It was valentines day. Luke was fiddling with his box in the back. The kids all made valentines to give to each other and Luke being a sweet kid made one for everyone in his class, complete with lollipops. He even made sure all of their names were spelled correctly and that it was in his neatest handwriting.

Their teacher annouced that it was time to give out valentines. All the kids excitedly piled their way into a line. Luke tried skipping over but was pushed down by some of the bigger boys. He got up still with a smile on his face to his best friend Kevin.

"Luke!"He smiled brightly. "How many valentines do you think I'll get?" He wondered out loud. They weren't the most popular kids in class but were somewhat liked by a few of their peers.

"I don't know Kevin! I hope one has chocolate."He smiled thinking of the sweet treat.

"Don't worry!"Kevin winked. "I got you some chocolates in your valentine."

They started putting their valentines on students desks. Everyone's was filled up with many sweet treats except for Luke interestingly. He only got the teachers valentine and one from Kevin.

"Chocolate..." He exclaimed awe struck opening the valentine he got from his best friend. It was a small box of caramel chocolates. But the other kids seemed to have planned leaving him out because they snickered at the barren desk he had.

Kevin noticed this and glared bringing around half his valentines over to Luke. "Here LuLu you can have some of mine." In between eating the chocolates Luke grinned showing all of his teeth.


"Jerks." Kevin whispered under his breath.

Soon school was out and Luke and Kevin were walking home together in the spring sun. The big kids at school noticed and started chuckling and whispering.

Scruffy walked up to them with his gang and grinned crookedly.

"Well if it isn't the loveless freak."He sneered.

Luke greeted them with a timid grin. Kevin was ready for a fight.

"I don't know who do you think you are talking to my friend like that but I won't stand for it!"He growled loudly glaring at him

"Kev… It's ok."Luke put his hand on Kevin's shoulder. "They're not worth getting in trouble."

Kevin looked into those earnest eyes and decided that he was right. They turned to walk away and the gang of older students got angry. Scruffy picked up a stone and threw it hard to the back of Luke's head. Luke looked at them with his piercing golden eyes and shrugged it off. People would always hate him and think he's odd.

Later that afternoon Luke and Kevin were talking softly.

"Why don't you stand up for yourself?"Kevin asked. "You are too nice to them."

"I don't want to make a fuss."He smiled sadly. "I think it's better to forgive. Besides I've been through worse." Luke shuddered thinking of his home town.

"But they're bullying you!"He whimpered. "They don't deserve that forgiveness! And you don't deserve to be treated like that."

"Remember the question I asked you a while back. Do you believe even the worst person can change? In this case yes. They aren't going to stay bullies forever Kevin."He spoke sincerely.

Kevin looked at him starry eyed. "You are the best person ever." Then he thought.

"Can I beat them up for you?"

"No!"Luke giggled.

"...Just a little?"

"No!" Luke looked at the setting sun. "Come on let's walk home. It's getting late."

He glanced at Kevin. "Don't tell the others about this. I'd rather not worry them."

Kevin sighed "Alright."

They walked to their respective houses. Waving goodbye at each other