Author's Notes: So I have this posted on AO3 under the same name and title (because I really prefer their interface more, especially since this is going to be more than just about romance and stuff), but I figured I might as well post it here too.

This is probably going to be a long one, and will definitely be a slow burn for the ship.

Hope you enjoy!

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Chapter One - A Sacrifice


The fighting seized abruptly. The disembodied voice spoke to Thanos in an even tone. It wasn't as soft as a whisper, nor was it as loud as a normal speaking voice. It was both clear and garbled at the same time, and there was no one that could pinpoint the gender of the speaker.

"You think to trick me."

Thor, who had been in the middle of gloating about Stormbreaker's power, was the first to notice the figure moving towards them. He would know that person anywhere. Why were they here? How had they gotten here? Along with he realization of who they were, the Avengers realized they couldn't move — no one could.

Not even Thanos.

"I know your soul."

As the figure drew closer, Thor fought harder to move.

Bright blue eyes, long dark hair, pail skin, and dark rimmed glasses. In a large sweater and boy shorts, it was clear that her appearance was unplanned. She looked every bit as confused as everyone felt.

They all watched as she processed the situation. Vision was dead. The Avengers were in various states of injury and fight. Thor had a bad cosplay of Grimace literally axed.

"I have seen your secrets."

Thanos looked at the mortal that had joined them. Who was she that she was unaffected by the soul stone? She looked no different than the others, though perhaps ill-clothed. She was no warrior.

Everyone watched as she and Thanos stared at each other. Thor wanted to warn her away, but couldn't.

"You are unworthy."

His fingers, already mid-snap, were forced into a fist as the gauntlet's temperature rose abruptly.

"A sacrifice is asked."

"A sacrifice was given," the titan groaned.

The Soul Stone was no longer in Thanos' possession.

"A sacrifice is asked."

Thanos regarded the newcomer once more. The Soul Stone hovered in front of her, before speeding towards her and lodging itself in her chest. She stumbled, but quickly regained her balance.

"What was that?" Her hands came up to inspect her chest, but there was no wound where the stone entered her.

"Who are you?" With a flex of Thanos' hand, Stormbreaker was out of his chest and he was standing in front of the woman. Another move and he had her by her throat.

She struggled at the harsh and abrupt grip, but found that she didn't need to take in air to stabilize herself. Instead she felt as if she were floating, and the monster's handling of her was but a mild inconvenience.

When their eyes met, Thanos saw his defeat.

In the blink of an eye, Thanos was gone and Darcy Lewis was holding the Infinity Gauntlet.