A/N: Set sometime during an AU seventh year. Voldemort's dead and gone.

Excited squeals from the Slytherin table set off the morning right that Tuesday at breakfast. Daphne had entered the room as usual, served herself a bowl of oatmeal and, in a fit of indulgence, sprinkled currants and brown sugar in the bowl. It was when she reached for the coffee carafe, however, that the other females at the table noticed the new addition to her attire; an antique, family heirloom engagement ring set with sapphires and diamonds.

"Your mysterious suitor proposed?" Pansy shrieked, grabbing for Daphne's hand.

"He did," Daphne smiled à la Giaconda.

"Well? Spill!" ordered Millicent excitedly.

"On what? The name of the fiancé or how he proposed? I'm still debating keeping my fiancé private for a little longer," Daphne said amusedly, feeling thrills down her spine every time she said fiancé.

"Evil!" said one witch pseudo-playfully, "You've kept your suitor's identity from everyone during your entire courting. If it weren't for that ring, I'd be halfway convinced that you had been making him up this entire time."

"Fortunately, I don't need to pander to the opinions of a fickle public to feel good about myself," Daphne retorted. "Do you want to hear about the proposal?"

"Oh, please please pleasepleaseplease!" begged Daphne's little sister Astoria from the Ravenclaw table.

"He sent a personal house elf to me yesterday evening to get ready; she brought some of the most splendid and fashionable haute couture robes possible and a large selection of the family jewels to choose what I would like to wear for the evening. Then we met by the lake where he gave me a small bouquet of canna lilies. Following that he apparated me to Paris for dinner at a beautiful bistro he owns right on the Seine; we had wonderful, authentic French cuisine. After dinner, we strolled through the streets of Paris hand in hand," Daphne narrated. The other girls began to turn green with jealousy and give pointed looks towards boyfriends. By now the entire room is listening.

"He took me to the Eiffel Tower and as we stood at the very bottom, got down on one knee and proposed. It was a beautiful night," she sighed, her smile softening.

"Very beautiful," a deeper voice agreed. Daphne brightened and turned.

"Harry!" she stood and stepped into his arms and kissed him. "I missed you."

"And I, you. It's been at least five hours since we've seen each other," he said with a suppressed smile. "Having fun showing off the ring?"

"Quite," she smirked. The silence was deafening in the room. Not a whisper echoed, not fork scraped a plate, not a person shifted; everyone was completely frozen in shock at the sight of the Slytherin Ice Queen and the Gryffindor Golden Boy together.