He awoke.

It didn't seem that He'd been asleep for very long, but how could he know? He wasn't supposed to sleep, so something had gone wrong. He checked his remote sensors. Nothing. There were no remote sensors. He tried the visual. There was a crater where the sensing nexus was supposed to be. It was not a new crater. Erosion had smoothed its edge and leveled its bottom. How long had He been asleep? What had happened?

He surveyed his systems. Power systems: functioning. Energy sinks: intact, but non-functional. Weapons: functional, but off. Memory banks: intact and operating. He could aim them manually. Speaking of memory banks, there were buffers from damaged systems. They might have data. There had been an attack. Why had there been an attack? Not just an attack, there had been a war. Was there still a war? The remote sensors were down, but He still had near-space sensors.

Something was approaching, a vessel of a design He did not recognize. It had three long cylinders and a saucer, all connected by struts. This must be the latest attack. The energy sinks were gone. He had to immobilize it. Targeting sensors still functioned. Weapons still chargeable. Charging them took just a few minutes.

He fired.