Best Friends Forever- chapter 1 By Night Rain


a 7 year old Kagome is getting chased by Kouga.

"leave me alone! I wont be your woman!!" screamed Kagome as Kouga chased her all over.

"yes you will!" he yelled.

"STOP!" yelled a little boy with black hair and violet eyes. Making both Kagome and Kouga stop in their tracks. He ran over to Kouga and punched him. Then went over to kagome who was still breathing hard from the chase.

"t.thanks" she said.

"feh, It was nothing.I hate Kouga..and your welcome" he said while smiling sheepishly. Kagome smiled brightly, then clamped her hand onto his.

"wanna be friends?"

~ten years later~

*phone convo*

"Hey Inu, whats up?"

"Hey Kag. Kikyou's coming over. Got plans with Hojo?"

"yep, he's coming over pretty soon"

"how long have you two been going out?"

"7 months" I said, smiling.

"getting pretty serious?"

"yea.but not as serious as you and Kikyou! You guys have been going out a year ½?"

"ya, I love her"

"good, well I gotta go, Hojo's here. Bye! And have fun with Kikyou!"

"bye, Kag."

~end phone convo~

Inuyasha and I had been best friends since we were 7. It was pretty cool. We saw movies together, hung out, and just generally be best friends. And people said that boys and girls couldn't be just friends..HA!

I opened the door and saw Hojo standing there.

"hey Hojo!" I said before kissing him passionately. (a/n: I know..gross!)

Hojo was a nice guy, maybe a little dense but I loved him. About 2 years ago I would have never dreamed of going out with him. He had a huge crush on me but I never was interested. That is, until I saw his true colors.

We hung out for a while, did the usual stuff. Kissed, talked, ate.etc. nothing too unusual. Till I looked over out the window into Inuyasha's house. Kikyou and Inuyasha looked like they were doing the same thing as us...they were so cute together.

"What are you doing?" asked Hojo.

"Just checking on Inu and Kikyou" I said, slightly nervous at the look that Hojo was giving me.

"Good, I'm glad that's all" he said.

"What else would I be doing?"

"never mind. I just thought you liked Inuyasha." He said before turning to look at Inuyasha and Kikyou kissing passionately.

"me? Like Inuyasha? He's my best friend! And besides, Ive got you! And he's got Kikyou!" I said while Hojo turned and looked at me.

"good" he said before grabbing me almost fiercely.


I finally broke Kikyou's kiss (a/n: this is now in Inuyasha's case u were wondering) breathless I stood up and looked out into Kag's room. Hojo had just grabbed her and was kissing her widly. How could she put up with that? Oh well, her life.