddy, Becca sat back down, her face a pretty blush pink. She swayed along to the rest of the song, dismayed but unsurprised at the lack of good reception they received at the end. Listening along as her friends bitched about the performance; she waited for the group to leave before she excused herself to find Ryder. Walking the corridors, she found him at his locker.

"Well isn't someone a superstar?" she asked teasingly as she walked over.

Ryder laughed, closing his locker and opening his arms for Becca to go into, "So you weren't embarrassed?"

"Oh no," Becca shook her head, going into her boyfriend's arms for a hug, "I thought it was very cute, just like you."

"You make me blush," Ryder played with her ponytail, "I think we did well, didn't we?"

"Oh yeah," the Cheerio nodded enthusiastically, "I hope you'll get people. Did you see anyone who you think has potential?"

"I'm not sure, quite a few people were tapping their foot and dancing along but we don't know whether they were just enjoying the song like most people were or if they were interested. We need one for the rest of the year but we'll need a lot more for when most of us graduate this year. I think we're gonna try to talk people into it, like if anyone joins anything like the theatre club they may be interested. Fingers crossed that we get a good bunch."

"Well mine are," Becca showed him her crossed fingers.

"You're the best," Ryder brought her closer, "How about Breadstix this week for a date night?"

Becca nodded, her lips closing in on Ryder's before both felt a presence next to them.

"Alright?" Spencer smirked at them both.

"Go to hell."

"Nice way to greet your best friend," Spencer leaned against the next locker, smirk still on his face.

"Was being a cock block part of your plans?" Becca shot back.

"Just thought I'd come find you so we could walk to class together," he shrugged, "Did you enjoy the performance?"

"It was life affirming stuff."

"Good luck with this one Ryder," Spencer nodded at his best friend, "She's a piece of work."

"Nah, she's the best," Ryder looked down at his girl.

"Mmmh," Becca stuck her tongue out at Spencer before cuddling into Ryder, smug.

The bell rang for 5th period. Becca removed herself from her boyfriend, leaning up and giving him a peck on the cheek.

"See you later babe."

"Bye gorgeous," Ryder waved before heading off to his Spanish class.

Becca took Spencer's arm as they headed down the corridors together to class. The two talked away, joined by Jordan and Aimee as they discussed what they thought would be on the syllabus this year. Becca definitely had a good feeling about this year; she only hoped that she would be proven right.


A few days later

All seated together in the auditorium, the Glee club whispered between themselves. Mr. Schue sat at the table with a notepad in front of him. The audition slot was two hours but they imagined that they would probably not need it. Not a single person had signed up, though there had been occasions where people had just turned up randomly so they were praying for that. It had also said turn up if you wanted to. Everyone was starting to think that their little stunt in the cafeteria had the opposite effect to what they wanted, with everyone reminded of the fact that they were losers. New people who didn't know of their reputation seemed to know it now.

They all looked at the times on their phones but were torn away when there was a quiet shuffling of feet against the auditorium floor. Everyone's eyes perked up as a girl poked her head from the side.

"Hi there," Mr. Schue greeted her, "Can we help?"

"Are, er, auditions still open?" she asked nervously.

"Yes, yes," the teacher nodded enthusiastically.

The girl poked her head back, whispering to someone before going back to the side of the stage, "There are a few of us here- I'm going to go first if that's ok."

Receiving confirmation, the girl shuffled on stage awkwardly. A very slight girl, she was clearly very young and with some Asian features. Throwing her long, sleek black hair over her shoulder, she clasped her hands together and awaited instructions in front of the microphone.

"So why don't you tell us your name, grade and what you're singing?"

"Erm my name is Molly Lang, I'm a freshman and I will be singing Fifteen by Taylor Swift."

"Awesome," Mr. Schue nodded, "Let's see what you've got."

Taking a deep breath she waited for the music to start before singing.

You take a deep breath and you walk through the doors,

It's the morning of your very first day,

You say hi to your friends you ain't seen in a while, try and stay out of everyone's way.

It's your freshman year and you're gonna be here for the next four years in this town
Hoping one of those senior boys will wink at you and say, "you know I haven't seen you around, before"

Cause when you're fifteen,
Somebody tells you they love you
You're gonna believe them
And when you're fifteen

She was pretty good, her voice soft and low- though unable to reach the heights of someone like Unique or Jane but able to reach the base notes better than them. Molly was pretty shy, avoiding looking at them, but she was talented and had really gotten into the song. Once she was done, everyone applauded loudly and whooped in order to get her confidence up. Smiling nervous, Molly tugged at her sleeve and waited for feedback.

"That was great Molly," Mr. Schue told her through the microphone, "If you could perhaps stay until the end? We make our decisions then."

"Thanks," she whispered shyly before practically running off stage.

Mr. Schuester finished his notes- 'shy, alto voice, needs confidence but talented'- before calling out for the next person. A boy a little older than Molly came on; the pair looked similar so were perhaps siblings. Smiling, he gave a little wave before standing in front of the mike.

"Hi my name is Kevin James Lang; you guys can call me KJ. I'm new to the school; my mom used to home school me and my sister who you just met. I'm a junior and I will be singing Free Fallin' by Tom Petty if that's ok."

"Whenever you're ready KJ."

She's a good girl, loves her mama

Loves Jesus and America too

She's a good girl who's crazy 'bout Elvis

Loves horses and her boyfriend too

He was very good, his voice alternating between rocker and crooner. All of the girls in the audience were swooning; even Kitty was clearly a little bit impressed by his cuteness and his talent. KJ seemed to be eyeing only one girl in the audience though, and that was Madison, who was too entranced to see it. The boys (apart from Spencer) seemed a little bit jealous, Ryder mentally reminding himself that he was dating the hottest and most popular girl in the school and Jake telling himself that he could get any girl he wanted. Mr. Schue was scribbling down a lot of things; he seemed to think KJ could be the next Finn or Ryder, minus the letterman. Once KJ had finished his song, everyone applauded excitedly, the girls especially excited by their probable new member. To his credit, KJ looked humbled, running a hand through his hair and grinning slightly awkwardly.

"Great job KJ," Mr. Schue smiled at him, "If you'll just go and stand with your sister, we'll call you all out after everyone has finished. How many are there left?"

"Just two."

"Great, thanks."

KJ left to more applause. Mr. Schue called out for the next person, who turned out to be a tanned young man who looked roughly like a freshman. The boy immediately waved at them all, winking and doing a little dance. He was clearly a kid Casanova, trying to be KJ without the charm. Kitty rolled her eyes, Unique just stared incredulously and Jane just looked confused. Standing in front of the microphone, he instantly spoke.

"Hey everyone, I'm Ricardo Vanquez, but the ladies call me Ricky."

He pointed at the girls, winking. Marley fake blanched, causing Ricky's face to falter.

"What's your grade, Ricky?" Mr. Schue asked.

"I'm a freshman," Ricky told them, "And I will be singing the Ricky Martin classic Livin La Vida Loca."

She's into superstitions, black cats and voodoo dolls
I feel a premonition-that girl's gonna make me fall
She's into new sensation, new kicks in the candlelight
She's got a new addiction for every day and night
She'll make you take yourclothes off and go dancing in the rain
She'll make you live her crazy life but she'll take away your pain, like a bullet to your brain

He was good, they couldn't lie. Shaking his hips and pelvis like he was Elvis, he moved pretty smoothly to the beat. Taking the mike off the stand, he strutted around the stage in an almost perfect impression of Mick Jagger. They all had to admit he had an amazing stage presence; he wouldn't be out of place as a front man for a flamboyant rock band. Doing the twist on the stage, he enthusiastically belted out the words. For a freshman he sure had confidence, perhaps the complete opposite to Molly. Once he'd finished, everyone applauded enthusiastically, though trying to be restrained as to not

Running a hand through his hair, Ricky smirked.

"How was it?" he asked smugly.

"I think he's got more of an ego than Rachel Berry," Kitty whispered to Marley.

"Very good," Mr. Schue nodded, "Great performance, very fun."

"Am I in or not?"

"Like everybody else you'll have to wait until the end of the auditions, Mr. Vanquez," they could tell even Mr. Schue was getting bored of him, "Please go and stand with KJ and Molly."

Doing a mock salute, Ricky went to join them. It was as though Santana and Rachel had a handsome but arrogant love child somehow. Mr. Schue called out the next person, who turned out to be a shorted haired girl wearing a letterman jacket. A few of them recognised the girl, so she wasn't new like the others.

"Hey there," Mr. Schue smiled, "Why don't you tell us your name and your grade?"

"Hi there," the girl gave a shy wave, "My name is Chloe Bonner and I'm a sophomore."

"Great, nice to meet you Chloe. What will you be singing for us?"

"I'll be singing What's Going On by 4 Non-Blondes."

"Whenever you're ready Chloe."

Twenty-five years and my life is still trying to get up that great big hill of hope for a destination

I realized quickly when I knew I should that the world was made up of this brotherhood of man
for whatever that means

And so I cry sometimes when I'm lying in bed just to get it all out
What's in my head, and I, I am feeling a little peculiar

Her voice was very unique, with an ability to hit the high notes without being screechy and a loud, projecting set of vocals. She didn't really dance, but merely moved around to the music. There was a lot of emotion in her song as well, which was very clear. Like Molly she didn't seem as confident as Ricky, but she seemed to be more self-assured than the freshman.

Everyone had clapped when she'd done the song, Chloe doing an awkward little bow.

"Great job Chloe; really impressive stuff- please join the others and we'll call you all over in a little bit."

Thanking them, she shuffled off stage.

"Well I think I speak for everyone when I say that they were four great auditions," Mr. Schue turned to his students, "Each of them is very talented and I think they can bring a lot to the table. Does anyone have any objections?"

He was met with silence, but nothing more.

"Great, I'll call them back."

Before he could, however, there was a rushing of feet and an out of breath girl ran onto the stage, panting.

"Is there still enough time for an audition? I wasn't sure where everything was."

Apart from Spencer, every boy's jaw dropped. The girl was stunning with long, wavy chocolate coloured hair and the deepest, most piercing eyes they'd ever seen. Very tall and slim with round hips and legs that went for miles, the leather jacket and Doc Martins added a casual elegance.

"No problem," Mr. Schue smiled, "You need a moment to catch your breath?"

"No thanks, I'm fine," the girl clutched her heart before heading over to the mike, flicking her hair back behind her casually.

"Just your name, grade and what you'll be singing please."

"Cool, my name is Roxanne Taylor but you can call be Roxy," she gave out a dazzling smile, her white teeth gleaming, "I'm new, a junior and I'll be singing Crazy, Crazy Nights by Kiss."

"Whenever you're ready Roxy."

Nodding, she tapped her foot as the music started playing. Gripping the microphone tightly, she began.

(Whoow! Here's a little song for everybody out there)

People try to take my soul away, but I don't hear the rap that they all say

They try to tell us we don't belong, that's alright, we're millions strong

This is my music, it makes me proud, these are my people and this is my crowd

These are crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy nights

These are crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy nights

Her voice was incredible, almost a young Joan Jett. She rocked the stage even better than Ricky, shaking her body and throwing her hair back and forth in a head bang. Roxy's stage presence commanded attention and nobody could take their eyes off of her. The girl had pipes and likeability; it would take her a long way.

"Dude, she's so hot," Jake whispered to Ryder.

Ryder had to admit she was very attractive- the AC/DC shirt also helped, as well as her talent. He did feel bad about thinking that though, because he had Becca. Maybe he was biased, but he thought that Becca was the most beautiful girl he knew. Still, he couldn't deny that Roxy had something pretty hot going on. It wasn't illegal to admire other girls like that, he reasoned, but he still felt guilty about it when he had Becca as his girl. Unfortunately, he couldn't keep his eyes off Roxy, even though he didn't feel a single thing for her like he did for his Becca. Jake, however, was practically drooling all over the seats. He wondered if Mason had the same thought process as him...

Swept out of his thoughts by a standing ovation for Roxy, he watched as she revelled in the attention in a humble manner. Mr. Schue didn't even need to ask the others.

"Amazing job Roxy," he clapped, "Can you call the others out with you please?"

Roxy went to the edge of the stage, calling the others to follow her. Ricky and KJ were also following her like a lost puppy, mouths dropped open. The five stood on the stage nervously, KJ with an arm around his little sister.

Mr. Schue stood up, "It was a great audition from each of you, we've got a really great group in front of us. I am pleased to say that you have ALL made it into the club. Welcome to New Directions! Can we give them a round of applause please guys?"

The older members applauded the new ones happily, the newbies celebrating on stage.

"If you could all come to my office tomorrow, I'll give you your rehearsal schedules and you'll receive your official introductions. With that, auditions are dismissed. I'll see you all at rehearsal, well done again guys. If you have any questions, feel free to stay behind."

KJ and Molly took him up on the offer, going down the steps to the table. Everyone else dispersed, going off into little groups. Ricky went up to flirt with Kitty, but the blonde cheerleader just shoved him to the side and walked off with her girls. The others split off into little groups, Ryder somehow finding himself walking alone with Roxy.

"You were really great out there," Ryder eventually complimented, "I loved the performance."

"Thank you...sorry, what's your name?"

"Oh Ryder, Ryder Lynn," he stuck out a hand, which Roxy took, "So you're new, huh? Must be tough."

"Not really," Roxy shrugged, "My parents are military so we move around a lot; I've been at upwards of 15 schools over the years. They promised they'd try to stay here until after I've graduated so fingers crossed it's more permanent."

"Well, honour it would be," Ryder joked in his best Yoda voice.

"Help me Ryder Lynn, you're my only hope!"

They both laughed.

"So you're a Star Wars fan?" Ryder asked.

"Oh my god YES, I love it so much. I once met Carrie Fisher at a convention and it was the best thing ever, she was so super cool! Anything like that- Star Wars, superheroes, Lord of the Rings, I absolutely love. Star Wars is the favourite though; Princess Leia is such an icon. Nobody else I know has such an obsession; it's so great to finally meet a fellow nerd!"

They high fived.

"We'll have to marathon them together."

"Oh god yes please," Roxy begged, "Even the prequels, as much as it pains me."

"You're an AC/DC fan as well?" Ryder noted her t-shirt.

"You caught me," she laughed, pulling it out to show him, "They're my favourite band of all time. We're very much a classic rock family, my parents named me Roxanne after that Police song. I had to go for a rock classic for my audition song, I didn't think I had the voice for AC/DC so I went for Kiss. Gosh, it was such a hard decision. You like classic rock?"

"It's my favourite, I have all the posters in my room," Ryder told her, "My audition song for Glee was Jukebox Hero. If I had to go back in time I'd go see the-"

"-US Festival," Roxy finished, nodding satisfied, "1982, had some really great bands."

"Thank God, someone else has taste."

The two practically talked their chins off excitedly about their shared love for rock music and nerd culture, which was later extended to their obsession with America's Funniest Home Videos.

"Hey babe!"

Ryder turned around as Becca bounced over. Smiling, he held out an arm for his girlfriend who leaned up and kissed him on the lips. When she was back down they walked together, arms round one another.

"How's my girl?"

"I'm good," she cuddled into his side, "Did auditions go well? Did you get anyone?"

Ryder nodded, "We got five- two freshman called Ricky and Molly, a sophomore called Chloe- I think she does lacrosse- and two juniors, KJ and Roxy. Oh, excuse me- Roxy, this is my girlfriend Becca Hamilton. Becca, this is Roxy Taylor, one of our new recruits."

The girls shook hands.

"Great to meet you, are you new to the school?"

"I am," Roxy nodded, "Yeah."

"Well, I was new last year so if you need any help just come to me; I can hopefully make sure that you navigate the nightmare that is McKinley. I know what it's like to be fresh meat."

"Thank you so much, I'll have to take you up on that," Roxy smiled.

"Becca's the best, the sweetest," Ryder enthused, "She's totally amazing, she's going for Harvard this year. She says she won't get in but I know she will- Becs is the smartest person, like, ever."

Becca giggled, blushing, "Oh you're such a smoothie. Were you guys talking about anything nice?"

"Well, we're bonding over many shared loves."

"Like what?"

"We both love classic rock and all nerdy stuff, both massive Star Wars fans!" Roxy told her excitedly, "Oh, and America's Funniest Home Videos. It's so funny."

"That's nice," Becca faked a smile. America's Funniest Home Videos were her and Ryder's thing.

She felt as though she was the one third wheeling as Ryder and Roxy did not stop talking, completely forgetting that she existed. As she cuddled into Ryder's side, she felt a slight pang of jealousy. Becca Hamilton was not used to being jealous- she was always told that she was prettier, more popular and smarter than everybody else. She was with the boy she loved; she would never feel threatened by it usually. This Roxy as very, very pretty. Roxy was also very nice, which made Becca feel a bit un-Christian for immediately taking a dislike towards her. Clutching her cross necklace, she immediately prayed to God for forgiveness for the sin of envy. She momentarily hoped that Roxy would say something mean or stupid so that they had reason to dislike her, but immediately scolded herself for such horrible thoughts.

Becca was extremely relieved when they arrived at the parking lot.

"This is my ride," Roxy stood in front of a gleaming motorcycle. Ryder released Becca and immediately went over to admire it, leaving his girlfriend at the curb. He and Roxy immediately started talking excitedly about the specs, Ryder practically crying over the 0-60 and other specs of the Suzuki Scooter. After they had, Roxy took her phone out.

"Can we exchange numbers?" she asked Ryder.

"Of course, let's swap phones."

The two did that before Roxy walked over to Becca.

"Can I get your number Becca?"

"Oh sure, I guess," Becca and Roxy also swapped phones, the blonde not overly pleased even though she had offered to help the brunette.

"Great," Roxy grabbed her helmet and began to put it on, "It was fab meeting you guys, thanks so much for being so cool. I'm really looking forward to Glee club. See you guys."

Putting on her helmet, she revved up her engines and sped off home.

"Isn't she cool?" Ryder asked his girlfriend excitedly.

"The coolest," Becca replied bitterly, her boyfriend missing the sarcasm in his voice.

The pair walked back to Becca's car, Ryder putting his arms around his girlfriend as soon as they were close enough.

"I was thinking Wednesday for Breadstix?" he suggested, "Pick up at just after six, reservations for half past?"

"Yeah, sounds great," Becca smiled, "First date night for senior year."

"Here's to many more," Ryder smiled back, going in for a kiss. As they kissed, Becca smiled. She had nothing to worry about, Roxy was just a nice new girl looking for new friends and she had no reason to be so mean or jealous towards her. Everything would be totally fine.

Or would it?

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