"The 13th Annual Kim Possible Fannies Awards"

Well, we made it through another crazy year in the Kimmunity, and with a lot of things going on (especially with the upcoming KP live-action movie), I think it's time that we now hold the 13th Annual KP Fannies Ceremony. Thankfully, it won't be like last year where there's about 60 chapters. (I still gotta wrap up that one.) This years' ceremony will be much shorter this go-around. So sit back, relax, and watch as the 2017 nominees come across the stage to get their Golden Rufus statuettes. First off is a short prologue to get anyone who hasn't been in the fandom for a while up to speed on what has happened, especially with the live-action movie.

The fanfic is rated T for language (including the use of an obscene gesture), some suggestive moments (including one wardrobe malfunction) and some action violence.

Kim Possible, characters and settings, are created by Schooley and McCorkle and (c) by Disney.

Slam and Ken Trepid were both created by the very talented Hotrod2001. All credit goes to him.

Any OC I create is my own, unless otherwise noted.

Chapter 1 - Prologue: The Big Announcement

February 7, 2018, 8:09am, Global Justice HQ

"Good morning to you, Ron!" Kim Stoppable smiled to her husband.

"And good morning to you, KS!" Ron Stoppable replied with a grin, grabbing a cup of coffee.

The both of them were in their normal Global Justice uniforms.

Ron had now hit the magical 3-0 mark and his wife was not far behind him by two months.

Their two kids were growing up so fast. Justin was now six and was in first grade while Alexa was three and was beginning pre-K.

"So what's on the agenda for today, KS?"

"Nothing critically major is going on." Kim replied, shrugging her shoulders"Just some paperwork to cover Aviarius's arrest for the theft of a Golden Penguin from the Go City museum."

"You know he's going to try and break out...again."

"Villians...they so never learn!" Kim chuckled.

However, the light, jollyful mood was interrupted by Dr. Betty Director saying through the intercom.

Team Delta involving Agents K and R Stoppable, Agent Ken Trepid, Agent Slamahadrok-, Agent Samantha Shock aka Electronique, and Agent Wade Load, report to The Director's office now.

"Huh? What does the Director want this early in the morning?" Ron wondered.

"Her coffee, perhaps!" Kim replied, guessing, "Come, Ron, we're heading to the head boss's office!"

She and Ron went to Betty's office with their coffee cups in hand.

(10 minutes later)

Kim, Rufus, Wade and Ron assembled into the Director's office.

"You've arrived early, Agents Stoppable and Agent Load. We'll wait until everyone is here!" Betty proclaimed.

"So what's the sitch, Dr. Director?" Kim asked. "Why did you call us in here?"

"I was going to enjoy the wonders of paperwork and bureaucratic red tape!" Ron exclaimed saracastically.

"Come on...paperwork isn't that bad for you, Ron...until it piles up!" Wade replied.

"Agents, we have some important news to show you." Betty said, "If you would look directly at the TV!"

Betty turned on the TV and it turned into the local news.

Our top story this morning is that fashion heiress Bonnie Rockwaller has been sentenced to 21 months yesterday in federal prison for tax evasion and money laundering. She was seen handcuffed, kicking and screaming after she had been sentenced. Furthermore, she suffered a wardrobe malfunction when her dress got caught in the elevator as it was going down.

The TV then showed Bonnie, down to her bra and panties, crying and screaming in handcuffs, as she was forced to take the perp walk into the police car.

"You stupid good-for-nothing police officers! You damn idiots don't know who you're dealing with! I AM BONNIE ROCKWALLER! HEIRESS TO THE ROCKWALLER FAMILY FORTUNE! I WANT MY MONEY! I WANT MY MONEYYYYYYY!"

She was forced into the car, and the onlookers exploded with cheering.

A mugshot was then seen of Bonnie with a tomato thrown at her face. Her prison ID number was 4823982.

Kim, on the other hand, was not amused.

"Doctor, you called us in here for this?" the grown redhead questioned unemotionally at her rival's predicament. "I'd rather eat a bowl of vampire bats!" She took a sip of her coffee.

"Whoops!" Betty chuckled nervously, "Wrong channel! Here's the correct news story!"

She turned to the entertainment channel.

This just in, a new live-action movie is in the development of former teen hero, and Global Justice legend, Kim Possible.

Kim spat out her coffee onto the coffee table in complete surprise.

Ron exclaimed, "What the Sam Hill is going on? Doesn't the news people see that we're married here?" He repeatedly pointed to his wedding band on his GJ DOG tag.

"Shhh...Ron, I'm trying to listen!" Kim exclaimed.

The Mouse Corporation is making a live-action movie based on Possible's adventures in high school and are, as of this present time, beginning casting for the characters of the movie. From what we have been given, the script is going to be penned by the creators of the TV cartoon and the naked mole rat, Rufus, is really going to be CGI!

Rufus looked at this with wonder and confusion.
"CGI?" he squeaked.

"I don't get it, Ron." Kim said, "Last time when they did attempt a movie about me and you, Blamhammer put the axe on that project."

"Man, and we had to fight the Senors for nothing..." Ron uttered.

The rest of Team Delta, which consisted of: Slamahadrok (Slam for short), the Lorwardian refugee that allied on the side of Kim and Ron and GJ's most favorite heavy hitter, Electronique, whom turned good and became the team's engineer, and Ken Trepid, GJ's most trusted senior agent and the second-in-command within Team Delta, and Kim's mentor, also entered into the room.

"So what's the emergency, Doctor Director?" Slam asked.

"Is it a matter of life and death?" Ken questioned.

"The Mouse Corporation is doing a live-action movie about me, but I don't know if it's legit or not." Kim said while pausing the TV.

"A real movie? About you?" Electronique asked.

Kim nodded her head.

"But what Earthlings would want to do that?" Slam questioned. "In Lorwardian society, filming someone famous is punishable for two years hard labor in the mountains of Qua'khak!"

"If it's being reported on the major news networks, it has to be true!" Ron replied.

"Ron, there have been reports before about live-action movie plans about me since Blamhammer and all of them have been fake. So it may be just a ruse!" Kim said, dismissing it.

"There is only one way to prove the authenticity of this. We're going to call in the Kimmunity Council!"

"Okay..." Kim said, "...let's send them in!"