The video starts with an eight year old girl in a red mumu sitting in a chair with a strange, blue koala next to her. "Hey guys!" the little girl shouts in front of the camera. "Mh, er, Hiii!" The blue koala said next to her. "My name is Lilo and this is my best friend Stitch! He looks like a dog, but he's really an illegal genetic experiment from outer space! His experiment number is 626, which is what our channel is named after". Stitch nodded vigorously as Lilo spoke. "Today is just the intro to our life and our channel" She continued. "Ih, yogga get to meet ohana and learn about us!" Stitch spoke at last. "Alright, let's go!" Lilo said excitedly, grabbing the camera.

"If you couldn't already tell, this is me and Stitch's room. This is where we create hulas, sleep, play games, and catalog all of Stitch's cousins! Or if you want a better explanation, all of the other experiments. Come on Stitch!" she called again, Stitch running over to the elevator. "Now, the only way in and out of our room is through the elevator. It's pressure sensitive, so when you step on it…" Lilo explained, her and Stitch stepping on it. It hovered down to the main level. "Ta da!" Stitch exclaimed in front of the camera, a bright smile on his face.

"This is our hallway. Upstairs is where my 'Aunt Pleakley' and 'Uncle Jumba' sleep". The two walked up the stairs and ran into the half clean and half messy room. "As per usual, the two are arguing" She commented. "I'm tired of having to do all of the cleaning around here! So you're going to put down the blow torch, stop whatever evil invention you're making, and help me pick up around here!" Pleakley shouted, broom in hand. "That green, walking noodle right there is Pleakley. I call him a her because his disguise is as a girl, but he's really a guy" Lilo spoke.

"Ahh, Little Girl! 626" a big, purple alien said, lifting his goggles, and revealing his four eyes. "That right there is Jumba. He calls himself an evil genius, but he's really a big softie. He's Stitch's creator, and adopted father. The whole father thing is new". The video shows Jumba rubbing Stitch's head. "I see you are playing with new camera I invented" he comments with his russian accent. "...that you created, not invented…" Pleakley mumbled while glaring at Jumba. "Hey!". Both Stitch and Lilo laughed. "Ok, now moving on!" Lilo perked up, grabbing Stitch's arm and pulling him out the door. "Bye!" Stitch called out.

They walked down the stairs and hall, into the living room. "This is the living room. See? Comfy!" Lilo said as she plopped down on the couch. Stitch just bounced on it. "Stitch! What have I told you about jumping on the furniture?!" Someone shouted from the kitchen. Stitch grabbed the camera from Lilo and pointed it at a teenage female with tan skin and puffy hair. "That isa Nani! Nani isa boring ika patooka" he said. "I am not!" she argued. "That's my older sister Nani. She's always working or out with David, leaving me all alone…" Lilo stated dramatically.

"Lilo, you know why I have to work. And put that camera down!" she ordered, walking back into the kitchen. "Before any of you say anything, she is a big ika patooka" Lilo whispers into the camera. "Hey! I heard that!" Nani shouted from the kitchen. At that moment, a few knocks were heard at the door. "I'll get it!" Lilo volunteers quickly, handing the camera to Stitch. He follows her to the door, which opens to reveal a tall man with shiny black hair and a chill face. "Oh, hey Lilo" he says calmly. "Hi David! That's David, Nani's boyfriend" she told the camera.

"Lilo! I told you to put the camera down!" Nani yelled, walking over to the door. "How'sit Nani?" David asked. Lilo stuck her tongue out at her sister and began to walk away from the two. "Ok, so now you've met some of our Ohana! Now let's talk about the channel" Lilo began to say. At that moment, Jumba and Pleakley walk down the stairs, still arguing. "Is not Jumba's fault if one-eyed noodle wants to clean" Jumba said. "But first, let's get some privacy!" she announced. With a snap, the video teleported them back into their room.

"Ok, so this channel is going to be about us and our Ohana" she started. "Ih! There isa anda...pranks, and a coffee!" Stitch piped up, arms open with excitement. "No coffee" Lilo correct. "Awwe" he whined. "But, there will be vlogs, challenges, and of course, PRANKSS!" She shouted, Stitch whooping in the background. "So, I know this video isn't very long, but I hope you enjoyed it! Click on that like button if you want more of me and my Ohana, and be sure to subscribe, as it'll make us feel better. Comment down below if there's any challenges or videos you want us to do" She said excitedly. "You want to end it Stitch?".

"Ih, Ih, Ih!" He exclaimed, hopping up and down. "Please subscribe! If yogga do, then yogga Ohana! Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind!" "Or forgotten" Lilo added. Stitch giggled. "Come back for more please! Aloha Ohana!" He ended.